The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    Woke and Cancel Culture Gone Wild, Chapter III

    “In much of the Western world, the liberal takeover of institutions is nearly complete. But the revolution isn’t coming.” — @verdur_in observes a reactionary backlash emerging instead

    — The Critic (@TheCriticMag) March 8, 2023

    (Continued. Chapter II is HERE (locked to new comments)


    He's a comedian and this made me laugh. So sue me cheeky

    ....Much of what was told to me during my time in Palestine was patently false. But the most harmful and untrue narratives didn’t come from Palestinians: They came from the Western leftists pretending to adopt their cause....



    taxpayers, the most ever."

    What gives?



    'Scholar of color' professor, using his own name, tells the truth on this Twitter thread, about the damage 'The Woke' have done to the Humanities:

    now he's calling out moral magic via 'minorities' as racist - brave guy:

    Pssst: take a gander at most of Africa, how's that magic working out there?)


    "Since disproven Russiaagate" - what a jerkoff denying loads of public facts. Macedonian/Russian bot farms, Russian lawyer in Trump tower meeting Trump family to offer up dirt, Roger Stone meeting with Assange to get dirt, Manafort feeding internal swingstate polling data to Deripaska/GRU for mibths, Butina working NRA & GOP, Alfa Bank/Trump server communicating and it turns out the FBI didn't even investigate, Jill Stein & 8 Manafort hanging out with Putin in Moscow. Trump trying to build new tower. But just ignore it. No big deal. 

    And no, I don't I never liked Maddow, but I always seemed to be too cute & self-absorbedn

    that melanoma is trending on Twitter for this reason makes me want to throw up a little, it's anti-Trumpers acting more childish than Trump himself with the nicknames

    why do they do it? it's depressing as hell to know that there are so many petty and vindictive people just like him 'on both sides'

    She obviously sees Palestinians, Uighurs and Syrians as white adjacent if not white. The world solved: It's all about darkness of skin color!cheeky

    are from," and "a real estate algorithm recommending against sending one's child to a school where 7 percent of students do math at grade level..." for the last few years

    see whole thread

    That's pretty cool - it's been a while since someone affirmed my white hetero male opinionated self - who wants to hear my thoughts on....X?

    ^ used to be a peaceful & safe tradition that parents could take their little kids to

    The job of artists is to "heal"? What crap. There are so many purposes for art, healing is way down the list. How about "expand consciousness and aesthetic taste" as a prime directive, not to be the world's shrink - maybe instigate more craziness in a too complacent & conservatively focused society.

    I wouldn't let this group in the museum for a million dollars. After oil protests, I can just imagine the damage a few self-righteous believers could do. Why even this museum? Ugh.

    His own skin colour equates to huge amounts of social and cultural currency. The fact that he can be openly racist is down to this privilege. That’s how it is at the BBC. That’s how it is in all the institutions. Time we got back to one rule for all. We see what happens on the…

    — Dr Philip Kiszely (@KiszelyPhilip) November 30, 2023


    streets of London every Saturday when power masquerading as oppression flexes its muscle. Sick of it.


    Rep. Adam Smith alleges that his home in Bellevue was vandalized by activists pushing for a cease-fire in the Israel-Hamas war.

    Smith's office said that both the Bellevue police and U.S. Capitol Police were notified.

    — NBC News (@NBCNews) December 2, 2023

    Old white people can be nice. go figure:

    An antisemitic mob has descended on Michael Solomonov's falafel restaurant in Philadelphia. They demand a boycott of Jewish goods. Michael Solomonov is a James Beard Award-winning chef. He makes some of the best hummus outside Israel, as well as outstanding lamb and other dishes.…

    — David Frum (@davidfrum) December 4, 2023

    Protestors in Philadelphia stand outside of a Jewish & Israeli owned falafel restaurant

    “Goldie, Goldie you can’t hide, we charge you with genocide”

    — Jordan (@thatJVG) December 3, 2023

    They continued their march down the street, but not before vandalizing the front windows

    — Jordan (@thatJVG) December 3, 2023

    To clarify, I witnessed them placing stickers on the front door & windows of the restaurant.

