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Ed Asner & the Secular Rabbi

How the character full of good stern advice came to TV

Third World Magic - Captivation & Exorcism

Whether we use the term "shithole countries" or not, it's often there in how we discuss these people seen or not seen - their options, their plight, the shrunken terms in which we think of their possibilities. Not that most of us have expansive lives - pretty mundane, limited existences however we try.

Parallax View - Afghan Wigs, Western Vals

Observing our Petri dish would be better if we didn't keep sticking our thumbs in it to draw conclusions. Some more primitive societies might just indeed be more comfortable being primitive societies, even if there's some Brownian Motion or other movement of progressive thought within the culture.

[Trump Scandals & Russian Interference] party like it's 2016


IVANKA Trump’s Deposition under SWORN TESTIMONY
Q:”Who is Allen Weisselberg?A:”I don’t know what his exact title is.” CORRECT ANSWER: Allen Weisselberg has been the Trump Organizations CFO and the Trump Family’s BOOKKEEPER since the 1970s. @MichaelCohen212

Southern Civil War hero (kind of)

longer thread

Bob Odenkirk *not* dead

Catherine of Aragon, Riot Grrrl

More badass than suspected the daughter of the Reconquista held her own against the Scots - plus 24 years with Henry the VIII made her by far the most significant of the sextet.

Fuck art, let's smut

Culture shootout at les grandes archives -

or #BeBreast as the former first lady escort would say.


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