Kruschev revisited

    The opening summary of Stalin & WWII worth the price of admission

    Shere Hite climax: clit legacy left behind

    Had she focused on the mind, maybe she'd have been a revered psychologist using relatively traditional scholarly methods. Or maybe not. Still, "different strokes for different folks" - a rule of thumb that's easy to follow.

    Spy Grrrl Diana Rigg

    Not to mention The Hospital and The Great Muppet Caper.

    But sporting that sleek spy suit... even Game of Thrones could never top that. Though the Bond role came close.

    You will be Avenged.

    Lou Brock, the base stealer

    In a sport many consider dull, Lou kept it lively, stealing even when way ahead. On a team of superstars, he and Bob Gibson stood out. Also a symbol of back when St Louis was great, when Midwest companies and sports teams could compete with the coasts, playing in that new stadium with the optimistic view of the Arch - before Ferguson and urban rot set in. I can still remember his baseball card - perhaps 3-4 memorable out of a huge box. Also a reminder how many decades go by after a sports star means something, how filling the time productively post-career is essential.

    Electric Warlock: Glam icon Marc Bolan remembered

    Was highly stirring and fruit for imagination to a young lad in the South - tuning in on King Biscuit Flower Hour late every Sunday night beamed from London? Choice. Oddly these Glam dudes were firing back with "All the Way to Memphis" - you talking to me? Get it on, bang a gong... I'll be that Jeepster too.

    On Sex with Demons

    Someone has to take this discussion out of the clouds and astral planes and bring it back to (ir)reality.

    The part about the Devil not able to make his own semen was the clincher - one of those "niche business opportunities" that screams out to you (or at least me): Buy low, sell high!

    Anyway, read 'em and freak.

    This Topia: Writers vs Tech

    Wading upstream thru modern times, plus the importance of forgiveness

    mezmerizingly beautiful body in motion

    Malcolm Gladwell: Sandra Bland & Talking to Strangers

    An extremely timely book taking a widesoread Analysis of different factors going into Sandra Bland's death, here's a decent extensive review.

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    You're dirty crying

    Letting the tears wash you like

    Sympathetic soap.


    I'm just standing by

    Like I have nothing to say

    While my knees wrinkle.


    What are we doing

    As we dance between ourselves

    Among the others.


    What are we doing

    As we find that the others

    Are our very selves.




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    You Make Us Proud To Be Daggers, Mr. Day (Corrected)

    Dick's last blog was about Tiger Woods, in October.  There was one before that, and this one before that:

    I can only think we've lost him ... but I'm sure he knew how much we always loved him.  Here, there and everywhere in between.  Wonder how they count reads and comments wherever he is now?

    I know this is probably silly.  But I had to say goodbye somehow.

    Bonnie Pointer - yes we can can

    Liked those Charleston/Harlem outfits
    What better than Soul Train to display her skills

    The King: Big Boy Choices

    Jarecki & (not just) Elvis - Podcast

    [relevant for today's disturbances]

    Britt Ekland: more interesting than you'd expect

    or at least for me, expecting something ditzy and finding her retrospective a bit more engaging.

    The Aristocrats? No, Louie Louie

    "Wipe that dirty thought out of your mind, young man/lady!"
    "Uh, easier said than done...."
    And thus the FBI tried & failed unmasking one of the greatest rock 'n roll standards ever.
    So let's spend thesome mmmmmm together..... cuz we gotta go.

    East meets West; online critique

    Virtual galleries and competitions are born - 

    Maybe will usher in more Virtual Reality viewing stations

    Michael Moore Punches Down

    Is he becoming Kid Rock?

    I remember him saying he refused to recycle because he saw a truck mixing bins. But I live in a country where we successfully separate and recycle. Yes, in Europe - America should try it (with his encouragement for a change?)

    And even for population, our only problem region is Sub-Saharan Africa. Does he know this?

    Is this Michael Moore's big F U?


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