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    Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Make Joy, not War!


     Wishing you all a merry Christmas season, and all the joys it brings.  Happy holidays and peace to all, including those who wanted a war so badly they made one up.

    Will it spoil everything if I pass along this gentle reminder?  Christmas is a time of joy and good will for everyone; all ages, all regions, all religions.  Those scrooges who want to pretend there's a war going on over it, have, sadly, forgotten what it was like to be a child.

    Their loss.


    Hold tender these moments, so precious, so fleeting. And remember the children.

    Always the children.

    My highest hopes for a happy New Year,



    Merry Christmas!  Happy Holidays!


    Love & Blessings:)

    Merry Christmass and Seasons Greetings to all of you. I am taking a short break from making Barbie a new wardrobe. My grand daughter only asked for shoes for Barbie. Kids had very modest requests this year for Christmas. Mattel doesn't sell the shoes separate anymore. So the quest for shoes for barefooted Barbie became quiet an adventure. You thought I was searching for a expensive new hot item. I learn that not all 11 inch fashion dolls have the same size feet and that makes it risky buying them from the internet. I ended up with seven pairs too small and six pairs way too large. The big ones must of been for Mattel's Star doll. In the mean time I bought a Barbie outfit with a pair of shoes. But you see we have rescued several pretty Barbies from thrift shops. One pair was not going to meet their needs. She is a little embarrassed about her dolls barefeet. She has new friend that moved in next door to other grandmother's who has Barbie "everything." So when she takes her dolls to play at such a grand place they must be properly dressed. I spent time with her asking Mr Google where we could buy them. We ended up on a quilter's group thread and in the comments we learned of a supplier. The shoes came last week, all 48 pairs. I had to buy in bulk. Ken even has some. So all the Barbies are now having a good Christmas. I have since found a internet shop that you can buy them by the pair. I have kept all my Barbie cloths patterns that goes all the way back to 1963. My granddaughter is in heaven shopping for fabric from my quilt stash scraps. I am letting her help. I gave her a red headed fashion doll from the dollar store who can wear the little shoes. I carried a pair of the little shoes in my purse to find a doll for them. You should of seen the looks I got when I pulled one out of my change purse to compare with the shoes in doll packages. Well I better get back to making sure these little ladies are well dressed to go with their shoes.

    Merry Christmas, Mona!

    Destor23 Jr. got his first bike, everybody!  Hail Santa! Love to you all. Mike, Tash and Michael Alexander.

    I'm going to be the scrooge, which may be another word for gadfly.  There are those who are using their religious beliefs to justify killing innocents.  Maybe I should say remember the children whose parents were killed in 1993 world trade center bombing.

    This does not mean that there aren't folks manipulating these actions of war to push their ideological agenda that has nothing to do with addressing this threat - i.e. the folks on fox news and talk radio. 

    But if we really care about the children, we won't deny the reality of the global realities. Not to mention the intellectual war going on over it in this nation.

      Is Ramona talking about the Afghan war? I wouldn't say we "made it up"; we were attacked, after all. But we should have gotten out by now, if the war should have been fought at all(I'm undecided about that).

    I think she is talking about the other war.  You know the one... The War Against Christmas.

    Oh, rats.  NOW I get it!  It was me all along!  I didn't make that whole war thing clear enough.  Hmmm.  I wondered why they were talking about those real wars!  sad

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