Lost causes

    With  no dog in this fight -for my  New Bedford  ancestors Fort Sumpter and Appomatox were surely less important than the current cost of twine for the nets )-my reaction is the Black Historians should settle for half  a  cake

    And yes , accepting half the truth. (Do we ever get the full the trutth.?)

    The   descendants of the "lost cause" are going to visit the graves once a year, and briefly 

    remember part of their story. Let them! Because you can't change it,

    Along with murdering  30 ex slaves in New Orleans probably half the murderers had

    previously risked their lives to save a fellow Confederate .

    Leave the  monuments honoring great grandfather Sam.

    And also a plague generally reminder that War is Hell.   




    I think that it is good to seek the truth

    Africans sold Africans into slavery

    Free Blacks owned slaves

    Blacks fought for both sides during the Revolutionary War, Blacks on both sides still lost.

    Blacks ran to Union lines

    Black soldiers were slaughtered at Fort Pillow

    And so on

    Knowing how we got here is important 

    Edit to add:

    VMI recently pulled down a statue of Stonewall Jackson.

    Why should Black students have to pass by and salute that statue?

    Seriously? Who's saying they have to "salute that statue"?

    Crock of shit as usual.

    45 seconds research:

    Stonewall Jackson was a professor at VMI, a West Point graduate who served in combat in the Mexican War, a military genius, a staunch Christian, and yes, a Confederate General,” he wrote at the time.....

    In 2015, VMI did away with requiring freshmen to salute the statue each time they passed it, Wyatt said.

    It's a fucking military academy - they're bred in jarhead logic. I thought he was talking about normal people.

    Thanks NCD

    The statue removal comes after reports regarding racism on campus by former Black students at the institution 

    (CNN)The state's top leaders are ordering a review of what they say is the "clear and appalling culture of ongoing structural racism at the Virginia Military Institute," following news reports detailing allegations by Black students and alumni.

    Writing that the school's values of honor, sacrifice, dignity and service "do not extend to all students," the letter from state officials to VMI's governing Board of Visitors cites reports of "vicious attacks on social media," a sophomore threatening to lynch a fellow underclassman and a professor fondly reminiscing over her family's involvement in the Ku Klux Klan. 

    It further claims the state-run military college in Lexington continues to embrace the Confederacy, as well as "an inaccurate and dangerous 'Lost Cause' version of Virginia's history." The "Lost Cause" ideology asserts the Southern war effort was heroic and that states' rights, not slavery, was the Confederacy's principal cause, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.


    You know they have retarded Christian schools so they can teach the world is flat and was created 6000 years ago. That's a tiny percentage of real schools, but fret over it all you want.


    I'm simply linking to articles

    I'm fretting so much, that we have a blind Zoom tasting of California Cabernet Sauvignons tonight

    The goal is to guess the wines' locations in California wine regions.

    "simply linking to articles" = "pulling outlr chain"

    I'm gonna smoke a little crack, do a bit of meth, and then spout crazy shit the rest of the night, cuz that just seems to be the way people flow. Pull in random factoids for I'm holistory, pull shit out of my butt, and call it rational argument and a compelling imperative and a brilliant new narrative.

    PS - may not do this on Zoom - hate to turn state's evidence

    Random factoids

    Current and former VMI students complained about racism on campus as well as the statue.

    A review of findings on racial issues were published in MSM

    The Commandant resigned

    The Stonewall statue was removed.


    Did I mention I don't give a fuck what military students nor Christian school students think? They're there for a certain kind of indoctrination that has nothing to do with general truth.

    Random factoids

    Statue came down

    Commandant gone

    Facts don't give a fuck what you think


    Well, blacks won a huge victory there - a statue came down. Now maybe if they got unfettered right to vote, closer-to-parity family income, drastic decrease in incarceration, improved education, etc. Feel the power. A statue of a horse even. And sipping wine on Zoom, natch...

     Who's saying they have to "salute that statue"?

    good question.I think the answer was used by FDR: the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Unless you believe in voodoo, then of course, old statues can hurt you. Otherwise, getting rid of them doesn't change a damn thing about reality.

    And they say what a pretty thing it was indeed...the horse that is.

    Congrats PP... As per usual

    The only "...crock of shit..." who complains
    "...I don't give a fuck..." who constantly sprays
     invectives 'round here is by one particular
     and quite peculiar person. And is hereby
     awarded the following award...


    Uh, "i don't give a shit" is by definition *not a complaint*.

    And don't need your rabbit food, thanks - I'm here for the main course.

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere...

    More unintelligible extremely disorganized narcissistic blog writing.

    People get arrested for drinking and driving.

    Too bad they don't for commenting


    I think his goal is to upset me with his profanity laced rants

    The mere fact that he uses profanity shows that he has no real argument 

    He also will use labels like "moron"

    The tactic is not different than one would expect from Donald Trump


    Blacks at VMI complained

    The Commandant resigned and a controversial statue was removed

    Now the complaint is that they did not solve nationwide voter suppression 

    Why frame the matter in terms of the "Lost Cause"? 

    The "Lost Cause" narrative is not just a particular way to remember the past but an escape from responsibility.

    The complete rejection of my form of life has nothing to do with my relationships with other people but is solely the product of geniuses who want me to feel bad and suffer.

    Sort of like Faulkner's dead  past .

    I lived in the Balkans - what some call "ghosts" others call grudges or a continuum.

    Or then there's Melville - "all the things we thought we'd left behind were ahead of us the whole time"

    For me ,Melville  mostly evokes  "a dead whale or a stove boat". since my grandfather devoted his first  

     adventuresome years   north of Alaska attempting to  achieve  the top half  of the dichotomy before he had to  shift to   locating alternative  transport when his ship failed to survive a  spring thaw.

    Compensation was purely based on  cruise profits. No dead whales  no limited enthusiastim for the   return to the Cape 

    My, that's another shift of eras. The winding down of whale boats off the east coast in the 1800s was pretty drastic, took all sorts of now obsolete expertise with it. But still, the sea... It's one thing to do away with coal mines and sweatshops, but life out on the open sea wasn't just drudgery.

    Off the west coast. The  far west -and north -one.

    South around Cape Horn . Then then north of Alaska. and whale- Bowheads-

    until ice forms on the anchor chain and start  7 months of cribbage and hoping

    Gene can relight the main boilers for the spring catch.... 

    Unless a thaw+gale decides otherwise 

    In which case beg a ride  and be dropped off broke  in San Francisco  and open a pool

    hall in Fairhaven. 



    College buddy was amused to realize Ahab's journey covered a sinusoid, a full cycle, so yeah, waiting at the end, a busted boiler and a pool hall and a whole lot to chew on. "Coldest winter i spent was one summer in San Francisco", said Mark Twain, but it doesn't get any warmer up Anchorage way or the Aleutians or further into the circle. Brrrr...

    As Edna St. Vincent Millay would have it:

    "It's not true that life is one damn thing after another, it is one damn thing over and over."

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