    I just walked by - “Free Palestine” & “This is Genocide” (serving falafel?) stickers plastered out front.

    — Jordan (@thatJVG) December 3, 2023

    One more clarification - “Goldie” is the name of the restaurant, not a person’s first name

    — Jordan (@thatJVG) December 3, 2023

    Why does anyone wonder why a Jewish state was created?

    Cristalknacht dejas vus in the U.S.A.

    How are these protestors different than these guys?


    in a way, goes hand-in-hand with defunding police?

    see whole thread

    but Israeli falafel is on the road to genocide surprise

    this guy understood all of that back on Nov.28!!!

    more falafel stuff:

    16mill Jews replacing 8billion people?

    Thin u already posted this...

    Nope, miscopied, was referring to a tweet about Jews settling in malaria zones of Israel and combatting the disease so all could live there.


    Time and again I knew writers were working on unexpected, amazing, thrilling new music-led work that didn't always have an obvious place to be shared.

    — Adam Lenson (@AdamLenson) November 30, 2023



     San Francisco, and Oakland." 

    We concur.

    Read more here:

    Yeah, doh. Unfortunately, by the time things swing back to the way it's supposed to be, I'll be dead.(Thank god that there's still antique & collectible people who still care about figuring out reality.)

    AH, Social Workers 4 Palestine, gonna teach all about 'centrality of revolutionary violence to anti-imperialism' cheeky

    Take out the skin color stuff and the references to countering Wokeness, and he's got a pretty good start on defining "western civilization". Which, not coincidentally IS STILL # 1 MOST DESIRABLE IN THE WORLD. Check out where the major problem of 'migrants' are if you don't believe my caps:

    US college presidents testify on campus antisemitism

    5th December 2023, 05:47 EST
    By Nadine YousifBBC News

    The heads of three top US colleges have pushed back against claims that they are not doing enough to combat antisemitism on their campuses.

    The leaders, who included Harvard president Claudine Gay, testified before the House of Representatives.

    The students at the universities have accused administrators of not protecting Jewish people since the start of the Israel-Hamas war.

    Jewish students said they faced antisemitic threats, assault and more.

    In testimony to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce, Professor Gay acknowledged a rising tide of antisemitism and Islamophobia on campus since 7 October [....]

    Absolutely extraordinary. Please, please watch this.

    — Guy Walters (@guywalters) December 6, 2023

    And people wonder why a state of Israel exists as a country for Jews to escape to if worse comes to worse! Go figure!

    then there's the cynical viewlaugh


    punish "microaggressions," including statements intended to be kind, if even one person from a favored group took offense. The presidents are now saying: "Jews are not a favored group, so offending or threatening Jews is not so bad. For Jews, it all depends on context." We might call this double standard "institutional anti-semitism."

    University presidents: If you're not going to punish students for calling for the elimination of Israel and Israelis, it's OK with me, but ONLY if you also immediately dismantle the speech policing apparatus and norms you created in 2015-2016. Please read The Coddling of the American Mind. @glukianoff,and I laid out exactly where the oppressor/victim frame came from (ch. 3), how it spread out of a few departments to gain power over administrators and campus culture (chapters 4 and 5), and how it drove the creation of the bureaucratic structures and processes that now have us all teaching and learning on eggshells (ch. 10). In chapter 13 we offer advice to leaders on how to to return universities to their academic mission and regain public trust.

     the issue here is the selective application of free speech by universities, which I'd like to highlight with a couple of examples of the inconsistent application at the core of the debate:

    suppress speech, but not a private university (i.e., Harvard can do what they want). Harvard chose to punish students for private racist comments but not public comments calling for the death of Jews. This is an obvious selective application of free speech, and it is obvious. 

