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Avenattism is spreading in the Democratic Party

— Blake Hounshell (powered by blockchain) (@blakehounshell) October 10, 2018

to which NYTimes reporter pleads

Stop making that a word please



The fire in your heart is out, Sarah. All the roads you have to walk are winding ....

— Jerry Saltz (@jerrysaltz) October 1, 2018

McCain's "Farewell Address" Applies Right Now

It was a passionate tirade against not following traditional Senate rules. He was speaking to his colleagues more than anyone else and trying to warn them that the way things were going they were ruining the Senate and probably the country and they would not be proud of it at the end of their lives. That they are not the House and they have special responsibilities. Exactly against the type of thing McConnell et. al. are doing now to ram the Kavanaugh hearing and vote through. And what they were doing then trying to pass a half-assed mess of a bill without following rules and working with those across the aisle. I wonder if supposed dear friends like Jeff Flake and Lindsay Graham are going to betray him and make him roll over in his grave by going along with McConnell's ram- it-through-plan for the Kavanaugh hearing without a murmur? I wish some reporters would bring that up with them, try to nudge their consciences.

Ralph Ellison, The Art of Fiction No. 8

DOJ Coup talk from Trump's favorite media peeps

Maybe use this thread to keep track of stuff like this, which I saw only because it was retweeted by Media Matters:

"Vote Common Good"

Interesting movement. Twitter feed here

Couple of recent tweets:



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