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Election: BIDEN/HARRIS VICTORY GIN (we love you big biden)

Good place to add your Biden/Harris victory comments, donations, advice, complaints, and merchandise orders.

Election: 665 in GA & Counting

One less than the Antichrist?

Midnight Train to Georgia?

New day, new page?

Updated 25m ago


Candidate Party Votes Pct.
Donald J. Trump* Rep.     2,448,183  49.4%
Joseph R. Biden Jr. Dem. 2,447,518  49.4%

Difference: 565     Time: 3:09 EDT

Total reported: 4,957,885

Those waiting for Nevada results should remember, "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" - we might never know. But some on Twitter are hunting Kanye won and they're scared to tell us.

Election Contiunuum: and the BeatDown Goes On

Stuff: Back by Popular Demand

Stuff is just flying off of shelves - and that's before the late night protesters.
Meanwhile, Shell stepped in deep doodoo asking the public what it could change - seems "a lot" is the unsurprising answer. Just goes to show, the Marketing Dept may not be the brains of the company.

Election Day Clean Sheet

Alright, you worms, taps playing 6:30a.m. reveille - get out there and blog, mix it up, do some damage. "Taxi's waiting, blowing it's horn, dawn is breaking it's early morn, already I'm so antsy I could die..." Stir it up, little darling, stir it up, right now... Ok, enough soundtrack - let's do what needs doing. Make the GOP cry.

Trump/GOP/DOJ Corruption XII

More FOIA dumps courtesy Jason Leopold, tireless (& amazingly successful) fighter for sunlight

Election Thread #1

Revolution #9: Belarus et al

View from a Treehouse: Vanuatu singer

It's 2020, and still the cultural touch of the rest of the world on our lives seems minimal. Is this one another hodgepodge if appropriation and quaint outback notions, is this just the kind of Bob Marleyish knockoff we'll accept back home, or is this a voice among others we need (or just want) to hear? And why does 3rd World music always have a message? Blur did a anti-culture song called "Whoo Hoo" ( or actually Song #5 I think). They didn't particularly care that the oceans are rising. What's the anti-musicbiz or apathy trend in the South Pacific? What do teenagers think, play, do?


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