    ^ again - and yes it is very ironic - this is why a UN-sanctioned Jewish state of Israel exists! If worldwide anti-semitism over millennia had stayed at a pogrom here and a pogrom there, it might have been judged an unfair preference for one persecuted minority over the many others by more nations. But it didn't stay at that, rather, it ended in The Holocaust.  And the winners of WWII realize they didn't do very much to prevent it. So now we got Israel. Which, again, ironically, works like a mulligan for some anti-semitism.

    Horowitz fired after Conde-Nast realizes there are cheaper iFunny Palestinians.

    very applicable excerpt 

    It’s horrible that we the Arabs never perceive of ourselves as people with agency. We are always objects of the actions of others, usually victims, and we want the world to reverse whatever it’s doing and turn us from whining victims (whose victimhood justifies the killing of others) to victorious conquerers (maybe give us Spain back?) because we are entitled and think whoever disagrees with us is on the wrong side of history.
    Then come the bored middle class Westerners, who prioritize native and indigenous as authentic (cute?) over functioning institutions, states and rule of law. If the Arab world behaves half as native and indigenous as these Western kids want us to, the Levant and Iraq will look like even more Medieval than it does today, with more barbaric raids, counter raids, thuggery, and oppression of women and LGBTQ, etc.

    from full text here 

    more on the meme from him:

    thirsty and hungry.
    It’s really easy to feel good when you think you are fighting for a cause while the others die because of your ignorance.

    anecdote from Hah-vard way back in ye olden GenX days wink:

    Yeah, had good RA 1st year if college to keep us in line. "I didn't just see you snorting coke with an open door..?" "Er..." "Don't do it again". Sometimes freshman training involves regrooving missed common sense.

    well oops, but let's not overreact, not a big problem, just up the miracle tax on The BILLIONAIRES? (Of course don't mean the mere millionares struggling to make ends meet like parents paying tuition of the protesters?)

    It just hit me: Is this a 'community' or what!? Doh! (Tracey was killed by a hit and run)

    Police officers, firefighters, EMT’s paramedics and more all gathered and saluted tonight on Albany St for the escort of Waltham Police Officer Paul Tracey as he was brought back to Waltham. Unbelievable turn out from all agencies. #TMGormanPhotography

    — Tim Gorman (@TMGormanPhotos) December 8, 2023

    A reminder of the old days when a popular narrative was that immigrants were good and robbers with guns were bad:

    Lionel Richie & Arsenio Hall?

    Yep, don't mess with the talent.

    "Jews do not have a monopoly on persecution and atrocities." - yes, but they d have the Guinness record for # shoved in a gas shower plus # of frequent miles while crammed into cattle cars. Arguably they had most free hours provided in detainment work camps until Uyghurs passed them last year. I guess competition is a good thing?

    And then there's the "2/3 of European Jews killed" ethnic cleansing metric that's hard to beat - add the % who left Europe for good for a more thorough figure.

    On a national basis, countries that reduced their Jewish populations to 5% of pre-war levels included Poland, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine (perhaps 60% killed), Austria maybe 10%

    knew that BLM was this way and we had a very interesting conversation. I should also mention that person works at a major university and will begin to push back. The ripple effect is real.


    Creepy video - he's got it right, except probably not exactly in the way he meant - they make American divisions look like child's play, there it's actually dueling narratives for eternity:

    and taking it back. They take a screenshot of that response and suggest it is evidence of him as a hateful aggressor, then share it with millions. You can watch the video below:

    yes I think in this case one thing you can definitely say is that 'the social workers' have failed:

    Absolutely 100%!

    Yeah, with Floyd it seemed an unnecessary invitation, but it was 3 junkies doing up fentanyl in a car after passing bad money, so don't know if the felt some sense of seriousness needed to be conveyed.

    Later with Floyd tweaking walking around, the cop seemed more understanding.

    Doing my usual professional armchair psychology.

