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Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption XI

Belarus: women's crusade

Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption X

Barr hid Russian IRA activity


Kruschev revisited

The opening summary of Stalin & WWII worth the price of admission

Belarus - The Movie

[prior thread here]

Shere Hite climax: clit legacy left behind

Had she focused on the mind, maybe she'd have been a revered psychologist using relatively traditional scholarly methods. Or maybe not. Still, "different strokes for different folks" - a rule of thumb that's easy to follow.


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LinkFresh Polls: what concern voters right now, both parties & including Trump fans artappraiser42 months 2 weeks ago
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LinkThe U.S. lost a whole year of life expectancy – and for Black people, it's nearly 3 times worse rmrd000072 months 2 weeks ago
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Reader blogWhat was that about the Richmond P.D. being an evil occupying force of "the black community"? artappraiser362 months 2 weeks ago
Link‘He Cooked the Heart with Potatoes’: Man Accused of Heinous Triple Murder in Oklahoma artappraiser52 months 2 weeks ago


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