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Belarus Thread

Belarus upheaval continued from here:

US gov's Anti-immigrant racket here:


On Sex with Demons

Someone has to take this discussion out of the clouds and astral planes and bring it back to (ir)reality.

The part about the Devil not able to make his own semen was the clincher - one of those "niche business opportunities" that screams out to you (or at least me): Buy low, sell high!

Anyway, read 'em and freak.

This Topia: Writers vs Tech

Wading upstream thru modern times, plus the importance of forgiveness

DoJ unlawful AG as campaign stooge thread

Read it and weep. And still, what were they expecting? Why didnt they have Adam Schiff leading this towards impeachment, rather than anither unsatisfying shitshow/kabuki Theater?

Foreign assistance ok sometimes?

"I talk to Trump about his re-election sometimes, but in going to be all cagey bout it and shit"

Son of Return of More Stuff

The Terrible Tabula Rasa

DoJ Krazy Thread VI

Stuff. Room for stuff.

Yeah, everyone needs an overflow room, things that kinda fit, (maybe when you lose a few pounds?), So we'll just pít em over here.

Read this girl's thread. She's Indonésan So you dont.

DoJ Flynn & co Death March Kraziness V

Roger effing Stone  - whooda believered it.

Little boy spanked by teacher. Will He ever learn?

Malcolm Gladwell: Sandra Bland & Talking to Strangers

An extremely timely book taking a widesoread Analysis of different factors going into Sandra Bland's death, here's a decent extensive review.


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