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    A Response To Second Amendment Sanctuary Counties

    Greetings fellow Dagbloggers. I hope you all are doing well. It's been a few weeks since the Commonwealth of Virginia turned BLUE. It's been 25 years since the Democrats controlled the Governor's mansion and both houses. This has already caused panic in some of the more conservative rural areas. Several counties are seeking to create "2nd Amendment Sanctuary Counties".

    This is more than a fad. I wrote a response in the form of an oped that was published in the November 27th edition of The Recorder.  

    In the last few weeks I’ve seen numerous social media posts soliciting online support for the creation of 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties. Many of these posts are shared out of sincere concern over potential restrictions to the right to bear arms. Some are purely partisan vitriol. Either way, this is another issue in which well intentioned people end up screaming past each other.

    For the record, I support the right to bear arms; as Malcolm X once said, “A man with a rifle or a club can only be stopped by a person who defends himself with a rifle or a club. That's equality.”

    However, I part ways with the idea of creating 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties. This isn’t personal and I don’t think people who support these petitions are bad. I have practical reasons for my opposition.

    First, the Second Amendment already has limitations that have been codified into law. Fully automatic weapons haven’t been available in this country for over 30 years. We should move forward with this fact squarely in our minds. Any debate about future limitations should be rooted in the fact that the door to limitations has been open since the 1934 National Fire Arms Act.

    Second, the creation of 2nd Amendment sanctuary counties does not protect businesses or citizens. This is a feel-good form of activism. There is nothing in any of these petitions that grants immunity to any of the signers. In essence, this is protest without action. You showed up said you were upset, but didn’t do anything to affect real change.

    Lastly, the consequences for not following any legislation passed in Richmond would fall squarely on the shoulders of local elected officials. None of the signers of these petitions would be forced to make the decisions or face the consequences elected officials, Commonwealth Attorneys and/or Sheriffs would face.

    Hypothetically speaking, imagine a piece of legislation is passed in Richmond calling for the ban of semiautomatic weapons in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Who honestly believes our political class would risk their livelihoods, pensions and/or freedom to oppose any law deemed Constitutional?

    The next time you see your elected representative, sheriff or commonwealth attorney ask yourself: would this person risk their mortgage or go to jail for my right to bear arms?

    The majority of candidates in local races run for office without declaring their political affiliations. We’re supposed to believe politicians too politically calculating (or afraid) to tell us their political beliefs would stand in the gap for us with something more important than their next election on the line?

    I’m glad to see so many people engaging in the public square. I believe in protest. Successful protests have broken the back of some of the most egregious evils in our country’s history. However, every protest that’s ever bore fruit required sacrifice. Signing a petition without any practical or actionable plan isn’t sacrifice.   

    I wish more of you were concerned about Constitutional Rights when the 4th Amendment Rights of your fellow citizens were being trampled by stop-and-frisk policies. I empathize with the distrust many of you now feel towards government and law enforcement. I stand in solidarity with you, but this isn’t the way.



    I too am in solidarity with sanctuary counties for guns, but have questions.

    1. Will my gun be kept in a bar or in a church in a sanctuary county? Which is better?

    2. What if my gun magazine needs sanctuary or my bullets?

    3. Can I visit my gun while in sanctuary?

    4. If I have more than one gun in sanctuary, will they be kept together, not split up?

    5. Will the counties provide sanctuary lawyers if my gun must go to court?

     The alternative is putting guns in concentration camps and separating them from their ammunition.

    Danny, I think you miss the logic behind 2nd amendment sanctuary counties This is a response to sanctuary cities and states, where dems already release  dangerous illegal alien criminals into their communities, not just the known intent of the Left to strip all law abiding citizens of all their gun rights. 

    I wonder if Malcolm's thinking would have continued to evolve if he hadn't been murdered by criminals with guns. He certainly knew that Marxists quickly move to strip their innocent subjects of all their rights especially their right to defend themselves. They arm thugs to control and maintain their power to subjugate defenseless people.

    Our new Marxist Resistance governor signed a bill that makes private gun sales illegal. Twenty of our Patriotic County Sheriffs stated publicly they would not be thugs for the State and infringe private gun rights. Ths is real resistance to tyranny .

    I don't think you are foolish enough to believe that Marxists will stop at destroying the 1st nd 2nd amendments then defend the 4th.The thuggish twerp Beto already promised he would send armed thugs to millions of law abiding citizen's homes  to violate their 4th and 2nd amendment rights.

    Yeah, why don't we leave Timothy McVeigh & Jim Koresh & the Bundys & the Columbine twins alone? They just want to be law abiding citizens running around with guns & explosives shooting and blowng shit up - why can't we respect that 2nd Amendment? I mean, what's a few dozen school deaths a week? we're a nation of 330 million, who's gonna miss them? I bet that country show in Vegas was a lot livelier dodging bullets than a regular boring outdoor concert. And then those thugs went into his room - why can't they leave shooters alone? They just want to make true 2nd Amendment believers defenseless - it's an abomination to God what they're doing. Don't we believe in rights anymore?

    All was lost because not enough libertarians put up a fight against requiring licenses and insurance to drive automobiles. Nobody had to do that with a horse and carriage.

    PP, you surely can come up with something better than this weak straw man argument. You need to create more fear and anxiety among the rubes so they turn on their law abiding armed neighbors. They must be convinced that only armed Marxist thugs can protect them from the chaos of life and keep them secure in their safe spaces. 

    Keep repeating "armed Marxist thugs", you shit disturbing asshole. You got nothing.

    Hey Marxist-Trumpian dickhead - what's with Trump and the raging deficit and spending other people's money? What happened to Republicans and fiscal responsibility, opposing Keynesian stimulus (which Keynes *didn't* support during prosperous times)? Or you wanna talk about pre-history with the Civil War or Founding Fathers or some such irrelevant distracting bullshit? Sure, I can make the economy or any business look good if I just stop balancing the books and no one cares. Drive that car into a ditch, or as the GOP likes to do, leave it to Democrats to clean up your shit while starting a new chutzpahish hypocritical "Tea Party" to deflect blame for the GOP turd left in the punchbowl. Oh, and what happened to all of Trump/Perry's coal jobs? Their hot air has becom the greatest source of global warming. #ImpeachNow

    PP, For once and only once you are correct, about the national debt/deficit. Trump did begin the process, in his first budget proposal,  to slash the budget throughout the bloated government. You do recall the snowflake's rabid response to the idea of anyone touching the Big Government they worship. Many Republicans are hypocrites on this core conservative belief and speak out of both sides of their mouth. Many politicians are cowards when it comes to doing anything that might adversely affect some special interest group even though this negligence may cause irreparable harm to everyone.

    The only solution to this growing crisis offered by the dem-wits is to double the debt/deficit  and double everyone's taxes destroying the economy that is the only source of wealth that could pay off the debt.

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