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Conspiracy Theories are Fun and Magical

Great title for a long term thread, so I am stealing it with this first example:

Secrets of the GOP revealed in this thread

The olden days

Fun thread:

On American social cohesion

Most of us feel like it is breaking down, but this point I just ran across made me think again:

A Chinese science fiction writer goes to Burning Man.

If your goal is to change culture--

This is a good little example of how you go about effecting changing culture:

Increasing visibility of non-conforming gender communities in stock photos @, March 26.

When "family values" conservatives complain about the influence of "Hollywood liberals" and "the liberal media", this is what they mean. And they are not wrong that it can help usher along culture change. Far more than many protests or the like, which can produce counter-productive blowback.

Pay rates for free-lance journalism

It occurred to me again recently that people don’t know how little we make. My last NYTBR review paid 300 dollars. I had a cover piece in 2014 that paid 600. I read the books i review carefully & often read other works by that same author to understand their whole trajectory.

— porochista khakpour (@PKhakpour) March 24, 2019

Brexit reaching some kinda breaking point


historians have an instinct for those times of cumulative “ event acceleration” where matters sprint past the ability of politicians to contain their consequences - 1642, 1789-93; and, um 1914...Guess what...

— Simon Schama (@simon_schama) March 21, 2019


Glenn Greenwald Bashing Thread. Just because.

Senators Gillibrand and Gardner on a nanny state bender



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