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"May you live in interesting times"

Any other boomers having the realization: we did and we do? This tweet hit me hard like that:

Is "cancel culture" as bad or worse than the right-wing Christian movement?

Modern social justice and cancel culture are secular reboots of the evangelical Christian crusading of decades past, with one big difference: Christianity is replete with forgiveness and redemption narratives, while the secular version has none.

— Antonio García Martínez (@antoniogm) September 25, 2019

Dairy, it's baaaaack!

I cannot believe what I am now seeing in nutritional science news. It's yet another ultimate flip flop. My whole life I've watched people take their doctor's advice, and within a decade, that was flipped. Conclusion: this "science", just like many others related to the practice of medicine, is still in its infancy and humans are the guinea pigs, "they" basically understand zilch about what food does to people. The ironic thing: in this case, the results do not synch with the environmental proposals that we need to cut way down on animal husbandry. Nor do they support the idea of plant- based substitutes for animal milk.

Two examples, one recent and one from a year ago:

You would like to have a beer with her and would also let her babysit your kids!

Liz Warren gets the hang of doing exactly the kind of campaigning that people like Peracles hate, while Bernie drones crabby-old-man socialist agitprop in the background:

Best evah Halloween costume




On the "Great Awokening"

Zach Goldberg in an article for Tablet Magazine, published June 5: ...In a recent Vox article based partly on the dissertation research I’ve been doing as a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Georgia State University, Matthew Yglesias described this ongoing transformation as “The Great Awokening.”....

And in a Twitter thread today:

28 years of Donald Trump insulting women

The timeline record is here @ Vox. Here's the latest:

On "the frequency with which people bring up 'civil war'" being "bizarre".

In 1971-1972 there were almost 5 bombings a day in the US...



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