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How to Break Up with Donald Trump

How to Break Up with Donald Trump: The psychology of why you can’t look away — and how to do it anyway

Even if her how-to advice doesn't work out for everyone, it is absolutely the best analysis of the TrumpTroll topic I have read, bar none. Such clarity is a rare skill.

By Catherine Price @, Aug. 2

The Nation Betrays a Poet — and Itself

The Nation Betrays a Poet — and Itself

I was the magazine’s poetry editor for 35 years. Never once did we apologize for publishing a poem.

Guest op-ed by Grace Shulman @, 

Appropriation in action

When New Yorkers hear a violin

— Junebug (@airjunebug) August 4, 2018

Being nice to each other


Simple flowchart:

— vinton g cerf (@vgcerf) July 19, 2018

P.S. He also says must watch the illusion of truth.

"What are you?" The mixed-race experience, the mixed-race future

Fastest growing "ethnic group" in the UK:


The mixed-race experience: 'There are times I feel like the odd one out'

— Art and design (@Gdnartanddesign) August 26, 2018


This is why we can't have nice things in NYC

Tom Arnold's Plan B

I still have hopes for the right comic(s) peeling off some of the Trump fan base. They've just been stymied by the fact that he started out as a caricature from the getgo.This sounds promising to me. He got fans from his The Apprentice rep as Mr. Genius Tough Billionaire and he's still playing the same character as president:



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