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Trumpism Is ‘Identity Politics’ for White People

Adam Serwer retweeted his Oct. 2018 article today with that title and it definitely is worth a reminder right now:

From, but it’s even more clear now that Trump has fumbled the response to the coronavirus, the economic crisis, and the george floyd protests, while running against statue vandalism. White identity politics is all Trumpism has ever had to offer.

On human creativity


I am intrigued by this brand new stereotypical enemy of the left, Karens. One month there's all these new heroines, the suburban woman centrist voters who helped give us a Democratic House of Representatives and are going to save us from Trump. And they are cis, and have kids and a husband, and are going #MeToo. The next month very similar women,  they are ridiculed if not totally despised. Got me thinking: is Hillary Clinton a Karen? Who else? Just ran across--this woman looks like another unfortunate Karen, worthless even as a token?

mezmerizingly beautiful body in motion

Protests concerning the death of George Floyd started at the end of May

This classic "herding cats" problem is why Joe is a good candidate at a time of national crisis?

It's also why his V.P. pick is extra important? As to what happens after the election

While we fiddle about who was a victim and who got privilege, most of Rome is burning right now

Chomsky is trending on twitter

and I think it's because of this tweet, he's expressing that all the young people protesting, that it's really about class war? So it's not just specifically race but solidarity of those feeling oppressed?

Republican Voters Against Trump ad

This one's a killer

Checkers and Wreckers at the Daytona 500

to go along with the news of NASCAR banning use of the Confederate Flag today



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