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[Trump/Jan6/GOP/SC kray-kray] Circle of Corrupt Lawyers

'F' is for Fasciam

Fashion icon Vivienne Westwood gone

Lost amidst the football clips...

(feel free to add better links)

When predictions don't meet the hype

Is it a political thing, a tech thing, an issue of expectations?

And then sometimes peeps be making shit up.

How to balance it all?

That 70s show (the other ones)

When TV & standup & actual plays intersected...
and occasional non-laughter intervened
Arthur Miller? James Baldwin? Tennessee Williams?

Dag personal health PSA day

Truthiness Jumps the Shark

Starting with a post-op on Bennett's poor response to a NYT op-ed calling for a full military response to George Floyd/police brutality protesters (with the editor *not reading the op-ed before publishing*).

But also noting that up to *12%* of the nation participated in these *mostly peaceful* protests, so say 30 million. Imagine if the 3000 Jan6 protesters were 30 million, what destruction would have happened.

[Ukraine War] Bellingcat opens it up

Altai Mountain Neanderthals

New gene tracing gives new Neanderthal snapshot

Also Bubonic Plague survival (only 1 of 2 in Europe?) complicates current autoimmune self-policing behavior

African development as art

Aerial photography of a continent's development as art exhibition

(also the idea of covering the Sahara with solar panels is intriguing)


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