    Faculty Lounge talk & lack of Sister Souljah moment (ref end of part 3)

    3rd/4th Wave feminism - race is serious, gender (if not tied to race or LGBTQ) is for whiny white wimmin

    Not that the push for race always felt at expense of women as in Seneca Falls - the Jesse Jackson Rainbow coalitions gave off a sense of equality, ignoring the Jewish issue meltdown, while the fatal push for gay marriage in 2004 somewhat cluelessly escalated a quite recent divisive male sexual issue at a time when Kerry was struggling against a popular war/anti-terrorism president.

    But by 2008 there was a tangible "it's blacks' turn" with Hillary being in the way, old school anachronistic 2nd wave feminism when for many we were already in the way to race-inclusive (prioritizing) 3rd/4th-wave feminism. By 2016 class issues (built up from Occupy Wall Street et al) and Black Lives Matter largely trumped any feminist consideration (or non-political female acknowledgment), where overtly sexist comments by Killer Mike or Donald Trump or were largely accepted by either camp. As this article notes, Margaret Thatcher had voice training to lower her voice, and Geraldine Ferraro learned to carefully watch the female danger lines, both avoiding the "shrill" and "Nurse Ratched/ball cutter" ornaments evoked even in comments by mainstream figures years later like Chris Matthews.

    (yes, it's ironic that fat shaming is taboo, but voice shaming or other largely ad hoc judgments are considered just part of the game, not that it's easy to separate speech tone & projection from overall persuasiveness and command in largely.a Rorschach political litmus test - if they're in your pack  or from your neck of the woods like W Bush or Perot you might live them, if night they seem ridiculous...)

    Watching the Evergreen saga is a reminder that this was a significant backdrop to these elections - 2016 much more woke than 2008, and the type of compulsive break-the-rules-of-decorum Bernie fandom segueing into the George Floyd et al BLM protests/riots of 2020 and Trump breaking the rules the other direction turned politics into a new kind of turf war - "white male fragility" excusing those who most obsequiously caved & capitulated. 

    But it's also killed the middle ground - the long-term competent, liberal professor can no longer stand in for the extremes. Middle ground stands for failure - it's only conservative vs demanding in-your-face liberals, the kind who backed Bernie fighting to the convention, taking the acknowledgment & concessions they got, and then heading to work on a pipeline from Canada rather than holding their breath and working to elect the shrill uterus-identity one. 

    The whole Evergreen campus, and similar woke proclamations on campuses elsewhere, gives professors and admin a new mandate - that "catering" to students, or serving them is now more importantly an emotional & trauma support role rather than any kind of teaching. It's all scarily 1960s Chinese Cultural Revolution stuff, with the teens taking over law enforcement roles and the terrified or still clueless adults self-denouncing as a prelude to be sent off for regrooving, to reference Firesign Theater. "Free Speech" is subjugated to the more pressing whims of "Correct Speech", aka party line propaganda and cant. Even here we had the 2 poles - the rmrd & Hal race + class standards to continuously weave back to, refuting the same thing over and over. But in the campus and presumably woke startup milieu, these 2 would hold the keys, and everyone else would either be firmly holding same beliefs or kowtowing to them as a form of (likely temporary) survival.

    Destroying Evergreen was one thing, and I'm sorry I didn't know about it until after it was gone, seemed quite special, but it highlights the lasting damage & perhaps fatal last straws for stringer institutions like Harvard. Again I don't think it could happen without the polarity of the irrational conservative movement, where instead of being seen as equally unhinged, they more and more embody the 2 norms of American politics, and the presumed majority lining up somewhere in between are seen as traitorous and expendable for th se culture wars.

    Here you go, very fitting for this thread,they plain to go back to the system on this continent before 1620:

    Ah back to the peace and harmony of constant warriing tribes! That's only if Vikings aren't seen as colonizers, though.

    'Black Feminist Lessons from Marine Mammals'

    Calling them a "pro-terrorist mob" is NOT AN EXAGGERATION!!!

    Alien love child seems like a bargain. Wait for my Satanic spawn!


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