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Brexit reaching some kinda breaking point


historians have an instinct for those times of cumulative “ event acceleration” where matters sprint past the ability of politicians to contain their consequences - 1642, 1789-93; and, um 1914...Guess what...

— Simon Schama (@simon_schama) March 21, 2019


Glenn Greenwald Bashing Thread. Just because.

Senators Gillibrand and Gardner on a nanny state bender


Periodic reminder that most Americans are not xenophobic.

— Luke W Lockhart (@GraniteJet) March 14, 2019

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Gaming the log

One of the myriad ways to become a "Hit of The Day" on Dagblog, among other things:

On 'splainin'

I am listening to Trump press conference live from Vietnam summit on CNN

The chyron says summit cut short, no deal. But I would like to share a little of what Trump is saying.

He seems in a very friendly and polite mood. Not hyper, calm. Taking a lot of questions.

Trump says it's all been very productive. But not a good thing to be signing anything right now. He'll let Pompeo explain that later.

But everyone's been great: Chairman Kim, China, Russia, they've all been great, real helpful. Great leaders! Pres. Moon. yes, another great leader. Real helpful. President Xi, a great leader. Everyone thinks so, especially in Asia. They are all great leaders!

By the way, in case you foreign reporters didn't know this, you should know it's true: he gets along really well with all world leaders!

What was revolutionary about the Western concept of high art

In a nutshell:

McLuhan is of course right. The issue is knowing whether you're the king's courtier or the brat. Since being the brat-rebel is cool, many courtiers fancy themselves that, when in fact they're the complete opposite. There is however one clear sing you're the brat...

Yo, gentlemen! that dad style and L.L.Bean thing has grown so tiresome

think disco inferno blaxploitation Oscar Wilde?...

Tom Ford: Fall 2019

— NYT Fashion (@NYTFashion) February 7, 2019



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