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They want to help each other

Brought tears to my eyes. Berlin, today:

"Deep State"

Just a thread to try to figure out what's going on with the newest most popular conspiracies, to post items over time. Because I recently saw these things that blew my mind:

Boomer angst: what does it mean if this in my inbox strikes fear in my heart?

If this in my inbox strikes fear in my heart:


does it mean I am old and paranoid and ready for teh assisted livin'? 

Further questions that suggest you are in the same demographic:

Dec 7 Net Neutrality nationwide protest


Website HERE found via an email from PEN America:

What Trump did during his summer vacation: crashing and burning via "Fake News." For the record, Aug. 15, 2017

Looked at the front pages tonight, too much bad Trump news for the "In The News" section, and not just on the Charlottesville story. Not including op-ed, only Editorial Board

Marathon on the whole Democratic Party doldrum thingie: 3 recommended pieces

So I saw Maureen Dowd's piece published Saturday zooming up the "Trending" chart @, by evening it was at #1. So I read it, it's good:

Donald Skunks the Democrats

Four participation trophies later, the Democrats finally take a look in the mirror. Even they aren’t sure who’s staring back.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (per AA anonymous)

All this jobs jobs jobs talk is starting to get to me when I am constantly reading about extremely low unemployment all around the country. including in red states like Wyoming. What happened is that someone learned to play a wicked poker with the Electoral College by targeting some pockets of long-time resentment about jobs lost 20 years ago or more, places that have not adjusted to reality and refuse to move anywhere but want obsolete jobs to come to them and want to stay in their hood and never change. Likewise we are told we need to cater to the needs of poor segregated minority communities, they don't want to move and mix, want to keep their culcha, but want jobs and services to come to them without paying a lot of taxes. Meanwhile immigrants are willing to come across the world to work and live here. Absurdity after absurdity.

I know, don't need to say it, it's about well-paying jobs that restore the middle class. But that's not going to happen without education anymore. Not anywhere in the world. (If it ever really did. I grew up in a poor white hood in the late 50's and early 60's where uneducated dad's were always being "laid off" of "third shift" at the factory, so they could never afford to get out of slummy rentals, they kept having kids nonetheless.)

On a Brit equivalent closing for campaign speeches

For those in the mood for Brit humor, see some of the answers to her tweet:

French politicians end speeches with "Long live the Republic, long live France". Yanks do "God bless America". What is the Brit equivalent?

— Julia Hartley-Brewer (@JuliaHB1) April 23, 2017



The Melania Trump in hiding mystery solved?

I am watching her speak Live on CNN right now, on a serious topic. As it says at the bottom of the screen "Melania Trump Makes Rare Appearance at State Dept./First lady presenting International Women of Courage Awards".

Though she is clearly using a prepared script, she is stumbling on some words and her accent has never sounded so heavy. Yet there is a sincerity to her delivery that it comes across that this is one issue she cares about.


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