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    Obama: Pardon Hillary-Stop a GOP Distraction Ploy

    Time to skip the happy talk about how things will be OK under our lying sex predator fraudulent ignoramus narcissist, and preemptively pardon Hillary to avoid another distracting partisan witch hunt, on the email server nonsense and Clinton Foundation 'favoritism'.

    The GOP has been after the Clintons seemingly forever, but for those with long memories especially since 1993 when, with no Republican votes, just scare mongering by the GOP about economic collapse, Bill Clinton raised taxes on the rich, and proved you can do it and have a booming economy leading to the only balanced federal budget in decades in the late 90's.

    The Republicans of course later spent $80+ million investigating Bill, and later impeached him, but failed to convict.  They wasted time and millions with 12 investigations on Benghaaazzi, and tarred Hillary with the 'email thing' for years, and then pre-election circulated lies on the Clinton Foundation, top rated by charity evaluating organizations.

    With Trump's nominee for Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, Hillary investigations may continue for years.

    It's what Republicans do.

    Serves as good TeeVee 'news' entertainment for the GOP Base.

    A great distraction from coverage of Republican plans to kill Medicare to pay for more tax cuts for the rich.

    While still blowing up the deficit to levels that markets are already reacting to by the biggest jump in interest rates in decades.

    Obama should pardon Hillary to make sure the carnival show investigation barkers are put out of business, and have to deal with the nation's business instead. For which they are now 100% accountable.

    Sessions is a partisan racist hack from Alabama who said in August, 2016:

    Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions said Tuesday it "seems like" the FBI has not fully investigated the relationship between the Clinton Foundation and the State Department under Hillary Clinton's leadership.

    "The evidence indicates to me that this should be fully investigated. I cannot say that Mr. Comey has not completed a full investigation but it seems like he has not," he told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on "New Day." "And I think there is a cloud over this and just because he might conclude there is not a chargeable offense does not indicate that there is no wrongdoing."
      "This is not healthy. You do not use the Secretary of State position to benefit your private foundation," the Trump supporter added.
      Those statements are important because, as attorney general, Sessions would have the power to reignite the email investigation, which FBI Director James B. Comey has recommended be closed without charges. He also could breathe new life into a separate investigation of the Clinton Foundation — which agents in the FBI’s New York Field Office have wanted to probe, despite the misgivings of career-public-integrity prosecutors about a lack of real evidence.
      There is ample precedent for pardoning someone as President George H. W. Bush pardoned six members of the Reagan administration in December, 1992.
      This included the Secretary of Defense, the late Caspar Weinberger, and was done before any were found guilty in court.  Before two were even investigated.
      A special prosecutor appointed by the elder President Bush was looking into the hostages/money deals between Iran and the Reagan administration, illegally shipping US made missiles to the Mullahs of Iran as they fought Saddam and Iraq in the Iran-Iraq war of the 1980's, which was done secretly in the Reagan administration. The money gained was used to finance another secret war in Central America, thus the scandal was called the Iran-Contra Scandal. the illegality involved in it was so enormous that Hillary and the emails is to any objective observer, a partisan inspired joke.


      I think that following your suggestion would be a mistake. Based on anything presently known I would be very surprised to see any formal charges made against Hillary. There will be nothing she will need pardoning for. On the other hand, if she were to be preemptively pardoned for anything she might have done it would be bandied by her enemies as proof that she is guilty of whatever their imagination can contrive. The act of pardoning her as he leaves office would tarnish Obama's legacy too and be used in every national political campaign in our remaining lives as more evidence of Democratic corruption. Do you believe that any of the men you noted as pardoned by Bush deserved to be pardoned? I think the pardon indicated that there was strong evidence of their guilt.

      Good points. It is also likely the GOP would once again overdo it with more Hillary investigations, and pay a price for it. Even their base may be fed up with it all and want economic results. Sessions could wind up looking like a fool if he pushed it.

      I just don't trust Trump or any of his bunch to be smart or reasonable and am sick of these bs Hillary  witch hunts. Partisan posturing and attack is really their only skill set, aside from serving Koch and the 1%.

      If she's pardoned, she can tell them to fuck off and die. 

      I'm with you.  I honestly think that President Obama, in consort with the Atty General, should have postponed the election until the investigation of Russsian illegal intervention and collusion with the Trump campaign to influence the election, could be completed.  The FBI actions should have been included in that investigation.  

      Yes, it would have taken balls, and yes, there would be a shit-storm but it really was the right thing to do.  The Republicans would have gone ballistic, and they probably would not have liked Obama any more (lol), but this election was a sham. Everyone knew that Russia had hacked the DNC emails, and they also knew why they released them when they did.  

      And now we sit back and watch this debacle. Pardoning Hillary is the right thing to do also.  I just wished he had acted earlier so it would not be needed now.

      Now that Trump's settled Trump U case, she can sue the Trump campaign re: accessing confidential FBI documents and ask for all pertinent documents under discovery. You know, every email is sacred, every witness important. Think we could keep this parade going 10 years, and the Supreme Court already ruled you can't just dismiss a court case because someone's President.

      Irony, I think Obey said. Hoist by own petard?

      Trump hotels are the latest pay to play for foreign diplomats or anyone seeking favor with our new grifter in chief. For foreign diplomats, Trump hotel is place to be.

      There won't be a right wing book Trump Cash on it though so the avid book readers at the FBI won't care.

      Real politik would dictate a pardon. After all, it was Comey who made his name sending Martha Stewart to prison, and both Sessions and Trump are vile hateful people, unable to resist turning America into a nuclear banana republic.

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