Trump/Barr/WH/DoJ Corruption VIII


    Trump loses emoluments appeal

    (will it matter?)

    Very glad you caught this.  I had given up.  As to the "Trump Heights" issue, trump just can't see a joke when it is put on a sign right in front of his eyes.  (Wouldn't it be sweet if the translation of the Hebrew part of the sign said "It Isn't What It Isn't")

    Trump doesnt care - he gets the promo win. Half his towers are shells (Azerbaijan? Panama? hows Turkey doing?), his casinos go bankrupt. As long as He can further the grift, whether he brought jobs to Indiana or coal back to West Virginia doesnt waste him a second. 

    Israbluff & Evangelicals

    He clearly is way savvier than most Trump loyalists. I had immediate suspicion along the lines of "what's up with that?" when he accepted coming to talk to the House Committee from a letter, none of the Barr style delay crap with subpoenas and all. This enquiring mind wonders what he plans to say when he gets there...

    Papadop & Mifsud backchannel

    Exec privilege on Flynn lies?

    Natasha Bertrand retweeted:

    & Manafort fed that Rusky agent polling data on 4 states - 3 of which turned surprisingly close & flipped by a few 10's of thousands to give Trump the election. Put that in your calculators, sports fans.

    USPS Board to Schumer: Drop Dead

    (yet Board informed Mnuchin what was going on)

    TPM: Senate Trump revelations

    Worse than can be imagined.

    Will they make a difference in 90 days?

    Steve Bannon indicted thread

    It takes a Village Idiot to raise a failed child

    My goodness, there are lots of meaty chunks in this stew.

    Yeah, "too many cooks...", though in this case I wish there were even more - easier to pitch overboard in a gunny sack than dunk one-by-one.

    It is hard to push them on to the same dust pan. The work will have to be itemized.
    Those thousands of points of lights don't need a lot of central management.
    If we mix too many more metaphors, something might break.

    And what's meta for if not to break the surly bonds of earth?

    The map is not the territory.
    The corruption is like parties thrown in nightclubs in the Nineties where privacy was welded to public display.
    She had Devin Nunes eyes.

    Better than Laura Mars. No man is an island (more a peninsula). People's parties, better than piracy wielded to public dismay. Is geomapping replaced by geofencing or just old-fashioned foils?

    Good question. I will mull.

    Can tire - one of the worser of McCartney songs.

    not chopped liver: the location of Bannon's arrest

    A Wall-a-thon actually happened, including with sarcastic humor:

    Aw that's an easy one, you just yell le "j'accuse" classique": DEEP STATE!

    I would not be surprised to see Nonny to show up on dagblog soon to drop a few supportive rants.

    The most amazing part of the We Build the Wall thing is that is considered a CHARITY!  I want a new fence.  Anyone want to donate?  

    Trump loses to Vance again, can't run out clock says judge

    "quadrilateral collusion" rather than bilateral or binary:

    (THREAD) BREAKING: The Senate Intelligence Committee Report solved the Trump-Russia *and* Trump-UAE collusion mysteries simultaneously. Using the Report, this thread explains that collusion wasn't what—or where—many thought. I hope you'll read and RETWEET this historic narrative.

    — Seth Abramson (@SethAbramson) August 20, 2020

    Well-made point:

    This goes with that:

    Carter Page & SSCI:

    Oops! SSCI says FBI was right. Anywone want to say sorry?
    And Seth Abramson has been talking about that key Mayflower meeting since forever - when they kicked their criminal operations in gear for real, a semi-private meeting for potential colluders.


    Butina/Torshin & the Fed? (plus Treasury)

    That's a long way from the NRA

    Russia paid Don Jr $90k?

    And "follow the money"? Nope. Sex sells.


    SSCI ignored Trump Tower

    Or stuff that made Congress look bad

    Lincoln Project calls for retweet help to create more buzz about the Senate report with hashtags #TheyKnew and #Rubio Report:



    Durham "probe" in context

    Rob Johnson/Giuliani thread

    SSCI Steele thread

    Shaub WH ethics thread

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