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4th Estate as 5th Column

I disagreed with Emma a few days ago over the idea we needed more "hacks", but now I'm reconsidering...

Bob Somerby as usual's doing a bang-up job tracking the media madness, and in 2 particular areas his observations fit together -

1) the media pack has gotten chummier of late with its Groupthink as Twitter helps them align their stories (sad, but bars used to serve this purpose, and at least then you could say you got a buzz)

Mourdock/Warhol lunch at Palm

Seen by society folks, Andy met Richy at The Palm, and seems Rich is the go-to-gal for heart-felt emotions, at least for this 15 seconds. Main theme - no such thing as bad publicity, and that new gig at Fox holding up God's values won't hurt at that, what with unexpected retirement. Mourdock took occasion to show he's man of the earth by not bitching about the vinaigrette dressing. And you probably thought he was a Hoosier or something...

Romney sneezes; more proof he's presidential

By agreeing with every word the president said, Romney proves he's more presidential than the president.

Ironically, for a guy who rode into town on the back of post-partisan politics, Obama seems to have forgotten the lesson he mastered in the first debate - "just shut up and everyone will hate you". ("Everyone" being anyone from 5 or so media outlets who rawk our world)

Dems still without defense?

Bob Somerby has been noting the month-long right-wing attacks on Susan Rice (over many columns). It seems that both Fox & CNN keep distorting and cherry-picking what Rice said and that her original next-day comments contained the bulk of what we know now:

The consulate was attacked on 9/11. Information was incomplete, so hard to draw conclusions, but seemed a protest similar to Egypt's was co-opted by a Libyan militant group, that may or may not have ties with Al Qaeda.

MetaBol: grouch-o-thon

I fess up - I called a blog owner a turd, and called a turd a blog owner. Still working out which is worse, but a few more therapy sessions should cure it.

I will express some regret and nostalgia - I've written humor, multilingual expositions, hard core analysis, searing diatribe, and kumbaya all-inclusiveness. But as Groucho said (or was it The Grouch?), it wasn't here.

Big Bird Wins Debate


Rather dumb of Mitt to take on Big Bird personally.

"I love Big I'm going to kill him!!!"

The perfect embodiment of "compassionate conservatism".

Lessee, a character 80 million Americans have watched as kids, 95% of preschoolers watch.

A mainstay for GOP & Dem moms keeping pre-schoolers on educational programs vs. video games.

A new initiative to bring more Hispanic culture to public TV.

AARP: Muse Sick in hour Mess-Age

[Public Enemy reference]

I was curious to see AARP's response to Paul Ryan's talk, but on visiting their site, I was more caught up by seeing a Stevie Nicks benefit and a lecture by Mickey Hart. Nicks is almost 65, Hart is almost 70 - the idea of the Grateful Dead informing our geriatric existence isn't something I'd considered before.

Italy gives U.S. new tool in war on terror


BBC breaking news:

Italy's court system has successfully convicted foreign intelligence agents for kidnapping. 

The twist is they were tried and convicted in absentia, a technique that might limit the need to make arbitrary targeted assassinations from afar.

The DoJ is reportedly studying the decision to see how it might affect high profile cases, such as the drone killings of American cleric Al-Awlaki and later his 15-year-old son.

Benghazis kill man who helped them

So much for gratitude - a mob in Cyrenaica smoked out the ambassador who for the 3rd time was serving in Libya.

Ironically having helped arrange the US airspace protection that allowed Benghazi to survive attacks by Qaddafi and overthrow his government, Christopher Stevens was killed on a short visit to this bastion of freedom and self-determination. (2 other Americans & likely a Libyan security official also killed)

Obama echoes Eric Holder: no judicial process in Constitution

Here's our #1 lawyer in the country last March: 

"Due process and judicial process are not one and the same, particularly when it comes to national security," Holder said then. "The Constitution guarantees due process, it does not guarantee judicial process."


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