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The Crisis of Addiction - Childhood Trauma and a Corrupt Culture

I have posted stuff from Academy of Ideas before. This one is great.

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Rome - West Knows Best

We used to love America.

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Billy Idol - On Christmas Day

Billy is bringing music back. 





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More On Seattle's Journey In To Hell

An evil city. A sewer of unacknowledged suffering and social catastrophe just waiting to happen: 

Every night in Seattle, hundreds of children are sold for sex. The majority of these victims of coercion are young girls who, on average, first start “turning tricks” at 13 years old.

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Seattle's Journey In To Hell

For years, we have always been warned about Nazism emanating from some rural reactionary quarter. Nazism, for real, however, took root in Vienna, a once highly educated and prosperous city where things simply did not turn out how anyone thought they would turn out. There was such a void of any sort of proper governance that total evil could take charge.

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I was reading about Ancient Greece and wondered aloud if a figure like Philip of Macedon would appear at some point and unite an America that is divided in about every conceivable way there is to be divided. That or a figure like Napoleon Bonaparte: 

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Tony Stark's Workshop | Iron Man Music (One Hour)

I really enjoyed this. Apologies in advance - you have to watch it on YouTube yourself.

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Tears For Fears - The Tipping Point (Official Music Video)

First Billy Idol, then Limp Bizkit, now Tears for Fears! Finally, music is back. Living without it this past decade wasn't fun ....




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