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Old Republican dreams being killed by: current reality

e pluribus unum

AOC's self-defeating side

I do not think it is a good or helpful thing when AOC gloats sassy like this, it is the Bernie bro side of her, a major flaw. Cramer is someone who has always been into helping amateurs of modest means play the market and she comes across as a extreme left socialist harpie, which the GOP operatives greedily lap up:

When late stage capitalism takes a selfie:

The Biden Plan(s)

First, messaging: no tribes, just Americans, and we're going to get through this together:

We're going to get through this. Together.

— Joe Biden (@JoeBiden) April 6, 2020

To be continued as I see stuff...feel free to contribute.

Zero sum game dimensional chess with lefties. Death is a eventual winner?

How to Cope With a Pandemic by Being the Only Kind of Clown You Know How to Be

— We need #TestAndTrace (@Noahpinion) April 4, 2020

Gingerly reaching out to the big guys

The health system we were working with before this started

In one picture, after the jump. Something to keep in mind. This is where we were at, Obamacare's effects were no longer making serious care accessible for anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Only a few basics were mandated fully covered. Everything else went absurdly sky high "asking price" and then the insurers negotiated things down in contracts. Constantly playing contractual games with providers. (So much so that sometimes even doctors didn't know if they were in plan or not. day to day, maybe the clinic he's at on Tuesday is under contract with Cigna while the one he's at on Thursday is not.) The patient still left with huge co-pays and/or deductibles:



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