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3% rule: your culture sucks (most of the time)

[Media] Tribute vs Obit - what's its role?

Marketing by any other name?

Partisan swag?

A public service?

Kinda depends who's holding.

Art(ificial) Intel(ligence)

Barr & Trump's soiled reputations

Elie Honing leads with Barr's embarrassing, corrupt and revealing texts:

And then there's Barr's dishonest book promotion tour:


First, as a warmup, here's a piece I wrote last week about Barr's image rehab effort. /2

[COVID & Vaccines] it ain't over til it's over

Nixon on the Trail

Memoir from Nixon aide Dwight Chapin, nice anecdotes from a different time

Jan6 62-tweet salute

Renegotiating Sex

One of the more intelligent overviews of multifaceted issues around sex, including issues of obligation and the politics of desire and of course (the illusion of?) personal taste.

London Review of Books

Vol. 40 No. 6 · 22 March 2018

Does anyone have the right to sex?

Amia Srinivasan


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