An Oral History of the Stone Pony

    "Kanye West is not Picasso"

    Hat tip to Michael Maeillo for this. Note that Cohen wrote it in 2015:

    “Kanye West Is Not Picasso” by Leonard Cohen, from Cohen’s new book ‘The Flame.’

    — S H I R E S’ $Hit Show (@amandashires) October 11, 2018
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    Breathe With Me

    Hi there, come on in.  No, I’m okay, but thanks for asking  … how are you?  Oh, good, I’m so glad to hear it.  She’s better?  Wonderful news, really, and thank you so much for letting us know.  What?  No … not now, maybe later … who’s that behind you?  Hi!  You’ve made my night just by showing up.  I’m sorry, I know.  I’m just distracted for the moment … you, too?  Seriously?  What’s going on?  Grab a seat on the floor with a pillow handy and wait for me, I’ll be right back.  Your place is beside me tonight, and mine is to sit and not move ‘til you breathe.

    Creative Confusion (3x5 index bards)

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    Do You Believe Her?

    You know the "her" - Christine Blasey Ford. 

    I find myself unable to express more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to ask more than that - do you believe her?  I find myself unable to require more than that - do you believe her?

    I do.

    Ralph Ellison, The Art of Fiction No. 8

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    Oh, Florence ...

    She's going to beat up my home of 53 years.  I can't fight back.  My body isn't there but my heart is, and emotions are everywhere.  It's almost surreal to remember being a part of it, in the midst of it - the fear, the unknown, the almost palpable relief when it finally started because even if you couldn't do more than experience it at least you knew.  While it lasted, you were a part of it.  Every rain drop, every gust.  I can't do that from here and it's crushing me.  I was just there less than three years ago ...

    "Creative" bot's version of Trump rally

    Wimmin could always do just as good boy stories as men!?

    Marie Severin, who drew most of the greatest heroes in the Marvel pantheon at a time when few women worked in comics, has died

    — New York Times Arts (@nytimesarts) September 3, 2018

    Forget witch hunts. Do you believe in Magic?

    looks like a fabulous show, wish I could go, and for a museum with a fusty past reputation, they sure know how to do a good promo page:

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    It's A Get-Together

    Hi there, come on in.  Yeah, I know I’m late … but what’s a mother to do?  You got it!  I love quoting him even if he rarely shows up just because he’s so him.  I know, right?  How many people do you know that are actually quotable?  Too funny … what?  Of course, silly, get yourself in here and have a seat somewhere.  No, it doesn’t matter, really, pick a place and tell me what you want to drink and munch on ...

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    Is Humor Always Funny?

    Here I go again!  A kinda cool piece about the National Gallery of Art's "Sense of Humor" exhibition.  It covers a lot, though I especially liked this one from 1988:

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    Letters Of Hope ... To Freedom, Maine

    I've rather come to like putting links here, in Creative Corner, to articles highlighting people, places and things that are too easily overlooked.  Not particularly political, not openly opinionated ... just stories that don't have a place In The News here at Dag but might fill in a vacant spot or two with its' readers. 

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    Want A Smoky Drink?

    Hi there, come on in.  No, for heaven’s sake, don’t worry about that, just get in here … what difference does that make?  Too funny – whoever told you that was either projecting or just being an ass, you pick!  Yeah, I’m with ya on that one.  Anyway, get in here and have a seat somewhere while there’s still space.  What?  Oh, you’ll know if I kick you off … just kidding, you should know by now I’m always on the floor with a pillow.  Very funny, everybody.  Yeah, laugh it up at my expense.  See if you get anything to eat!  Oh, crap, that reminds me …. no, I have an extinguisher ….

    Appropriation in action

    When New Yorkers hear a violin

    — Junebug (@airjunebug) August 4, 2018
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    Can You Say Hero?

    I'm putting this article here simply because it's not "news", at least not in the way we know it.  It's also not current since it was published in 1998.  This is about love, and joy, and what it means to be a person ... it's about Fred Rogers.  I got to this Esquire piece via a review of "Won't You Be My Neighbor?" (a new documentary) in the NYT and the mention of an upcoming movie loosely based on it starring Tom Hanks to be released next year.

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    The Scent Of Time

    My mom’s birthday was March 25th, and I didn’t notice … she died in 2012, so while I’m sure she didn’t notice either it’s an odd feeling  that the day passed for me as nothing more than another ordinary Sunday.  I thought about it, and her, today when I read a wonderful piece in the New York Times titled, “Smells Like Home”.  Maybe more impactful than the article itself were the multiple comments from folks who contributed their little bits of themselves and what they remembered; what prompted their emotional reactions and why.  Really wonderful stuff overall, and more than worth a Sunday read.

    Celebrating Tangier (Tanja)

    There's also The Spider's House in Fez and Paul Bowles' amazing Collected Stories 1939-1976, but nice to have all the translations of local Tangiers writers.

    And then there's music from Jajouka....

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    Page 83 illustration in More English Fairy Tales.png

    I saw my Pixies

    This last weekend with no end.

    Oh how I love them

    Little girls just wonder

    Where is my Daddy right now?

    Asks Precious to me

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    Groundhog Day (movie poster).jpg

    We had a tough winter in the Great White North!

    This winter began October 23, 2017 with a blizzard that never really went away.

    In 2016 the winter began on November 18th with the same type of blizzard.

    I woke up this morning at 3.00 AM CST.

    It was below zero.


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