[Science] speeding up computation & the future

    Not just Moore's Law - improved algorithmic approach helps make critical calculations much much faster, bringing their practical use closer. 

    Here a student does Fusion Reactor computations in 1% of the time using 1/16th the hardware. Scale this up and it's a huge savings in compute power and energy to tackle much larger problems - problems that might not be doable without these increased efficiencies. Massively increasing data is a huge problem without the ability to massively improve on handling it. Of course this doesn't have to be high tech applications - it can be social and demographic functions, government tasks, etc. Crunch on.

    In comparison to the original QuaLiKiz model, Ho’s model considered additional physics models, duplicated the results to within an accuracy of 10%, and reduced the simulation time from 217 hours on 16 cores to two hours on a single core.



    but who is going to crunch and with what in the near future?

    (I did see an article recently claiming that there's a new car shortage in many areas, including angry buyers because of non-delivery of orders, solely due to the chip shortage. That manufacturers can't even get half way assembling without the chips...hence, the extreme rise in prices of used cars...)

    Looking like the U.S. is going to get a “once-in-a-generation investment in American science and American technology.” See news thread on Endless Frontier Act. Competing with China is part of the appeal, of course.

    hey, it's looking like should you be interested in experimenting with human/animal chimeras, it's a "proceed" from the U.S. Senate, go figure:

    fun fact about when Public Health potentates and hard Science disagrees, what usually happens:

    Wired did a good job if tracing the origins of WHO's pseudoscience. A shame WHO didn't conduct its own review when things looked dodgy (they didn't have to go back to origins - just measure & calculate - it's 2021.

    Elon Hope Springs Eternal
    (note: in some other areas he *does* deliver,
    but it's certainly not a given, unless 10 years slack
    is the lens he's graded on)


    Wonder what Germany thinks now...

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