Biden campaign ads

    Very good sophisticated article on the problems "with sorting based on the dominant racial binary"

    MLK Jr Criticized Social Conditions Not the Rioters

    We know how King would respond to our current mean season of political unrest, racial division and state-sanctioned violence. He understood much more than the fact that “riots were the language of the unheard.” He eloquently argued that the racial upheaval gripping the country during the 1960s was the direct result of white supremacy’s uncanny hold on every aspect of American life, from public schools, housing and health care to criminal justice, employment and domestic and foreign policy.

    DoJ unlawful AG as campaign stooge thread

    Read it and weep. And still, what were they expecting? Why didnt they have Adam Schiff leading this towards impeachment, rather than anither unsatisfying shitshow/kabuki Theater?

    Foreign assistance ok sometimes?

    "I talk to Trump about his re-election sometimes, but in going to be all cagey bout it and shit"

    Senator Tom Cotton and Cancel Culture

    Tom Cotton, the Arkansas senator, introduced a bill last week to prohibit federal funds from being used to teach the New York Times’ 1619 Project, which looks at the legacy of slavery in the US, in elementary and secondary schools.

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    The Franco-Prussian War, a cautionary tale in 22 tweets

    John Lewis Crosses the Edmund Pettus Bridge One Last Time

    As many guests on "AM Joy" hosted by Tiffany Cross noted this morning, the best thing Congressional Republicans can do to honor John Lewis is to enact a new Voting Rights Bill. Their words of praise mean nothing.

    Proof that the Cult of Trump and the GOP are not the same thing

    This shit is hilarious-

    .. the Trump cartel is refusing to let the RNC provide any real money for House Republican reelection campaigns, even though House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is begging for money.

    — concretejungle (@NYCjungle2016) July 26, 2020

    parent tweet after the jump

    Son of Return of More Stuff

    The Terrible Tabula Rasa

    The way to go?


    Trump campaign TV ad with "defund the police" topic

    I've seen this played on commercial breaks on CNN three times now in a couple hours (both Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo shows; I'm in NYC  market):


    Major Dem attack on Senator John Cornyn going on?

    Obama recommends on police reform

    the other three after the jump

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    Made me laugh ...

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    Hi, guys.  Nice to see you.

    I was looking at my last letters to you, and after wondering why I waded there, I teared up. 

    The news is omnipresent, the battle seems impossible.

    But it is not.  Honestly, we can do this.

    Smile behind your mask.


    DoJ Krazy Thread VI

    Joy Reid Takes Nightly Anchor Slot at MSNBC

    She becomes one of the few Black women to anchor a major American evening news program. The move was made by new leadership at NBC News, which runs the liberal-leaning cable network.

    1619 Project Will Be Adapted To Film

    Pulitzer Prize®-winning journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones and The New York Times (NYSE: NYT) have chosen global content leader Lionsgate (NYSE: LGF.A, LGF.B) to be the home for a wide-ranging partnership to develop Ms. Hannah-Jones’ landmark issue of The New York Times Magazine, The 1619 Project, and hit New York Times podcast1619, into an expansive portfolio of feature films, television series and other content for a global audience.

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    99% Of Covid Cases are mild...

    New data show a really disturbing set of sequelae after seemingly uneventful recoveries from "mild" cases of Covid 19.


    Ominously, they mirror what is a widely unrecognized part of the story of the 1918 Spanish Flu., which led to brain disease in over a million survivors.


    Serious and potentially fatal brain disorders triggered by coronavirus, as they emerge in mildly affected or recovering patients.


    Trumpism Is ‘Identity Politics’ for White People

    Adam Serwer retweeted his Oct. 2018 article today with that title and it definitely is worth a reminder right now:

    From, but it’s even more clear now that Trump has fumbled the response to the coronavirus, the economic crisis, and the george floyd protests, while running against statue vandalism. White identity politics is all Trumpism has ever had to offer.

    Capitalizing Black As A Cultural Identifier

    The last time The New York Times made a sweeping call to capitalize how it referred to people of African ancestry was nearly a century ago.

    W.E.B. Du Bois had started a letter-writing campaign asking publications, including The Times, to capitalize the N in Negro, a term long since eradicated from The Times’s pages. “The use of a small letter for the name of twelve million Americans and two hundred million human beings,” he once wrote, was “a personal insult.”

    On human creativity


    I am intrigued by this brand new stereotypical enemy of the left, Karens. One month there's all these new heroines, the suburban woman centrist voters who helped give us a Democratic House of Representatives and are going to save us from Trump. And they are cis, and have kids and a husband, and are going #MeToo. The next month very similar women,  they are ridiculed if not totally despised. Got me thinking: is Hillary Clinton a Karen? Who else? Just ran across--this woman looks like another unfortunate Karen, worthless even as a token?


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