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    We find ourselves with the single most repugnant personage as President of the United States of America.

    And yet, there are other things to worry about. hahahah

    I spend too too many hours viewing these new YOUTUBE sites? Or Ipod espressos?

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    Joe Arpaio, Trump's Kind of Lawman, Pardoned

    Joe Arpaio is Trump's kind of lawman: cruel to the point of sadism, racist, makes his own law, and self righteous to a fault. Unfortunately, I am not embellishing the truth. After decades of effort by civil rights organizations and many citizens of Maricopa County and beyond. Arpaio had been ordered by the court (in 2011) to stop racially profiling people assumed to be Latino, stopping them, and turning them over to immigration authorities (ICE). Many of those stopped were citizens or legal residents, and many were not Hispanic; however, all that was required was that a patrolman, or a deputized citizen (and there were lots of those) believe you were Hispanic. Arpaio flagrantly ignored this order and continued his practice of harassment and illegal detention. So he was brought back to federal court and U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton found him in criminal contempt of court.

    Trump Hates Harvey

    Hurricane Harvey may be "the worst disaster in Texas history". Recovery may last for years due to the trillions of gallons of water that need to drain or be pumped out of Houston, the 4th largest city in America.

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    Nate Silver: 7 Rules For Reading Trump’s Approval Rating

    There is a lot to digest here . . .

    And I have a sinking suspicion that Trump's reaction to this would be... #fakeanalysis ...

    August. 24, 2017 at 1:13 PM

    Democratic Opportunity

    The Democrats have a great chance to win back many of the working class Midwesterners who were pivotal in last year’s election even if some Trump voters are deplorable racists who cannot be reached through rational argument. A study by professors from the University of Minnesota and Boston University concludes that Hillary Clinton’s narrow loss may be attributed to her relative hawkishness. For example, Trump came out in opposition to the Iraq War far earlier than Clinton grudgingly admitted it was a mistake. Likewise, analyses from such disparate and credible sources as Scientific American, CNN, and Fortune Magazine see Trump’s opposition to free trade as an important factor in his victory.

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    The Most Appropriate Thing to do During the "President's" Screed

    I remarked that when he turns his head he looked like Liberacci.  My cat had a better idea:  She spent the whole time licking her ass.

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    Wound Collectors: The Lowest Base of the President's Base?

    Indicators . . .

    1. Lack of conscience, morality, and ethics.
    2. Rigid morality and sense of entitlement.
    3. Grandiosity and overvaluation of self while devaluing others.
    4. Evidence of paranoia – hatred of lesbians, gays, Latinos, anyone not perfect like him.
    5. Sees social slights, indifference, human imperfections, diversity and catalogs them and nourishes those wounds he has collected so that he can justify his actions.


    Is Trump a Racist?

    I've seen a lot of discussion on this question this week. The right has been making the claim that Trump is correct when he pointed out that there was violence on both sides. The left that one cannot make a moral equivalency between those who protest for white supremacy and those who counter protest. I have just one small point to make on the question.

    Trump claimed at his last news conference on the issue that he watched all the videos of the Charlottesville protests, better than you all did, he told the reporters. He claimed the protests on Friday night were peaceful and about the statues.

    Keep the monuments

    but provide the full story.

    Their existence is in effect a message the honoree was a brilliant performer. What's missing is that it was on behalf of an evil cause.

    Leave them.Just add  the rest of the story.For example

                  General Robert E. Lee

       Who struggled to keep millions in misery







    Moral Leadership

    This 2008 documentary, "A Ripple of Hope", tells a moving story about the night of Martin Luther King's assassination in 1968. Robert F. Kennedy, then campaigning for the presidency, was scheduled to appear in a black area of Indianapolis. With rioting in cities throughout the country he was strongly advised to cancel his campaign appearance. He declined to do so and made the sort of speech that we desperately could use about now. Here is part of that not long speech:

    What Trump did during his summer vacation: crashing and burning via "Fake News." For the record, Aug. 15, 2017

    Looked at the front pages tonight, too much bad Trump news for the "In The News" section, and not just on the Charlottesville story. Not including op-ed, only Editorial Board

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    Dwight David Eisenhower had to deal with the racial unrest in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.

    There is context here.

    There are tomes discussing this context; these tomes abound.

    This previous Supreme  Commander of the ETO and of course the principal director of the Allied DDay Invasion subsequently became the Supreme Commander of all Allied Forces in WWII. 

    Ike ended up President of The United States of America.

    This great man from Texas had never been a champion of Civil Rights. He once rued the day that he had appointed Earl Warren as Chief Justice of our Supreme Court.

    But Ike had to 'step up to the plate' when Little Rock exploded whilst 'Negro Children' were attempting to enter school.

    What GOP senators said about Charlottesville

    Given Trump's unwillingness to clearly condemn the white supremacist violence in Charlottesville, it is interesting to see which GOP senators felt inclined to distance themselves from their Nazi wing. Below I follow the statements collated by Ari Plachta of Haaretz. Updates and corrections are most welcome in the comments.

    Called the attack "domestic terrorism":

    Second Thoughts on "Three Myths"

    I started this as a comment on Dr. Cleveland's brilliant piece but it goes in a sufficiently different direction that I decided it would be hijacking "Three Myths ".

    This will be taken as an affront by many of  but my reaction to the unfairness of a "legacy" taking the spot at ,say , Tulane that should have gone to a deserving minority  is like JFK's famous remark in a different context: "Life isn't fair".

    Without question everyone should have an education.

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    Halloween (1978) theatrical poster.jpg

    Okay, so I am minding my own business and I find this gem?



    And on the 7th day...

    Unemployment % 

    1929   3.2        2007    5.0       sub prime band was playing *

    1930   8.7        2008    7.3       Paulsen kneels before Nancy Pelosi

    1931 15.9        2009     9.9      GM, Chrysler,AIG and the world, saved

    1932 23.6        2010     9.3      Obamacare passed in "Reconciliation"

    1933 24.9        2011     8.5    

     1934 21.7       2012     7.9

    1935 20.1       2013     6.7

    1936 16.9       2014     5.6

    1937 14.3      2015      5.0

    1938  19.0     2016      4.7

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    Sam Shepard Stealth crop.jpg

    I was just viewing some rerun of NCIS-LA and I saw Miguel Ferrer. He was a major character in this long running drama.

    Miguel died recently.

    He was a son of one of my favorite actors of all time.

    McCain was a hero. Again

    The Republican attempt to kill Obamacare was instead killed by John McCain last night.

    Shortly before midnight McConnell presented the latest of his many attempts to replace Obamacare. The exact details don't matter because the intention was to pass a bill, any bill, in order to create a vehicle with which to set the stage for a House/Senate conference. With Collins and Murkowski standing firm McConnell needed all the other Republicans.

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    I was taken aback (think of the effrontery, ha!) by this new White House Spokesman?

    Of course this guy is another Goldman/Sachs piece of crap. hahahha

    Oh and with nice greasy hair (I guess Charley Sheen sets the mode for this class of idiots?)

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    A Simple Animation to Open One's Eyes

    One must leave their bubble . . .

    To see the world around them through these eyes...






    Kaepernick Part II

    A recent discussion on Colin Kaepernick's inability to find employment in the NFL swiftly divided into two camps. One group saw the Kaepernick ban in the tradition of other black athletes who faced punishment for speaking out against injustice. Tommie Smith and John Carlos were punished for raising their fists at the Olympics. Ali was stripped of his heavyweight championship for refusing to serve in Vietnam. For the first group, Kaepernick received similar pushback as Ali, Smith, and Carlos. All were accused of disrespecting the country. 


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