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10 years on: Xmas incest magic

The Folgers commercial that stole Christmas

And that special clip:

Xmas Trump/DoJ Corruption festivities

Trying to find the right tree (not Melania's) and ornament to go with this festive crooked occasion...

A standing Xmas tree it seems is the hardest to find. A lot of lying, not much standing.

Yeager slips bonds of Earth last time

Except he'd give it a Yeagerism, like "that wasn't too tough". Presumably there's a Flyboy saloon he'll be at for happy hour. Hope no speed limits on the other side.

Plus the Rest of the World (home)

Turkish-Russian hegemony scored a majore Victory - but we're still counting votes and waiting for a loser to cry "Uncle", so we may not have noticed.

If a territory falls in the woods, and we're too busy playing post-mortem blame games and who caused the success, did it really fall?

W/o further adieu, the late great Karabakh entity - conflicted, but with some historical claims to existence (certainly more recent than some recreated nation-state). Like Crimea, might makes right quicker than detente.

1614-1620: Kidnappings, Threatenings, Thanksgivings

GOP/DoJ/Trump Corruption Clearance Sale

Going quick, need everything out by Jan 20

Black Like We

Chapelle's full monologue

The one thing that hit me, with all the Kahnemann and Malcolm Gladwell I read this year, and other personal stuff going on, is all these people walking around, these bodies, me, are still 9/10 chemistry and raw emotions and psychological traumas and a bit of intelligent consideration, maybe a tiny bit of enlightened thinking thrown in, and perhaps humor or orneriness to scramble it up. I look at the Rayshard killing, and for 40 mins things were ok, and then in 15 seconds it went to shit. Most of these "Karens" videos (*not* the woman walking her dog in Central Park) are likely women running around doing thankless work, and someone with a phone catches them in their worst frustrating moments, situations that maybe they didn't understand or were too flustered to control, or had more of an explanation than we see. I have my moments, but no one so far has a camera in my face to record it for all time, all humanity. "Humanity" - we use that word to sound noble, but it's just one batch of troubles after another.

Though actually things aren't that bad. Aside from Covid, the Trump years have just been about pissing us off every minute of the day. But there were no gas ovens. There was no drawn out Iran-Iraq War killing millions (though Xinjiang is bad). There were no famines in Ethiopia with wasting away babies (though pictures of cages from the border are bad). Gladwell talked about how people in London during the Blitz became immune to fear and troubles and danger. And under Trump, we became rather immune to good news. That cop putting his knee on George Floyd's neck, strangling him, and pretty much the entire world thought that was evil, even our usual racists. And even *that* was more or less criminal negligence, vicious uncaring mistreatment, sure, but not the ending that cop expected, was trying for. Those girls in that Birmingham church when I was a kid - those guys were *trying* to kill them. Those activists disappeared in Mississippi - those guys actively killed them. And the whole community largely approved, covered it up, denied these poor murdered souls justice.

Roanoke discovery gives clues to American mystery

Recent archaeological finds on America's East Coast appear to have pinpointed remains of Roanoke settlers who apparently split up and secretly moved the colony to 2 new locations, thereby avoiding a Spanish fleet sent to destroy them.

The discovery could help political scientists determine the fate of North Carolina voters and election officials after the 2020 presidential election, when apparently the whole election infrastructure grew unresponsive and simply disappeared amidst one of the most heated electoral races of modern times.

More intriguing is the possibility that the 2 sides in the political contest may have engineered their own disappearance to avoid external threats, including the possibility of a never-ending series of recounts and a general loss of who-gives-a-shit, and perhaps may be peaceably hiding out in an undisclosed location even talking and working together.


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