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    still...nothing to be done

    Best wishes on your birthday Mr. Beckett:

    Samuel Beckett 1973 © John Haynes

    It may be because of the particular climate of mind around my eyes, but these days seem to be more aligned with your sensibilities than any time in recent memory.  The lingering Zeitgeist makes one come to the conclusion "you're on earth.  There's no cure for that."


    Starting with North Korea (pondered in Gangnam style), we seem to be at the pinnacle of the stalemate that Beckett was a master of detailing for the (un)suspecting audiences.

    We're back to a point when Herbert Blau's production of Waiting for Godot for the prisoners of San Quentin seems all too apropos.

    And even if one avoids American foreign policy, the current domestic budget negotiations, not to mention the gun control debate, is enough to send us all to the that realm which was your vision.  We can only hope you right when you wrote:

    The creation of the world did not take place once and for all time, but takes place every day.
    – Samuel Beckett, "Proust"

    So, how do we negotiate ourselves out of this stalement?








    Beckett was a genius.   Godot was like Laurel and Hardy was scripted by Sartre.

    You are on earth and there is no cure for that!

    How can any human being disagree with that assessment. hahahahah

    Johnny Winters died; the fat faced comedian.

    Meant more to me than Beckett.

    You know Winters managed to tweek me when I was a kid! Everything is bologna.

    He never swore, and yet he sent me a message that I never decoded for years after his presentations.

    Oh the Ruskies are all bad and we are all gooooooooood and it is all goooooooood as long as we keep the commies down.

    Anyway, the creation of the world takes place every damn day. hahahahah

    that's all I got!

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