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Dark secrets of German museums

It's easy to cast a people as having no history when you've stolen their history. 

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"The future of education - Virtual learning"

It makes a whole lot more sense and will benefit a whole lot more people worldwide to get lessons straight from the source, instead of from glorified babysitters who facilitate a prolonged adolescence in students.


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Bad Girls

I posted a story here on Dagblog about a shooting incident that occurred outside Garfield High School in Seattle, Washington, wherein a teenage girl had been found with bullet wounds in her legs. The incident happened at the same time that 5 shootings in full had been investigated by Seattle police, indicated a city that had become progressively more and more dangerous (despite being seen as a utopia by so many). 

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The Terrifying Collapse of the Plains Indians

A Celt will soon be as rare on the banks of the Shannon as the red man on the banks of Manhattan." - The London Times, smug, triumphant editorial, 1848, at the height of Ireland's "famine".( genocide not famine)


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Antidepressant Criticism Finally Goes Mainstream

Michael Moore made a classic film about the subject of mass shootings, Bowling for Columbine, a problem that only got progressively more worse as time went on. In that movie, he was early to sound the alarm about the possibility that the Columbine shooters were powered by medication. The subject was off discussed after that, and the issue largely became about the guns so often used in these kind of incidents (which is also a serious issue).


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