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Waiting for Tuesday (or Godot) on Wednesday

January 2, 2017: Burlington, VT

Unknown journalists recently reported (by courier pigeon) dangling electric lines in the hinterlands where some people had strung up Christmas lights around their dilapidated houses. Christmas was actually over, but why worry about facts?

The Bird, the Bear, and the Elephant in the Room


Above the dissonance the people sigh

The Russians hacked the right wing’s foul deceit

The Elephant inside the power lines

Retorts to post his glower’d circus tweet


The Bear is outed in a broad rebuke

The worst may come about before The Ides

A vision of an orange mushroom nuke

Descends upon cerebral neuron tides


A somber mood has taken us away

The influence of forces bared and deep

To find all reason sorely held at bay

Beneath the amber waves of read and weep


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