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[Flyover country erupts] watching the next revolution

This started as a thread about a 9-yr-old having to slaughter her goat at a fair, but now it's about how red districts will actively pack & overturn local gov. Insurrectionist times.

Teddy Roosevelt's excruciatingly bad day

Lost his wife and mother in 1 day, makes me think of the parallels to today, wealthy but still vulnerable to the crowding conditions and pandemics that don't spare the rich. Was there a huge surge in rejection for typhoid quarantines, outbursts that personal freedom was more important, or it still wasn't that much of a concept at that time? In any case, it likely had a big impact on Teddy's later renowned efforts that made him larger than life.

Raindrops keep falling...

A beautiful tribute to himself - just keep trying if it's what you love...

[Trump/Jan6/GOP/SC kray-kray] Circle of Corrupt Lawyers

'F' is for Fascism

Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood gone

Lost amidst the football clips...

(feel free to add better links)

When predictions don't meet the hype

Is it a political thing, a tech thing, an issue of expectations?

And then sometimes peeps be making shit up.

How to balance it all?

That 70s show (the other ones)

When TV & standup & actual plays intersected...
and occasional non-laughter intervened
Arthur Miller? James Baldwin? Tennessee Williams?


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