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Any recent racism in the U.S.

definitely isn't because of lack of news coverage; check out what Zach Goldberg found out on this thread:

1/n Spent some time on LexisNexis over the weekend. Depending on your political orientation, what follows will either disturb or encourage you. But regardless of political orientation, I'm sure we can all say 'holy fucking shit'

— Zach Goldberg (@ZachG932) May 28, 2019

Advice for us all from Charles Darwin

For aficionados of dark humor

Check out some of the tweeted replies to the U.S. Army's new twitter campaign:

How has serving impacted you?

— U.S. Army (@USArmy) May 23, 2019

I found it because this one reply was retweeted by the great veteran NYTimes reporter C.J. Chivers.

Back to the Future

Artist Betye Saar been ignored a long time, now getting her due

She's now 92, started working in assemblage in the late 60's, influenced by Joseph Cornell's assemblage work and Watts Tower...

An exhibition of Betye Saar’s washboard assemblages – an Apollo art diary pick – closes in New York next Monday

I agree

Coincidentally leading the way on how to do #MeToo properly without blowback

Keep the blame on the abuser, not the clueless non-abusing men who might not eagerly join you at the ramparts:

Joe Biden doesn’t owe me an apology. Clarence Thomas does.

Op-ed by Angela Wright-Shannon @, May 1

Scorcese and DeNiro talk at Tribeca Film Festival



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