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[Science] speeding up computation & the future

Not just Moore's Law - improved algorithmic approach helps make critical calculations much much faster, bringing their practical use closer. 

[Health] Are all births traumatic?

As usual, these are birth anecdotes, not statistics, so the percent they represent is hard to say, nor does it address things like sheer numbers, costs, etc. But still worth considering, keeping in mind AA's note about the number of medical mistakes annually (my wife's was very good, but it was overseas and we got to pick the country!). Also, read the comments.

Billy Crystal bombs/kills it

Billy steps in comedy "minefield"

Billy kills it with Tiffany Haddish in Alzheimer's/real life Ethiopian Jewish romcom (opened today)

How perfect is the juxtaposition of extreme multiculturalism slamming into intolerant judgmental "woke" expectations.

Eat yer meat: Limerick for Mr. Smith

NFT Art crash already?

Berkeley Telegraph: Hippie & Redneck Conversion

All those drugs ran over whatever great ideas they had.

And yet what's running over the ideas of the rest of America?

It's one thing to blame lunatic fringe theory on acid and lures - another when it's just listening to talk radio.

Where have all the flowers gone?

Truman's Campaign of Truth

Beginnings of Voice of America and challenging disinfo

(is this culture? or just old politics? certainly marked a "sea change" in radio)


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