Listen to Obama, he knows, he was President for 8 years

    And do note what topic he chose to put first here. And how he doesn't say "vote blue", he says "educate yourselves up and down the ticket."

    Biden Campaign Ads

    Now that they are flush with dough, gonna use this thread to point to some of the things they are doing with it. Here's Kamala's current favorite:

    Trump/DoJ/GOP corruption XI

    Added GOP to the lede - they griftedd long & hard

    "Indigenous People's Day of Rage" protests

    There is also supposed to be a social media blackout, supposed to be "IPOC" posting only (so Liz Warren can still do it?)


    one more thing, this has been going around for awhile and i thought i’d share this on here as well ! :) October 12 is Indigenous People’s Day and people are saying that if you ARENT indigenous, do not post on that day because it’s a blackout for us :)

    Whites Woke to Gaming Ballot Boxes Since 1865

    Ballot box gaming is as old as the Civil War era, 14/15 Amendment, right to vote for all citizens, including freed slaves.

    Where To Put Jefferson Davis


    FAIRVIEW, Ky. — Drive down Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Way in western Kentucky, past Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School and take a right onto Jefferson Davis Highway, and a gray spike will begin to rise in the air.

    More Stuff than u can shake a stick at

    Man Who Shot Megan The Stallion Charged

    Months after the chart-topping rapper Megan Thee Stallion said she had been shot in the feet by a fellow musician in the Hollywood Hills, the rapper Tory Lanez has been charged in the episode, the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office announced on Thursday.

    McConnell: Trump a Dead Man Walking

    Josh Marshall agrees with the perverse, Party over nation "scorched earth" GOP plan (behind paywall, Of Self-Sucker Punches and Bust Outs) - I have mentioned numerous times. McConnell sees Trump losing, the GOP losing the Senate. It will be back to obstructing Biden and the Democrats, crying "deficits" for a comeback in 2022.

    What he doesn't mention is how this will play out to return Republicans to the White House in 2024.

    A Caucus Race? + Belarus, Kyrgyz, HK...

    President Trump is sick. How can we pray for him when we hate his policies?

    An interesting Christian view of praying for Trump's recovery

    After news broke Friday that President Trump had tested positive for the novel coronavirus and would be admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for treatment, I shared that I would be praying. I prayed that the president recovers from this disease — and that he repents of not taking the pandemic seriously as it affected millions of Americans, disproportionately harming poor communities and people of color. But I wasn’t surprised to hear from people who struggled with what I was saying.

    “Good Lord Bird” Finally Reaches Television Screens

    “The Good Lord Bird” has not received what you could call kid-glove treatment from Showtime. It was announced for Feb. 16 but pulled, then rescheduled for Aug. 9 and pulled again. It will finally premiere, without much fanfare, this Sunday. It’s curious treatment for a prestige mini-series based on a National Book Award-winning novel that was spearheaded by and stars one of America’s most accomplished actors.

    Lincoln Project going for the throat when the enemy is down

    Via the loquacious Steve Schmidt:

    .@ProjectLincoln We are hearing from many sources within the Trump campaign about the fear and panic in the ranks. Staffers are scared. Some are terrified. They know the walls are crumbling. Some like Miller and Meadows are irredeemable and will face history’s brutal judgement.

    Trump/Barr/DoJ/WH Corruption XI

    Today In Policing Part I

    Austin, Texas Tampering With Evidence in Homicide While In Police Custody

    Orion's picture

    Black Lives Matter Goes In A Surprising Direction

    I was surprised to see that the BLM movement has been targeting elements of the eugenics movement. August Vollmer, the first police chief of Berkeley, actually made a show of appointing African Americans, while advocating for sterilizing the disabled and disproportionately policing African Americans. BLM supporters want to rename a park named after him:  

    Cancel Culture Comes For Ibram X Kendi

    Ibram X Kendi writes about how one can become an anti-racist. Kendi admits that he often fails. Apparently, he sits at his desk and realizes that Trump is trying to push through a new SCOTUS candidate. Kendi, the anti-racist poses the question on Twitter if adopting a black child automatically makes a white person a non-racist. 


    [PART III is here, 8/23 thru 9/26 (with links to Part I & II at the top]

    Intro before posting the latest ad after the jump, about Lincoln Project's latest plans, from Can Joe Biden Steer Debate Night Back to Reality?

    Schmidt, a former top Republican strategist, and his colleagues at the Lincoln Project are doing their best to make sure Trump arrives onstage off-balance. For months the group has been getting under Trump’s skin with digital and TV ads. It will be ramping up the mind games before Tuesday night’s debate in Cleveland. “We hear from people in the Trump campaign and in the White House all the time now. The leaks are endless. And these people tell us what he reacts to,” says Rick Wilson, another of the Lincoln Project’s cofounders. “The thing that he’s really mad about right now is that the campaign is broke. We’ll be talking about that. We’ll be talking about the fact that he’s losing in the swing states. Legally, we can’t speak to the Biden campaign directly. But we will be speaking very directly to Donald Trump in the coming days.”

    Belarus: women's crusade

    Wallboard Over

    Eugene Robinson

    There was no justice for Breonna Taylor, so there was no peace Wednesday night on the streets of Louisville.

    Phillip Guston Exhibit Delayed

    Phillip Guston is an artist who included cartoonish images of Klansmen in his imagery. His work includes 24 images of Klansmen. A retrospective of his work was supposed to go on display on and traveling display in June. The retrospective has been delayed until 2024 because of concern about how the artwork would be received in the racial tension present in 2020. The curators feel more time is needed to create a context for the Klansmen included in the display.

    Guston felt that his work held up a mirror to America.

    For those still clueless, dense or myopic, a very nice chart! Go home. And Vote.



    Biden team doing the quick response thing!

    From tonight:


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