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But not that obvious to wannabe partisan spinmeisters and Nielsen et. al., Nate

This is obvious I guess, but if you want to cut down on bothsidesism, put people on TV who have subject-matter expertise acquired through reporting or research... not generalists who are asked to opine on a whole bunch of topics they don't really know anything about.

— Nate Silver (@NateSilver538) October 29, 2018

Something going on here, what it is ain't exactly clear yet

The Kayfabe and Kabuki that is executed for the benefit of foolish passionate partisans

Here's the latest. Can't say that I see much difference (beyond the crudity of Trump's language) from what I saw it at the pep rallies in high school and what I saw in the great war of Obama fans vs. Hillary fans on the net in 2008:


In advance of tonight’s Trump-Cruz rally in Houston, my look at how the “sniveling coward” and lyin’ “maniac” found love — for now.

Why the percentage of craziness may not actually be worse than in the late 20th century

It's not the change in numbers so much as new access for the crazed to a public voice:

An Oral History of the Stone Pony

Politics on twitter: not always depressing!

"Kanye West is not Picasso"

Hat tip to Michael Maeillo for this. Note that Cohen wrote it in 2015:

“Kanye West Is Not Picasso” by Leonard Cohen, from Cohen’s new book ‘The Flame.’

— S H I R E S’ $Hit Show (@amandashires) October 11, 2018


Avenattism is spreading in the Democratic Party

— Blake Hounshell (powered by blockchain) (@blakehounshell) October 10, 2018

to which NYTimes reporter pleads

Stop making that a word please



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