[Sports/Gender] Aussie weightlifter sidelined

    Reeling with transgender


    The ultimatum... shift your world champion weight class in a few weeks


    Easy, right?


    I'm certainly willing to consider the concept of gender as a choice that can be different than a person's biological sex and see how society can accommodate that. But in the transgender movement there seems to be not even an acknowledgement that biological sex exists or should be considered as part of this discussion

    Wonder woman/black panther indeed:

    “Gabby Thomas, a neurobiology major from Harvard who is getting her masters in epidemiology, qualified for the team in the 200m clocking a Trials record and equaled the third-fastest time in history to win in 21.61, taking over the No. 2 spot on the all-time world performer list behind only Florence Griffith-Joyner,” Team USATF shared.

    More real life deserving heroes please.


    What US sports fairness depends on

    (and why it's fairer than many other countries)

    And yes, it's both a business and amateur competition


    I guess this is gender...

    here's Milwaukee in its essence and glory, all genders and ethnicities welcome to participate:


    BTW, this kind of thing is why all the "racists" in Milwaukee are such proud fans of Bucks player Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is not Afro-American but a Greek citizen. Watch to the end, look at the expression on his face after he makes the play

    Like many Olympians (pun intended) It is all about individual accomplishment and excellence with him, no one and nobody can make him play victim. He comes from a poor Nigerian immigrant family to Greece, was born there and did not become a citizen for 18 yrs, at which time they changed their name to a Greek one. Helped produce income for the family by being a street vendor in Athens...(to this day, not an American, he just works here! funny that nobody complains about him taking an American citizen's job)

    I remember that first Olympics with Charles Barclay knocking those scrawny African guys around the court - seems they're a bit bigger these days.

    They believe her fwiw:

    but nbc's report is more cynical and things ended up with The ROC winning the gold and USA the silved


    Indian girls become interested in playing women's tennis? (fuck your damn cricket and shooting obsessions?)

    While the rest go LGBTQ, the Indians will take over the Straight Games & rock their Bollywood dance steps.
    (sorry Hong Kong, but Beijing called - you're not to show up the ROC mainland. And first one to mention Uyghurs gets a year of "heavy lifting", to put it sports like?)
    Meanwhile, McKayla explains just how much she wasn't impressed.
    And yes, Judo has always looked a bit like S&M. Or maybe a lot like. I especially like the tag-team version.
    This has been a special PP Olympic Sports Analysis.

    Why Aussies different

    Earlier today @ Twitter events....

    Canada's Quinn makes history as the first openly transgender athlete to win an Olympic medal

    When Canada claimed its first-ever Olympic gold in women's soccer on Friday, the Games also marked another historic first. Canadian midfielder Quinn, who uses non-binary pronouns and goes by one name, became the first openly transgender athlete to win an Olympic medal.

    retweeted by @_BarringtonII

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    So I just have to figure out where to sign up for the remedial structural level rape & domestic violence classes so I can take my place owning the fucking world. As Tony Tiger said, "G-R-R-R-E-A-T !!!"

    oh dang! for crying aloud nobody tole me and now it's over! if I had known I would have had it on every damn minute, I'm a big fan and she's a real pip as they used to say

    People loved comedian and actor Leslie Jones’ Olympic commentary from Twitter events this afternoon

    For the past two weeks, comedian and actor Leslie Jones blessed timelines with her colorful commentary on Olympic events in Tokyo. It left some people wishing that she was an official commentator for the Games.

    Back by popular demand, "Leslie's Greatest Hits"

    thank u!

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