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Michael Moore Punches Down

Is he becoming Kid Rock?

I remember him saying he refused to recycle because he saw a truck mixing bins. But I live in a country where we successfully separate and recycle. Yes, in Europe - America should try it (with his encouragement for a change?)

And even for population, our only problem region is Sub-Saharan Africa. Does he know this?

Is this Michael Moore's big F U?

DoJ Craziness Thread

DoJ claims they can't release Mueller grand jury info to House.

DoJ starts withdrawing Flynn cases.

What else?

Once We Were Queens

The heyday of female directs, gone, er, with the wind.

Did they really need a League of their Own? Was it a rude Awakenings to find it all burned down? We *are* more woke about all this stuff these days, right?

[The Blondie quote, "women are slaves"... For how long?]

In Honor: Pussy No More

A rather sly career, including her later man-eating boytoy period. Seems she didn't get the memo about actresses' sell-by date.

Ain't No Sunshine Today

Bill Withers gone away.


PL Found in Translation?

Polish Literature, English versions (you do have all the time in the world, right?)


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