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V-J Day August 14, 1945 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII

My parents always reminded us growing up that August 14 was the end of WWII, the day Japan had surrendered.  I almost forgot about it until I just looked at the date on the computer as I made my internet rounds before I went to bed.  For my parents this a very important date, and they wanted us to understand how it shaped their lives.

My mother said that day everyone was waiting to hear if Japan was going to surrender.  The two atomic bombs had been dropped the week before and Japan was given an ultimatum to surrender or we would drop more.  My dad was on Saipan so my mother was glued to the radio for days.  She was listening to WKDKA from Pittsburg because that was the big station in her area, helping with the clean up after dinner when the news came from CBS New York. She and her sisters dropped everything they were doing and jumped in the Dairy truck and headed to town to celebrate.  My grandparents had a dairy and vegetable farm. Gas was rationed then so they only used the dairy truck because they made daily deliveries with it and was able to have more gas for it. 

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Fox Bimbo's

It has been a long while since I posted one of PsycoSuperMom's video.  This one landed on my Facebook page.  I am still laughing.  


Like she says, it works for randy old white guys. 


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July 29th. Bernie Sanders' For President House Parties.

Look at these numbers.  At this point in time 90,345 RSVPS's at 3.344 sites. Some of the site are large halls.  I had to change the numbers while posting this.  They are climbing tonight.  

Here is the site with the interactive map as to where you can go to attend the Nationwide Organizing Event.  I hope the media is paying attention to this.  You know they are convinced that he is not a major player in this election.  After all he is not going to buy any of their air time so how could he possibly be a serious candidate?   

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Economist Michael Hudson Points Out Greece's Debt Is Odious And Illegal

Michael Hudson is a professor of economics at the University of Missouri at Kansas City. He has been an advisor in helping with this debt crises in Europe. He wrote a very good article for Counterpunch a few days ago and there is a follow up video interview that I think will help explain some missing information that is not being talked about right now concerning the Troika and Greece. 

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Allen Grayson Announces For US Senate.

He will be running against Patrick Murphy an other House Rep from Florida in the Democratic Primary. He announced this week with this video. 

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Florida Supreme Court Orders Congressional Districts Redrawn

The League of Women Voters filed this case 5 years ago after the GOP held Legislators failed to follow the Fair Districting state constitutional amendment. Instead they held secrete meetings and sent emails to political operatives and pretending to comply with the law. The results was gerrymandered districts.   It has been fought all the way up the court system and now 8 congressional districts have been ordered to be redrawn and submitted to the court for approval.  

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This Will Help You Fall Asleep

All you have to do is stick your feet out from under the covers. There is a scientific reason for this. Many people do like to stick a foot out from under the covers. 

Now you can bore your self to sleep counting sheep or arguing with ducks on TV.  This might just do the trick and send you off to dream land. 

Well I am headed to bed.  Good night. 

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What Is Next For Greece After The "No" Vote Landslide?

According to MSM, Europe is in shock following the Greek "No" vote on Sunday. Euro has taken a fall in trading.  Summits are being called to discus what is next. 

To deal with the liquidly problems in the Greek banks;

“If necessary, we will issue parallel liquidity and California-style IOU’s, in an electronic form. We should have done it a week ago,” was the quote attributed to FinMin Yanis Varoufakis on Sunday, after the victorious “no” vote. 

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Bernie Sanders Is Sending A Wake Up Call With A Record Breaking Crowd

Tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, 10,000 to 13,000 people turned out to hear Bernie Sanders give his stump speech. So far this is the largest crowd that has turned out for any current presidential candidate. He has been packing them in and his campaign people have been changing venues to largest ones that is available on scheduled stops. They had to broadcast his speech outside of the building to the crowd out side that could not get in. 

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More Orchids In Bloom




This little beauty is a Digbyana Orchid.  This one dates back the the 17th century and originally came from Central America. It's name is Brassavoa nodosa Lady of the Night after a Italian Doctor, Antonio Musa Brassavoa. This is an original species but there are hybridized variations now.  This one is one of the easiest orchids to grow. At night it has a lovely citrus smell almost like lime.  That is why it's nick name is Lady of the Night.  This plant is around 15 years old. 


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