To Know Him Is to Love Him? Wall of Sound silenced

    It's hard to think of a musician as flawed as Phil Spector - maybe Ike Turner.
    Yet there's something to hear his wife defend his music, his studio work,
    in an era where moral lapses and chasms are not just career enders, but
    signal an end to viewing.
    But nobody every really thought most musicians were nice boys and girls - 
    they were the seedy side of life that were going to corrupt our souls with rock 'n roll.
    With Phil, they were almost right - he corrupted his own, while he left the rest of us
    a diamond mine.

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    Spiritual Front "Song for the old man"

    I'll sing my worst song at your impeachment, old man Trump.



    In ancient Athens they had some serious majority cancel culture

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    How history forgot the woman who defined autism

    [reposted - I'm uncomfortable with the ease of accusations re: Nazi behavior without any proof, as with plagiarism and other accusations, but it's a beautiful story, and to me highlights the fickleness of fate and science, especially during wartime - we know of 1 German Nobel denied to a Jewish woman, Lise Meitner, who had to go into exile, but also there can be normal academic jealousies and sparring and other petty human behavior among our better natures, along with just plain bad luck or not enough promotion.-PP]

    Tad Jones, born 1946

    Just a great obit of a strangely haunted but ultimately good hermit life, superbly written:

    He took refuge in nature, and it was nature that finally took him, by Michael Paterniti He spent decades under the redwoods, then came this summer's fire season.

    Is part of an article section for the New York Times Magazine  Remembering some of the artists, innovators and thinkers we lost in the past year. I noticed this Tad Jones piece because it was on an "Editor's Choice" menu of recommended articles. If you click on it, you'll get the whole interactive of all the articles which include others like Diane de Prima, Chadwick Boseman, Stanley Crouch, James Harvey and Bill Withers

    A Rock and Roll Firefight

    Rock and Roll Firefight

    I picked up this quote from Ulysses somewhere, I didn’t read the book. 

    “It is the Wine that leads me on, the wild wine. The wine that sets the wisest man to sing at the top of his lungs and laugh like a fool. Sometimes it drives a man to dancing, it even tempts him to blurt out stories better left untold.” 

    So long, Mary Ann...

    No more Ginger vs. Mary Ann spats to contend with - Gilligan's Island actress among many other notable TV & theater roles succumbs to Covid. One memorable career event was when she agreed with a critic who noted she couldn't much sing, despite a singing role-cum-eye candy in a road show remarkable honesty. With Dawn Wells gone, Tina Louise remains the only surviving member from the seminal show.

    Prairie Porn Companion: Admiring & Deconstructing Ingalls & the Frontier

    An overdose on homegrown crafts and living. Though once you get past "Ingalls was a product of her time", there's not too much to criticize except "don't do this at home in 2020, kids... at least the racial tropes, not the cookies." (As if we didn't have Eagles & Neil Young songs in the 70s noting the rapaciousness of our conquest if the West)

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    Podcast: Making Money As A Freelance Writer

    I put this together based on my experience finding and working for Bay Area based publications.

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    Marilyn Manson: We Are Chaos

    He is still a shock rocker. It's just that his shock gimmick now is making a classic and incredible rock album in 2020.




    10 years on: Xmas incest magic

    The Folgers commercial that stole Christmas

    And that special clip:

    Do you believe in Solstice magic?

    Yeager slips bonds of Earth last time

    Except he'd give it a Yeagerism, like "that wasn't too tough". Presumably there's a Flyboy saloon he'll be at for happy hour. Hope no speed limits on the other side.

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    One Full Hour of Autumn Themed Music

    Building off of previous posts here in the Creative Corner, I found this lovely little number on YouTube. The person who put this together was somewhat brilliant - amplifying the announcer's voice from an episode of The Great Gildersleeve old time radio show.

    I figure that this is actually the sort of music people, or at least people who read Dagblog, could use during such trying times.


    "America, what a country!"

    Found the greatest automotive photograph ever captured:

    — Forest Casey (@forestcasey) November 24, 2020

    Let me introduce you to super-hot Brit artist Lynette Yiadom-Boakye

    lynette yiadom-boakye’s fly in league with the night is extraordinary and now view now at @Tate. on a few of the walls are quotes from lynette taken from our most recent conversation.

    — Antwaun Sargent (@Sirsargent) December 3, 2020

    Her paintings have sold for seven figures for several years now, and there is a waiting list for her work.

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    Music: Tilhas - An Old Man's Religion

    Hello all!

    At the urging of PeraclesPlease, I have started a Patreon account which will feature educational material about the Jazz Age. In the mean time, I have an album I put together last year called "An Old Man's Religion." Take a listen and throw a few dollars at it:

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    The Highway is My Middle Name

    Life's travels .  .  .

    Thanks to Orion for tickling the memories...

    Brownie McGhee -  born November 30,1915 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

    Here he is in 1966 performing "Key to the Highway" with Sonny Terry on harmonica and Pete Seeger.

    This is the very same year I first met and worked with these two fine gentlemen in Memphis.


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