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The health system we were working with before this started

In one picture, after the jump. Something to keep in mind. This is where we were at, Obamacare's effects were no longer making serious care accessible for anyone living paycheck to paycheck. Only a few basics were mandated fully covered. Everything else went absurdly sky high "asking price" and then the insurers negotiated things down in contracts. Constantly playing contractual games with providers. (So much so that sometimes even doctors didn't know if they were in plan or not. day to day, maybe the clinic he's at on Tuesday is under contract with Cigna while the one he's at on Thursday is not.) The patient still left with huge co-pays and/or deductibles:

GOP moving to the left?

Found retweeted by Bloomberg economics columnist Noah Smith. Medlock self describes as s Social democrat in the streets, market socialist in the sheets. Interested in healthcare and welfare policy. The VATman


Exactly. We need a Ted Turner type CNN back!

Uncle Joe appears to be starting his campaign against Trump

Mr. President — stop lying and start acting. Use the full extent of your authorities, now, to ensure that we are producing all essential goods and delivering them where they need to go.

— Joe Biden (Text Join to 30330) (@JoeBiden) March 22, 2020

yay, disco is back!

Gloria Gaynor washing her hands to I Will Survive is the hand washing video I didn’t know I needed

— grant stay home pls (@urdadssidepiece) March 12, 2020

oh. my. god. proof how bad things really are.

Biden parody account, looks pretty good

Only noticed it because some very savvy people I follow have followed it. 

President Joe Biden (So-Called) @biden4pres

I’m not selling ya coupons; just a snappy VP with a whole lotta gumption and half a mind to do it. Running for all fifty, Jack


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