Trump's Dream is The Wall

    He needs it. He wants it. He must have it. The Wall. How about take some hostages?

    What better ploy could he pull than after giving a kill date for DACA, then, if our government survives the plethora of deadlines on budgeting and debt,  demand the necessity of starting The Wall? Keep more of those hard workng, America loving, ambitious, pesky dreamers out! 

    Combined Wall funding DACA legislation?

    Save face for the radical right wing 'Freedom Caucus' and force the Democrats to choose whether to fund a hundred mllion or so for The Wall, or end DACA?

    After all Trump said:

    We love the Dreamers. We love everybody,” he said. “We think the Dreamers are terrific,” Trump said but did not signal what his planned decision might be.

    In 2013 the Republicans wanted "the virtual militarization of the Mexican border with almost double the agents, new technology and a longer fence".

    Then they balked on it, when actually wasting billions on one materialized with Trump's election.

    But putting some $ toward one, somewhere with easy access to TeeVee News cameras may be just what they need to save face.  And claim victory?

    A big win!

    Distracting from making illegals legal.  Distraction from the Greatest Evil Republicans can ever commit, making an Obama executive action law! 

    So link The Wall, or at least enough of it to make a Great, Great, Beautiful Wall Photo op for Trump?  Promises kept!

    Whip up the mobs at his Adoration Rallies into euphoria!

    Sound like a plan?


    Trump will have to force Republican landowners near the border to sell land to the government. This is delusional.  The deplorables who voted for Trump really did not expect the erection of the wall. The deplorables just want to see immigrants in tears (as will happen if he overturns DACA). They also want to see the exploding heads of Liberals (as relayed by Sarah Palin. Trump and the deplorables don't care about policy. They only care about seeing people who don't look and think like them in pain.

    Edit to add:

    We have to Keep in mind that Trump has attacked Republican Senators. These men and women at not be willing to go to the at for Trump over the wall. Business leaders object to his irrational attack on DACA.

    Trump fails the leadership criteria found in the U.S. Army Field Manual

    You're likely right. I was thinking all the polls indicating keep the dreamers, and funding for enough wall, strategically placed to seem endless, might sway the Republicans, and distract the base, to let them legalize the dreamers.

    As you say, the continued drama of deporting or harassing dreamers would thrill Trump mobs through the 2018 elections.

    Hi NCD!

    I had this thought..

    Give the idiot a billion on the WALL. hahahah

    It will mean nothing of course since THE WALL would cost thirty billion?

    Or pretend it is forty billion?

    How the hell would he ever know?

    But DACA aint no joke, no joke at all?

    It is just that even repubs are not that happy  about sending innocent children away to parts unknown.

    How many of us are 'legal' anyway?

    He who is without sin?




    Hi Richard. I saw a finance article that ending DACA would cost employers something like $55 million a week every week for 2 years with replacement personnel costs and training costs. Hopefully something can be done to save the dreamers.


    oh and way crazy auto market coming soon to make America great again

    not that he's smart enough to have been thinking of that when he called the Harvey historic, biggest ever, massive epic... but he will eventually be taking credit for revving up the auto dealer industry. (So sorry for the scrap metal market plummeting, but hey recycling sucks, can't make America great again.)

    Ending DACA means that the Republican House and Senate would have to craft legislation that created immigration reform. Anybody ready to look for a pony under that pile of feces?

    Apparently, Beauregard will be delivering the decision from the DOJ and won't be answering questions

    WaPoOthers have suggested that Trump could attempt to use the dreamers to bargain for a down payment — an estimated $1.6 billion — on the U.S.-Mexico border wall he promised voters during the campaign. .... leading Democrats have said privately that they think Trump has been boxed in politically. His inability to secure funding for the border wall is wearing down support among his base, these Democrats said, while his hard-line immigration rhetoric is hurting him with moderates.

    Republicans built it, The Base of Deplorables, nitwits, haters, hypocrites and racists.

    "A large part of the population clung sentimentally to their Fuhrer right up to the end...They could not bear to lose their faith in him who had appeared to them as a mass redeemer. Nor could they give up their belief in the justification of the Hitler program."  Last Days of the Third Reich, Count Folke Bernadotte

    We have to accept that a segment of the public is racist and delusional. If his supporters see nuclear plumes, they will feel pride in the fact that they put Trump in office.

    Thx for the links.

    That's a good link, the reporter did a good job of summing up the situation. The end paragraph suggests very clearly what's going to happen:

    The president, meanwhile, seems like he’d prefer that the whole debate just go away. According to the New York Times, an “exasperated” Trump asked his aides for “a way out” of a situation he boxed himself into by promising to repeal the program immediately upon taking office, while also insisting he would show “great heart” in dealing with Dreamers. 

    Same thing as with Obamacare. . He didn't understand the first thing about anything he promised in his campaign, much less how to get it done. The only thing he cares about is keeping his fans, so he just wants to be able to say he tried but the swamp wouldn't let him.

    Won't be surprising if the same thing happens in Congress as with the ACA, too. (I.E., Freedom Caucus causes a lot of trouble. Some drafting of messy secret legislation. Pissed off Senators. Ends up going to committee, they try to jerry rig something.)

