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Trump/DoJ/GOP corruption XI

Added GOP to the lede - they griftedd long & hard

How long's your earth footprint?

New ways to express worn out topics.

It's not just us - how long will our splash keep rippling?

More Stuff than u can shake a stick at

Being Kevin Bacon (which one?)

Never been nominated for an Oscar, seems like an easy Cinderella story career except for choices and droughts we're less than aware of. Not whiny, not a Hollywood enfant terrible, just a decent actor with a rather diverse set of performances.

A Caucus Race? + Belarus, Kyrgyz, HK...

Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption XI


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LinkJonah Goldberg:Toxic Asininity artappraiser42 months 3 hours ago
LinkBiden team forgets ‘history:’ Israel and its lobby dissed Obama in ‘borderline offensive’ racial terms–Ben Rhodes A Guy Called LULU12 months 9 hours ago
LinkKillings by Police Declined after Black Lives Matter Protests rmrd000062 months 1 day ago
LinkWhy Republicans Don’t Fear An Electoral Backlash For Opposing Really Popular Parts Of Biden’s Agenda artappraiser22 months 1 day ago
LinkIn Georgia, Republicans Take Aim at Role of Black Churches in Elections rmrd000022 months 1 day ago
Link#OpenOurSchools: GOP targets teachers unions in bid to retake suburbs artappraiser72 months 1 day ago
LinkCapitol Police chief acknowledges failures of 1-6 but can't say what increased budget would do to solve artappraiser42 months 1 day ago
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LinkSpeak softly and carry a big agenda artappraiser182 months 3 days ago
LinkHeating Up Culture Wars, France to Scour Universities for Ideas That ‘Corrupt Society’ artappraiser62 months 3 days ago
LinkInspector General’s Report Cites Elaine Chao for Misuse of Office rmrd000052 months 3 days ago
LinkDavid Brooks & Media Conflicts of Interest PeraclesPlease02 months 4 days ago
Reader blogLincoln Project has new projects: The Georgia Senate race; Trump's Lawyers; Transition Support artappraiser312 months 4 days ago
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CreativeVERNON JORDAN DEAD AT 85 rmrd000002 months 6 days ago


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