The Religious Left

    President-elect Joe Biden is a Catholic and often infuses Biblical quotes in his speeches.Nancy Pelosi and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez are also Catholics who note that their faith leads them to fight for social justice. Ilhan Omar cites her Muslim faith as the reason for her activism. Cory Booker's speeches often sound like they are coming from a pulpit. We remember how comfortable President Obama felt singing "Amazing Grace" from the pulpit of Mother Emmanuel. Raphael Warnock is the senior pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, where Martin Luther King Jr. led the congregation. The late John Louis had his social activism supported by his Christian faith.

    The Religious Left provides a pleasing counter to the religious interpretations represented by modern day Republicans. 

    William Barber offers Bible based responses to the "greed is good message" put out by the Religious Right. 

    An excellent article on the subject found in The Daily Beast


    It's near impossible for an atheist to get elected, so candidates need some religious beard. Welcome to America. "Be nice to each other" is hardly a declaration of belief in God, merely a fairly obvious moral laic rule to hold down hate and murders. (YMMV). Those in the God business want to keep the indebtedness going, even if not as corrupt and cynical as Jerry Falwell Jr or any of these other rightwing religious exploiters who've dominated the landscape, or the "value issues instead of beliefs" by which Trump paid lip service to tripwire topics like abortion and ignored the behavior and faith side of the coin. After Falwell's unzipping, pool boy peepshow, and his regular missives of hatred & intolerance & infrastructure to guide Liberty in wooing the politics of Caesar, i don't know if the flock will disperse or seek a more tradition Biblical posture (likely a combination of shedding members and a bit more piety). Muslims of course focus on showing they're not terrorists above all, with the basic bias of 45 years of intense propaganda. Asians we don't even understand their religions (aside from Korean Moonies mixing Christianity, money and politics), including the vagaries of Hindus (keep them away from Muslims overseas, but okay stateside? Which God/Goddess comes first?) Most Jews are much like most male Christians - assumed to share most of the values, but don't go to church a lot (read: not at all), but still do Christmas (though they don't buy cringy new suits for Easter), and occasionally hang out at Bar Mitzvah. Hispanics presumably are all super-devout Catholics deeply tied to their mothers, but see apparitions of various Saints out in the desert from time to time (except Cubans who still see Castro from time to time).  Blacks are almost all Protestants (except a few showoff Muslims converts), but still pretty tied to their mothers (though the universality of gospel churches ain't what it used to be). Running for office? Figure out your aisle.

    The post is about Democrats openly acknowledging their faith. The expressions don't seem to be simply playing to appease the crowd.

    It's America - who knows motives. I just described what i mainly see.

    On a matter like this, it is hard to represent.

    For myself, having people openly advocate for being human is a welcome change from whatever that other stuff is about.

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