Putin Delves Back Into American Culture Warring

    In a speech to Russia's federal assembly, Putin tried to get the attention of right-wingers in countries allied with Ukraine.

    Feb. 21, by Josh Kovensky (Kovensky is based in New York. He previously worked for the Kyiv Post in Ukraine, covering politics, business, and corruption there)


    Compare Biden's Warsaw speech:

    Full video thread on Biden's historic speech in Warsaw, Poland https://t.co/SB5tV5IWCS

    — Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) February 21, 2023



    A dangerous escalation you may say. But President Biden delivered a stack warning to Russia…

    “Let there be no doubt the United States commitment to Article 5 is Rock Solid”. The choice between chaos and stability, between building and destroying, and the brutal handling of the… https://t.co/aDBoAbVh3A pic.twitter.com/Ej9YGSTFr7

    — What About U ? (@petershoneye) February 21, 2023

    and a reminder

    DJT didn't understand how NATO works and Not only did Trump repeatedly undermine the alliance, but he also admitted he was ready to ignore Article 5 of the NATO treaty altogether.
    Trust in the US as an ally going down the drain wit DJT at the helm...https://t.co/PPDU8ZARO9

    — Lover of Nature (@grnbrggrn) February 20, 2023

    Zelensky's tweeted reaction to Biden's speech

    Also by Kovensky:

    Senator Jon Testor a week ago:

    Though I don't think WWIII is about to start, this chart is helpful as to the current situation:

    Italian newspaper Libero has created a nice wee graphic to give perspective of how the play board will look when WWIII inevitably starts. pic.twitter.com/k99MRohhtC

    — The Real Joker (@EvilArthurFleck) February 6, 2023

    Edit to add: crosslinks to

    Lula Can't Tell Vladimir from Volodymyr


    ANC has lots of Russia sympathizers in its ranks

    oh my, what a surprise, NOT!

    has me thinking back to Bush-era blogosphere days, when Tankies (who weren't known by that name then) would use the word hegemon every other sentence, blissfully unaware how they had been heavily parodied already in art like Paddy Chayefsky's movie Network. Back then they didn't get that lingo from foreign-infiltrated social media, must have come from like Chomsky or Mao's Little Red Book....

    Rebecca Solnit's thoughts:

    see whole thread starting here


    DOH! (Ashamed to admit I didn't connect the two)

    They certainly would make up part of this 28%

    It's not just an American culture war, tho:

    Dresden was Pootie's old stomping ground.

    RU as China resource colony
    Vlad's led them to such great heights.

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