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As Good As It Gets

[started as a response to Barefooted's "Hillary Clinton's New Progressive Alignment"]

1) I think we're seeing a Clinton thing where she also doesn't do well unless under pressure and in trouble. Sure, organized and all that, but not inspiring.

2) In the case of Bernie, he's had the message, something of the synthesis without the details. Hillary's been the opposite - all the tools in the toolkit, but no obvious picture of what the job is, who the customer is.

Hints for Hillary

Now that polls are tightening, the internet has exploded with amateur campaign experts to explain why Hillary's sunk, what she should have done, how she should behave. They rightly note that this has happened before - but not just 2008. In 1992, in 1996, in 2000, in July of last year and again in October. Deconstructing Hillary is a cottage industry that's made many rich. Trump draws crowds by saying outrageous things, Sanders draws crowds by stirring outrage, Hillary on her own is simple outrageous.

State of the Manufacturing Union?

As Pat Buchanan and Donald Trump pile on the loss of manufacturing jobs, it's interesting that manufacturing seems to have rebounded significantly since, adding maybe 800K jobs by now, according to 2014 analysis & one from ESA out last year.

It's all good - for Democracy?

Less than 3 weeks to Iowa, & we're into reading tea leaves and divining political augury. 

I'll identify a few things in the campaigns & political structure that I find capricious and curious - largely from a Hillary vantage, in case not obvious. Toss your own salad, observations & thoughts, as you please.

Poll tactics & kissin' cuzzins

Growing up, every time there was a close football game, I got to hear Frank Gifford or Dan Meredith exclaim how a tie is like kissing your cousin. (My initial reaction was "which one?" some of my cousins were pretty damn cute.)

At this stage in New Hampshire, it looks like Bernie's playing for a tie - roughly 2 point spread for the last 2 months, and within 5 points since August. 

The sad news for Bernie fans is that's not good enough - at this point it's dialed into everyone's expectations that New Hampshire's Sanders' back yard, that he should win - it's no longer an "upset". 

Berntrayal: we wuz robbed

Keeping an eye on the Bernie squad's meta for some time, there's been an interesting undercurrent of how unfair the whole process is since last summer.

What's funny to me is why this is news.

A New Year's Lament?

[seemed a shame to waste this/have it disappear as a throwaway comment]

Once upon a time there were people who expressed themselves - for me perhaps MLK & RFK & others in amazing books I'd read, you may have your own - in a way that was lucid and compelling and convincing. I could listen to them and I'd find reason to mull over what they said and incorporate what they had to say in my belief system - they provided new grist for the mill, not merely retread.

Missed Opportunities

More surprising than Scalia's attitudes this week were the Texas attorney's weak arguments.

"Now's not the time to lower diversity"? Jesus Christ, why not say "you're wrong, I'm right"? Wouldn't we demand our money back, look for better support than this?

Try it this way -

Don qui jodes thee

Jodido, simply jodido.
Le Donald is passing on the Apprentice to whoever wants it.
Situation normal, all fucked up - he's rounded the bend and headed on out to the great whatever.
Even Cheney's appalled and that motherfucker never gets appalled. Donald's given a great smooch to the left - not so much from love, but he's never been that bad - he's an asshole sure enough, bit more of a blowhard asshole. Now he's bestowing Christmas gifts - the charade's over.

A Step Back on Tolerance

Bob Somerby's been advocating a bit of withholding judgment until facts are in, and presents 2 pretty compelling instances. 1 was a piece of tape over the face of black professors' photos, the 2nd was a noose hanging at Duke.


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