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"Ok Boomer"

Gen Z thinks Boomers don't get it. By 1976, here's what Boomers "get". One of my favorite movie scenes of all time, from Network:


Adventures in Cultural Appropriation, Part II

(Part 1 is here.)

Made in America: How four iconic dishes with roots in other lands tell a story of immigration and transformation

by Tim Carmen & Shelly Tan @, Oct. 11

Spaghetti and meatballs, chile con queso, gumbo and the California roll have become American icons. Their journey to that point is one of immigration and transformation.

Big picture perspective

Suburban/Rural Swing Women

Here they are (from this Oct. 11 NYTimes article: As Impeachment Divide Persists, More Voters Embrace an Inquiry):

Denise Reynolds, left, and Sonya Pancione feel differently about the impeachment inquiry.CreditJason Andrew for The New York Times

They live in Culpeper, a town that is older than America itself and sits roughly halfway between Washington, D.C. and Charlottesville, Va. where Representative Abigail Spanberger, a freshman Democrat, flipped a seat long held by Republicans

They are together at the Rusty Willow Boutique, an upscale women’s clothing shop that was preparing for its grand opening where just the mention of Mr. Trump prompted a squabble between Sonya Pancione, 57, the shop’s owner, and Denise Reynolds, 50, one of her best friends from church. Ms. Pancione is dead-set against impeachment.

“Respect the office. It’s a democracy. People voted for him,” she said.

Ms. Reynolds loathes Mr. Trump and blames him for inciting racial hatred. She was once excited about his candidacy — “I thought we needed somebody who understood business in that seat,” she said — but says now that if he were impeached and removed from office, “it would not upset me in the least.”

More on their House Representative:

Looks like the NBA is more totalitarian about protest than the NFL?

In the NFL, it's the players that got the "censored" treatment. But at NBA games, fans gotta toe the line, too?

The results of a two-state "solution" summarized in two tweets

India is reacting to 70 years of Jihad from without and appeasement within.

If Jinnah was wrong, Pakistan should not exist.

If he was right, then it's Muslim Pakistan and Hindu India, and we can stop pretending otherwise.

Pakistan can exist or India can be secular. Either, or.

Zelensky's "Servant of The People"

Ah blessed be new coalitions between "People of the Book"!

Just In time for Rosh Hashanah no less. Such a strong reminder that the book of the famous phrase is known in the west as the: The Old Testament!

MBS “is leading Saudi Arabia through the most dramatic, positive and exciting social and economic reforms in the history of the Kingdom” — US evangelical activist Joel Rosenberg

"May you live in interesting times"

Any other boomers having the realization: we did and we do? This tweet hit me hard like that:


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