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On the "Great Awokening"

Zach Goldberg in an article for Tablet Magazine, published June 5: ...In a recent Vox article based partly on the dissertation research I’ve been doing as a Ph.D. candidate in political science at Georgia State University, Matthew Yglesias described this ongoing transformation as “The Great Awokening.”....

And in a Twitter thread today:

28 years of Donald Trump insulting women

The timeline record is here @ Vox. Here's the latest:

On "the frequency with which people bring up 'civil war'" being "bizarre".

In 1971-1972 there were almost 5 bombings a day in the US...


[Part IV is HERE]

The Provocations of Camille Paglia

Terrific profile of the iconoclast Camille Paglia by my friend @EmEsfahaniSmith. Worth a read.

Tweet that deserves a post of its own

Learn something new every day

The picture was a bonus, it nearly made me LOL.

On our roster of overpaid university administrators driving up college costs, Ken Starr still takes the prize.

— Richard W. Painter (@RWPUSA) August 11, 2019


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