The New York Times does its best to address the big perplexing cultural issues

    When gay Harlem met queer Britain

    Geisha Kim Creative

    Regrets: how Dagblog used to be

    An intellectual sewing circle? Diversity of opinion with interesting respectful perspective? Something to re-aspire to?


    GoT Milk? Emilia Clarke means business

    Not just a medieval character anymore, ready to do business - and take us with her on that journey.

    Joy Harjo Named U.S. Poet Laureate

    @ Poets & Writers, June 19

    Today the Library of Congress announced that Joy Harjo will be the next U.S. poet laureate. Harjo, who is a member of the Muscogee Creek Nation, is the first Native American poet to serve as laureate. She will begin her term on September 19, succeeding poet Tracy K. Smith.

    Cammock: why women aren't artists?

    An alternative path to creativity - with much less room for acknowledgment sans self-primotion.

    Summer of Love: Charles Colson revisited

    by Barrett Brown no less.

    Feel our loss of innocence - "I'd run over my Grandma for Christ" was once a thing - now it's "Christ should run over Grandma for Trump". I guess in the end it's not much difference, but it feels like a lifetime...

    Gang Bang: Love to Love Ya

    *Courtney* Love, of course, but everyone gets their licks - my facorite was Ladies of the Canyon, or was it the Fisher Queen? Man feel those names drop...

    The Doctor is Out: If u gwan to New Awleans

    He was in the right place, but it must've been the wrong time... R.I.P. Dr. John.


    Man Out of Time: Unreasonable Men reviews

    A good point to remind of some previous reviews plus a fun interview. Let me know if there are any more and I'll tack them onto this post.

    Back to the Future

    Artist Betye Saar been ignored a long time, now getting her due

    She's now 92, started working in assemblage in the late 60's, influenced by Joseph Cornell's assemblage work and Watts Tower...

    An exhibition of Betye Saar’s washboard assemblages – an Apollo art diary pick – closes in New York next Monday

    Orwell: Dishonesty & Cowardice Will Be Paid For

    Worth re-reading in these times, however long karma takes to come due. (Kundera's Unbearable Lightness of Being makes a similar point in longer form)


    Scorcese and DeNiro talk at Tribeca Film Festival

    An elegy for Notre-Dame, in words and pictures

    @ Apollo Magazine, April 16. One example: 

    The Right Hand of God Protecting the Faithful against the Demons (c. 1452–60),
    Jean Fouquet. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

    Nick Cave: Back to Transgression

    The eternal heretic speaks - in religious voice.

    Punishment... Reward. Bring me my hairshirt and skewers.


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