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Uncancel Woodrow [righting our 2024 ship]

Les McCann moves on

his song was critical for college studies... (and light &fun. Any other jazz tracks to glide along & carry you 20mins w/o forcing yourself to get all serious?)

[Trump/GOP/Supremes] hard right goes harder

Preparing to purge government of "enemies", Trump pushes his authoritarian message, GOP promises support...

Meanwhile Supreme Court gets to review 14th Amendment disqualification efforts and a host of Trump immunity & delay forever efforts.

And Jack Smith pleads for Trump irrelevancies to be kept out of court, even as he asks for expedited rulings that directly affect prosecutability of his cases, as well as delays that push further into campaign season and possible Trump self-pardons before trial.

[Russia/Ukraine] war by demographics & next steps

Russia falls into its backwards focus on trying to revive a birthrate in free fall by treating women as only breeders while ignoring the male job security that creates conditions for more young families. Not that the war with it's deaths/injuries + mass exodus of young men creates a stable background either.

Shane MacGowan kicks off

Likable possibly not. Annoying? Good evidence.

Transformative? undoubtedly. I'd have a drink for him, but he drank up all the booze.

What about the environment?

While Greta pisses off the environmentalists, and weirdos praise Munching as doing the most, and others think what Biden's done is sufficient for the danger, and still more think that Elon's quirky Tesla venture has made the problem go away, forgetting about it's tiny numbers, lack of charging stations, non-green sources of those charging stations, plus fueling planes & factories & mineral extraction...

But apparently Exxon-Mobil once had it all figured out... at least the problem, even before Al Gore

Sometimes art's a real pisser

Not sure if "taking the piss out of someone" applies, guess gets down to a piss terminology.

[Trump/GOP/SC post-indictments]


After Donald Trump posted on Truth Social, "IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I'M COMING AFTER YOU!" Jack Smith filed a Motion for Protective Order.

Smith is claiming that the prosecution can not safely turn over all the requested discovery evidence until they know that Trump can't make…

College conundrum & other shifts

"How College Towns Are Decimating the GOP

Growing population in America’s highly educated enclaves has led to huge gains for the Democratic Party. And Republicans are scrambling for answers."

2 in 3 college counties grew more Democratic since 2000


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