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It's a labeling problem. If you think of MSNBC and CNN and Fox News as the "news" than all you see is the hot topics of the day (whether it's the latest culture wars issue or a shark attack or a terrorist attack or a troll president) being pumped for ratings: punditry debate and discussion. Those three haven't really been about what we call "news" since Ted Turner left the biz.

But even on TV the alternatives have always been there, they never went away: CNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg, PBS, etc. do both in balance.

How to Break Up with Donald Trump

How to Break Up with Donald Trump: The psychology of why you can’t look away — and how to do it anyway

Even if her how-to advice doesn't work out for everyone, it is absolutely the best analysis of the TrumpTroll topic I have read, bar none. Such clarity is a rare skill.

By Catherine Price @, Aug. 2

The Nation Betrays a Poet — and Itself

The Nation Betrays a Poet — and Itself

I was the magazine’s poetry editor for 35 years. Never once did we apologize for publishing a poem.

Guest op-ed by Grace Shulman @, 

Appropriation in action

When New Yorkers hear a violin

— Junebug (@airjunebug) August 4, 2018

Being nice to each other


Simple flowchart:

— vinton g cerf (@vgcerf) July 19, 2018

P.S. He also says must watch the illusion of truth.



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