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Bowling Alone in 2022

There is a very famous conservative book called Quest for Community. Written during the 1950s by Berkeley academic Robert Nisbet, the book makes an assessment about why fascism and communism happened. Totalitarianism addressed the longing that all human beings have for community. As modern industrialism shook up the bonds that humans developed slowly over thousands of years, anxiety and fear settled in and dictators offered a relief.

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The Right Wing Symphony of Stupidity

Right wing talkers are forever wondering out loud why people like Bill Maher, Joe Rogan, Jon Stewart, Andrew Yang or Dave Chapelle don't jump over to the conservative side when they regularly criticize left wing excess and are even the subject of cancellation.

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"Why are Most People Cowards?" Facing Childhood Abuse


Because the Dagblog community knows me for years now, and because we've traded good and very harsh feedback for so long, I will let slip something I haven't really ever said to anyone. It was shame married with the fact that I was in an environment in which no one would have believed me.

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MUSIC: Oblique Occasions - Anathema

Incredible music. The YouTube algorithm suggested this to me with me having never heard of it before. It's some of the best music I've heard in a long time. And that cover!



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The Disturbing Case of Child Rapist Choo Doo Soon

I'm posting this one in lieu of the story about Jeffrey Epstein and his associates. A lot of conservatives go and on about "Jeffrey Epstein Didn't Kill Himself," as if, if they were right, it's a consequence of a vast conspiracy. This monstrous man was attacked in his home (although not injured). It's just what happens to people like this, universally, all over the world.

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Pathos Writing Usurps Old Standards

I applied to a bunch of publications recently. I shared one of them here - the article about Joe Biden's trucking initiative. I found out, rudely enough, that all of my work, for multiple people was rejected. I was flummoxed - I had had people get mad at the subject matter that I wrote but never the actual writing style. 

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Forrest Gump Today?

I rewatched Forrest Gump, the classic 1990s Tom Hanks movie. It made me cry and broke my heart even more than when I first saw it.

Gump starts off overcome by emotion. He has already been through everything which he has already detailed in full. The people on the park bench give him.a wide range of responses. Some just flat out don't believe what he is saying, while others whel up.

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The Right Is Full of Creeps

Dagblog appears to run a little bit to the right of Antifa on a few issues, and so one is left thinking why we don't just "jump the ship," as people like Dave Rubin ask so often.

I think that this story says why: 


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