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Ralph Ellison, The Art of Fiction No. 8

DOJ Coup talk from Trump's favorite media peeps

Maybe use this thread to keep track of stuff like this, which I saw only because it was retweeted by Media Matters:

"Vote Common Good"

Interesting movement. Twitter feed here

Couple of recent tweets:

"Creative" bot's version of Trump rally

Wimmin could always do just as good boy stories as men!?

Marie Severin, who drew most of the greatest heroes in the Marvel pantheon at a time when few women worked in comics, has died

— New York Times Arts (@nytimesarts) September 3, 2018

Forget witch hunts. Do you believe in Magic?

looks like a fabulous show, wish I could go, and for a museum with a fusty past reputation, they sure know how to do a good promo page:


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