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Candy Mountain

I had a morning epiphany thinking about the petulant Veruca Salt-like "I want it now, Daddy!" demand for a miraculous transformation to all renewables overnight. No upheaval, clean seamless replacement of the most entrenched global industry we have.

NY: If She Can Make It There...

There's been some backseat driving and criticism and suggested panic for Hillary abandoning Wisconsin to campaign in New York. But seemingly lost in this analysis is the pretty obvious - the schedule:

                             Dels Super Total

Apr 5   Wisconsin        86  10  96     Open primary

The Next Revolution

The biggest damage to America's wealth was a combination of Bush's tax cuts/rebate to the wealthy combined with a cheap dollar to spur exports despite our lower competitiveness. I watched my dollar savings and salary cut more than a half in the currency where I live. So in the 90's we had a strong dollar and still held up exports, a sign of competitive products and services. Now we compete with commodity bullshit and dump our stuff around the world to keep our balance sheet up.

Bernie States vs Hillary States

Happened to run across this map of Medicaid obstructionist states, and humorously thought of the orange belts that Hillary controls (e.g. the Southeast) and the orange ones Bernie controls (the Rockies/Central Plains & Maine). Waiting to see who owns Wisconsin (hear Scott Walker's shopping a VP slot around in exchange for endorsement, though that's on the Reptard side).

A Look on the Bright Side

In the Internet Era, we see changes happening faster than ever, more impressive, bigger impact than in any other era in history. Except for the late 1800's when suddenly steam gave way to electricity, lights, refrigeration, modern medicine, mass global immigration and the falling of borders everywhere. (followed shortly by modern nationalism and modern warfare, and whoops, back up went the gates).

The post-War period brought decolonization from East Asia to the Subcontinent to the Mideast to Africa to Latin America, a period nicely bookmarked by Mandela's release from prison in 1990 - similarly marked by the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of the Soviet Union's Communism. 45 years of transition and recovery across most of the world.

2nd to Last

To sum up the contest so far:

Ties - Iowa (H 0.3%), Nevada (H 5.3%), Mass (H 1.4%), Mich (B 1.5%)
[note: Hillary won by a sliver 2 caucuses; Bernie won by a sliver 2 primaries]

Other Caucuses -  Samoa (H 43%), Col (B 19%), Minn (B 23%), Kansas (B 45%), Nebr (B 14%), Marianas (H 20%)  [Pacific caucuses are tiny]

Other Primaries - NH (B 22%), SC (H 48%), AL (H 58%), Ark (H 37%), Georgia (H 43%), Okla (B 10%), Tenn (H 44%), Tex (H 32%), Vermont (B 73%), Virg (H 29%), Louisiana (H 48%), Miss (H 66%)

This is the Revolution

Fixing police-on-black abuse while improving on entrenched bias & lack of opportunity 

Getting corporates to pay their fair share

Handling ISIS while lowering our Mideast involvement while fending off Russian encroachment

Migration to renewables while limiting the damage of global warming

Lowering Africa and India's baby boom, maybe China's with new 2-child policy

Continued job growth & lower-end wage growth (e.g. minimum wage hike)

Slight return of manufacturing (micro-mills)

On Things Best Left Unsaid

[on the rise of the "Trump Democrat"

Hillary’s liberal enough for me, was 8 years ago.

I didn’t think Obama could get done everything they were claiming,

and mostly he didn’t – 8 years later, the economy’s mostly recovering,

employment’s up, even manufacturing’s coming back. Too cautious

and surrendering towards Republicans, but then they control most all the cards too.


Trump vs. Cruz is the epitome of the “big blowhard who knows little except

Of Knowing & the Garden of Earthly Delights

"Don't sit under the Apple tree...with anyone else but me...."

The case between DoJ and Apple is one of those defining moments coming ever since Al Gore backed the Clipper Chip for backdoor get devices 20 years ago. While we expected things to get worse under Bush, most of us are gobsmacked to see the continuation of Bush-era security overreach under Obama.

Sadly this is one area where Bernie could draw Hillary out, drive her to the left without evoking Cuba or other negatives, and would be doing us all a favor. But so far (AFAIK) crickets.

Lost in Translation: virgin sapukko

People have been asking for months what the purpose of superdelegates is. Seems a simple formulation, self-immolation is to be avoided. Watching Trump, Cruz and Rubio play hangman should make it clear enough how to avoid the Last Train to Doomsville. Fortunately the Democrats have so far not been seduced by the sweet temptings of the Virgin Suicides. It's one thing to fight for a cause; it's another to anoint a hopeless delusion. The Republicans have been playing to fantasy for so long, they've forgotten they were playing.


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