Trump Fires 42,000 FBI Agents, Threatens Parks in California

    President Trump has fired 42,000 FBI agents after tweeting "the FBI is in tatters." He is assigning Kellyanne Conway, recently appointed as Opioid Czar, as Acting FBI director, with the power to temporarily appoint Trump campaign contributors and unemployed alt-right gang members as agents.

    Trump has issued an executive order that the main mission of the FBI will be to investigate and imprison Hillary Clinton

    Trump's lawyers maintain he has the power to do whatever he wants as he is President and a Republican.  A Republican's only sworn duty is to pass tax cuts for the rich, exploit women seeking control of their bodies, and further loosen gun laws.

    Trump maintains he cannot be overruled by the law, need not adhere to any precedent or any part of the Constitution.

    Trump's lawyers Ty Cobb and  Lenny Dykstra support this claim. They say it is obvious from Trump's enormous election victory.  His election occurred after it was clear he had broken the law and committed fraud many times over in his career, and the voters didn't care then, and they don't care now, and neither should anyone else.

    The President has also declared his power to rescind National Monuments and National Parks, saying the land needs to return to the citizens, specifically CEO's and shareholders of mining and fossil fuel extraction corporations. Trump has made demands in this regard on California, a blue state, which include ending sanctuary cities, and turning over an as yet unspecified number of non-white persons for deportation every month.

    The President has linked his power to return National Parks to the people by threatening to create a schedule to reconfigure and shrink National Parks in California by 10% a month until his demands are met. This includes such national treasures as Yosemite National Park and Sequoia National Park, along with many other Parks and Monuments..

    California is the target of Trump in this action also due to a jury's acquittal of Garcia Zarate, in a trial in San Francisco, after the shooting death of a woman in 2015.

    Trump called that verdict "disgraceful."

    Sarah Bee Huckster said the jury's excuse that the gun went off by accident could not be true.

    Bee Huckster explained that accidental shootings in America only happen with white males, or NRA members.

    She said it is clear that Mr. Zarate was not white male, or an NRA member, and the jury did not take that into account in reaching the verdict.  She said it should be clear to anyone that Mr. Zarate was guilty of murder.


    We are in the Twilight Zone. A portion of the country is so angry that they support the Trump/GOP attacks on the country. Enormous damage is being done. The only recourse is to vote out as many Republicans as possible. The tax vote documented that there are no trustworthy Republicans in Congress. Coker is leaving the Senate.

    Now that it has been made clear that Trump outsources his tweets, there is nobody there at all, just the dotted outline like the kind found on crime scenes.

    This movie is getting worse by the minute. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas wouldn't work if all the people in the story were tripping their private parts off.

    Trump recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capitol:

    1. He wants American blood shed (somewhere, anywhere, preferably not US but in Europe) to "justify" attacking Democrats/liberals opposing the travel ban.

    2. It's red meat for the Adoration Rally mobs awaiting the Rapture. Of course, 99% of them could not locate Jerusalem on a map.

    3. Might give an excuse to bomb brown people somewhere.

    The Zarate shot was a 12 foot strike/78 foot ricochet off the pavement:

    the weapon used was a Sauer P239 pistol, a backup emergency weapon used by law enforcement, which has “a light trigger mode and no safety.” He added jurors requested to handle the weapon during deliberations, but the judge turned them down.


    He also pointed out the shot fired while Garcia Zarate was seated in a chair “hit the ground 12 feet in front of him before ricocheting a further 78 feet to hit Steinle.”

    Uh... NCD just noticed...

    Nice click-bait...

    Trump Fires 42,000 FBI Agents?




    Trump may rehire some agents who pledge loyalty to him..........Kellyanne and Jared will be involved in restructuring FBI investigations to strictly conform to requirements for national security, determined by the President.

    Trump cares about America. His view about what's good for America is similar to that CEO who said, "What's good for General Motors is good the the US." Trump thinks What's good for Trump.... a huoooge win for America, the biggest ever...

    makes perfect sense: jobs jobs jobs for the faithful, 42,000 of them, where the newbies get the powah to pursue all those who don't want to make America great again, enforce rule of Trump law (Trump clearly always admired the whole "it's Guiliani time!" meme)

    Edit to add: my mentor Roy Cohn, rest his soul, would be pleased...

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