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Bob Odenkirk *not* dead

Catherine of Aragon, Riot Grrrl

More badass than suspected the daughter of the Reconquista held her own against the Scots - plus 24 years with Henry the VIII made her by far the most significant of the sextet.

Fuck art, let's smut

Culture shootout at les grandes archives -

or #BeBreast as the former first lady escort would say.

When your wife say she wants a hobby...

aka "how we survived the pandemic halfway intact"

Yes, they have a ton of these. Visit Toyah's channel - she's a nutter.

And thanks to YouTube and European regs i can't see "controversial" content from a 63-year-old woman without registering a credit card to "prove my age"- rave on, punkers! (2 videos in 1!)


[World Stage] Palestinians reject vaccines

Go figure...

Overtourism: Florence scatters the Art

Tuscany turns into artful snipe hunt as Firenze tries to diffuse the tourist boom before it restarts

[People/Obsessions] Bitcoin Addiction

‘I put my life savings in crypto’: how a generation of amateurs got hooked on high-risk trading 

Who's Hot - Lad Mag quandary

Celebrating looks, appeal, controversy, race, sexism, expectations...

Ain't that easy anymore

Where are the trans women?


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