Congatulations to President Obama on a Great Diplomatic Acheivement


    In Less Than 24 Hours U.S. Breaks Spirit Of Agreement With Iran.

    Hours after the U.S. dropped sanctions on Iran as part of the nuclear deal, Democratic primary front-runner Hillary Clinton called for new sanctions on the nation for its ballistic missile program.

    Iran violated the UNSC resolution by testing their new, shiny, banned  ballistic missile a few weeks ago apparently knowing the Eurotrash would do nothing in response to dampen the spirit of their planned mercantile bonanza in Iran's markets. Even Russia and China who signed the UN resolution are silent or accommodating about this provocation and dismissal of the UN by Iran.

    Any sting from the minor sanctions by the US will be soothed by the $1.7 Billion check the US will soon send to Tehran and the unfreezing of tens of Billions of Iranian dollars in US accounts. Obama  instituted these mild sanctions for local US political reasons and the election season and because these missiles are not part of the Nuke deal.

    Clinton's hawk profile will continue to grow as she searches for enemies to attack when she is selected and free to wield real power.

    Are you arguing that the nuclear deal should have been halted? 

    Nothing short of the Apocalypse could have stopped this deal from being finalized, too many greedy people are depending on it for future profits from an open Iran. Iran violated the UNSC resolution banning their testing of nuke capable ballistic missiles but they didn't violate the Nuke deal  which doesn't include any mention of their ballistic missile program, they fought very hard to keep this program out of the final deal  and it was probably part of an agreement before the public negotiations and Kabuki began.

    Powerful multinational and national business interests, especially European, demanded and got this deal produced and i am just bright enough to know not to stand in the way of stampeding businessmen on their way to a feeding frenzy.


    Iraq invaded them in 1980, killing millions over 10 years, and Saudi Arabia's started a regional confrontation between Sunnis and Iran by executing al-Nimr and storming Iran's embassy. Iran's done little that would obviate having normal defenses against hostile neighbors. And considering the number of times the US has threatened to attack and turn them into glass, well.... they're not stupid.

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