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Ok, you survived this long not knowing this, but you're gonna see it anyway.

[Trump/Russia/GOPgate] sock puppet org busted

Previous 5-month long thread here:

New charges may signal a more expansive effort to weed out Russian sockpuppet orgs for influencing elections & public opinion, right and left. ["failure to register as a foreign agent"]

13 Russians charged by Mueller in absentia 4 years ago, but this one seems to point higher up the RU food chain plus charges Americans as well.

Watching water boil - better

Yes, even boiling water doesn't have to take so long.
The actual tradeoffs are interesting (& not too technical)
MIT engineers design surfaces that make water boil more efficiently | MIT News | Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Khanate history in Russian lands

Fascinating, how liberal were the perceived tyrannical Khans?

Also reflects the Polish-Litguanian treatment.

Read the unroll, not the thread.

Ben Franklin's home abortion how-to

Ben Franklin's home abortion how-to

(what the Founding Fathers wanted, eh Alito?)

More on Alito's jurisprudence incompetence or selective vindictiveness and mendaciousness

[Health Care] death watch in private nursing homes


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