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    How Karl Rove Set up Dan Rather to Kill a Real Story with a Fake One

    It's all there in the new issue of Texas Monthly! Texas politics is the only game rougher than Texas football and I am Aaron Rogers! The story also hints about how I got Harriet Miers to swear to eternal fealty if I nominated her to be a Supreme. Then, old turd blossom blew her out of the water with an attack from the right flank.


    Always a pleasure when 43 weighs in...a tribute to the small c catholic character of Dagblog...

    They wouldn't let you go to Vietnam to kill commies because they knew you was going to be the President after your Daddy Dubya, it was national security at the highest levels. They sent McCain because they knew he wasn't gonna be President. The liberal press knew it.  The only fake stories were the ones you believed honestly in your heart about nukular weapons in Iraq, that came from the German intelligence, and it wasn't your fault you started that war.

    I will admit that I was a spoiling for a fight with Saddam. And I'm not the only one who thought he had WMD.  He thought he did too.

    You and Saddam were like two peas in a pod. His bluff didn't work, yours sure did!

    .....marching all them boys what survived to Baghdad under General Tommie Franks and then, presto, re-election and Flush the Johns!

    I'd Rather not comment at this time--it's almost 2:30 here and I have to walk Rover!

    I followed this story before I got back on the internet and Rather's staff screwed up and used a discounted document. It was history when Rather played it and he would have known better decades ago.

    I can be an agist because I am aged.

    "I got the information from somebody named George Conn."

    George Conn?


    All BS aside, the article does meander about without touching much on specific facts, but does lay out a plot set in stone that efforts where well underway back before when Bu$h was running for governor to collect any and everything that had the word Bu$h on it and lock it up in Meyers safe.

    I suspect Rather accidentally stumbled on a few "facts" that had been overlooked and a Nixon-styled assault was launched to neutralized facts and reporter to make both irrelevant.

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