    To me it looks more probable every day that he'd love to leave the job soon after the first year, when "they" (Congress) have "screwed up" all his promises, to take the one he really wants: rabble rousing replacement for Bill O'Reilly or some such. He just wants desperately to keep his fan base, he doesn't care about actually enacting anything. He likes to rant on his favorite memes and hear the cheers ("ratings").

    Also seems to me that in the end, with that he would get what he wanted, as a lot of the DACA  will now always live in fear unless they have a really good lawyer to attack messy law. Because the promises were always about making immigrants live in fear of doing something "bad".  All the bad hombres he imagined.That's the real effect of all his talk on immigration, including the wall, that immigrants should always feel like guest workers without rights, keep their head down and be grateful that they are here, that if they as so much as get a parking ticket or dare try to use too many taxpayer paid services, they should go. Look at the history of the way Trumpco enterprises have always dealt with immigrant labor, it's clear.

    P.S. The Sessions referral brings another point up: what continues to shock even though most of his antics have become tired now, is how little he understood how the government runs. He thinks Sessions can fix it. He really came into office thinking the executive branch runs everything, like a corporation, and Congress rubber stamps, rather than the other way around. He really thought it would be just like running a corporation, just bark and tweet orders and hire the right minions and message the right brand (which he hasn't a good record at either, but that's a whole 'nother thing.)

    On this front, notice how the military is just hopping to executing his order on trans persons serving. Not. It's complicated, sir. And that will probably be okay with him, too. Because he did what he promised the fans.  That trans will be afraid to serve openly under unclear execution of law, will fear doing things like filing suits about harassment, is just fine by him, his fans won't know they are still serving. It's basically a Don't Ask Don't Tell situation. Comes to mind Trump does Don't Ask Don't Tell with everything: make it look like you made simple law when you didn't but have people live in fear of law.

    Josh has a sound take that Trump does not think  DACA will be fixed, he is being a coward and feeding his base:

    What Trump is actually doing is designed not to get a good outcome but rather to avoid blame for a bad outcome. That’s a major difference. Indeed, the way he’s going about it makes getting a legislative fix much harder. 

    yes, Josh has put it precisely to avoid blame for a bad outcome. And I go further, I think he is doing this with everything now. He cares more and more only about his base every day. He plans to take them with him when he leaves, whenever that is. This is not a Perot type of deal, trying to grow a party. This is ratings, fans, a devoted audience who cherishes his persona.

    When he didn't get the approval he truly expected from the MSM in Jan./Feb., and as the attacks grew in manner and number, he made a decision that he's sticking with his fans, niot the whole country, and he will always have the kind of job he likes with them until he dies. He wants to be able to say he tried and have them believe it--when he never really wanted to try at all, he wanted to just dictate to minions to do it and then found out these thing can't be done that way-- so he's decided to blame Congress and the swamp.

    I think most of the current Congress realizes this too. The only problem is that more than a handful of them has a large number of  true blue Trump fans in their district, so they can't be labeled as anti-Trump and get re-elected.

    Does everyone realize what this means? Even if we manage to kick him out of the presidency, he and his fans aren't going anywhere, they are still going to be a big part of the politics of this country. There's no getting rid of him. Even if you send him to prison--then he's a martyr.

    Edit to add: I am pretty sure that  not only will there be no wall, there will be no blackmailing involved with any wall. Harvey took care of that. He's going to have to just make all of Congress the enemy.

    This is one of the many reasons I'm not really excited about impeachment.  Primarily, I just don't think it'll work.  But if it did, his supporters would just claim that the deep state liberal elite is conspiring to undo their election victory and that will drive them even further over the deep end.

    I think your analysis is sound but it depends on the story Breitbart, Limbaugh, and the other far rights pundits have to say. He can't just talk to his base with twitter. The far right conservative media talks to that same base as well for hours a day. Ingraham and Coulter were turning on him. It's possible the DACA decision will help to keep them on his side.

    can't wait to see how that whole cabal deals with Trump du jour as one of the few sure things they all seemed to agree for years is that Pelosi is the devil incarnate. I haven't checked yet, took along enough to read the flood of non-punditry on it first! And they will probably need the night to come up with new talking points. Tomorrow will we see. But Trump could be a different person again by then as well? These are trying times for, just when they thought it was going to get easier to produce the same dreck day in, day out...

    Sessions announced the end of DACA with the six-month delay

    His word is worth less than a Trump U diploma.

    Did you see Martin Longmans Playtime is over for the GOP:

    All along, they've been operating in an alternative universe, but none of these plans could succeed. And it was very easy to see that they could not succeed and that a time would come when it would all come crashing down on them.

    By the end of the month, they will either separate from the far right or the country will cease to function at all.......

    It's all destroying the fabric of our country, but it's been working at the ballot box.

    Playtime is finally over. And now we get to pay for their mistakes.

    I wonder how much of DACA he leaves to Sessions, who would seemingly have no problem deporting every one of them.

    Here is President Barack Obama's reasoned response to the evil perpetrated by the orange monstrosity in the White House.


    Wish I could have been in his head for this one.  All these months of carefully "not criticizing the current president" and then he's like, "Fuck it.  Can't be silent any more."  I hope it's a sign of a more activist Obama to come.

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