DoJ unlawful AG as campaign stooge thread

    Read it and weep. And still, what were they expecting? Why didnt they have Adam Schiff leading this towards impeachment, rather than anither unsatisfying shitshow/kabuki Theater?

    Foreign assistance ok sometimes?

    "I talk to Trump about his re-election sometimes, but in going to be all cagey bout it and shit"



    No Fed troops to protect Michigan Capitol from right wingers, eh?

    The Senate as currently constructed would not impeach Barr. Barr gave many people another reason to get out and vote in November.

    Only the House impeaches. The Senate carries out trials.

    Thanks for the correction.

    It would be a waste of time for the House to impeach.

    Hardly. It would be a good use of their time to impeach these motherfuckers once a day into November and then into January. Better than 100 street protests.

    oh my but that would be using the system those evil founding fathers invented in order to not have to have revolutions anymore after they had to go through a revolution themselves...

    of course, voting in people who would do that is part of the deal and mid-terms are such a drag to participate in, only old people bother to vote in those...

    Which is why I'm able to retire at 62. Suddenly I'm happy that, "only old people bother to vote in those."

    Okay boomer!

    They seem to be heading out of Portland 

    Gassing mom

    Breaking a Navy vet's  hand 

    Strong video images

    Better than a show trial

    GWTW like Epstein's cameras

    Julie K. Brown is jousting with Dershowitz directly in public on Twitter, thought it might interest you:

    Me, I'm pretty much with him, though:

    Is mostly juicy "Vanity Fair" stuff and this bunch interests me less than some others.

    Or "who turned off the video cameras in Epstein's cell?" Or "why was Barr in the neighborhood the night before?" Not as pertinent as the other questions, but brings up to present time, a thread to pull.

    Epstein was the pimp of under aged girls to the rich and powerful.If all we learn is the names of the men he pimped out his girls to imo that would be a enough of good thing. If you have an opportunity to have sex with an underaged girl you say no. You don't take advantage of her just because you're not the one doing the manipulation. Let the careers and reputations be ruined. If that happens perhaps the next man who gets offered a girl for sex will be so scared he says no.

    Mueller Report in English

    "Lawyers for Mr. Trump have said he did nothing wrong."

     Therefore, the investigation is unnecessary, is unfair harassment by people who hate him and his success. Who only want to use fake news to overturn the election, and distract Trump from his sworn duty to make attack tweets, watch Fox and Friends and play golf.

    DA's dont care - "let's throw him up against the wall, see if he sticks"

    Shady deal 4 Portland secret force

    TikTok Trump Extortion


    Oops! Page/Papadoc Logan Act warning

    Deutsche Bank turns over Trump records

    Like Scarlett, I'll think about this tomorrow:

    Cue Little Orphan Annie - Always a day Away

    Well Andy was wrong, she decided to see where Flo at Progressive Insurance Co. could take her.  Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, creeps in this petty pace from day to day....

    Idunno, seems the NRA got tainted a lot these 4/8/12 years. 

    Fighting it out between Fancy spender Wayne LaPierre and diagraced arms runner Oliver North, with a bit of Russian Spy Butina tossed in for a love triangle. Gotten far from their roots and mission. Wholl miss them?

    I just meant it wasn't about the Deutsche bank story

    And at this point, every day that goes by it is the utmost importance for the legals working for TrumpCo to delay delay delay anything real happening on that front until after the election

    If they've got his taxes, give it lesa than a month fór some new news, though they wont screw their čase with too early an announcement. Tho announcements in August tend to get lost anyway.

    AG Barr has bad day in court. #SAD

    Hillary gets Barr's Mandamus

    Marco covering for Bannon?

    Lulu likes podcasts

    (even tho he doesnt like responding to my comments when i check out what he posts)

    Maybe he'll like a Mueller She Wrote one?

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