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Guy Cecil, Chairmen of The DSCC Explain's Ground Game, The Path to Keeping The Senate

There has been so much spinn about how the Democrats will lose the Senate this year by belt way pundits that most will be surprised at how well the Democrats will do in the end.  This election the Democratic Party has funded by the tune of $66 million dollars GOTV effort called The Bannock Street Project.  This effort is in all the states with competitive Senate seats. They started out by registering voters in low turn out parts of the states that are the natural base to the party.  These are voters that are normally not polled in the final weeks before election because of LV models.

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Holy Crap, The Scott Just Hit The Fan

And it left little bits of Scott Crap all over the place.  

Last night Rick Scott delayed the debate with Charley Crist over the fact that Crist had requested a fan under his podium.  He claimed that there was an agreement that there would not be any electronics in the debate.  He insisted that it include a fan.  Remember the wire that GW Bush wore in his debates. That is what is meant by electronics, something to communicate with.  The fan is an electrical machine.  

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Blueberry Pie From Frozen Berries-Quick and Easy

I see frozen blueberries all the time at the grocery store.  It just never crossed my mind to use them in pie.  Even though I used to pick blueberries when I lived in Ohio and froze them to use for pies years ago.  I usually buy the pie filling already made in cans because I live to far south to grow them.  Because it takes two cans to make a 9 inch pie, blueberry pie is reserved for special occasions.

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Amazing Thing Happened on Meet the Press

You could of knocked me over with a feather.  It was about time some one made the Reince Priebus look like the idiot he is on women's health issues.  I never expected Chuck to bring this up with him.  Thank you Meet the Press.  You keep this up and you will go back to number one on Sunday morning. 

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This Rick Scott Ad is going to back fire.

Just when you think you have seen all the stupid that the GOP can come up, they find a new one. I just saw this one on my TV this morning.  I thought my grand daughter in law was going to throw her shoe at the TV.  This ad hit a nerve and she found it insulting and sexist.  Me I was laughing at the latest, clueless, stupid, out of touch shit from the GOP.  

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Black Forest Cheese Cake

Black Forest Cheese Cake will impress your family and friends.  Only don’t tell them how easy it is to make.  When ever you want a wonderful cake for a special occasion, you can go wrong with this one.

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Florida's Amendment 2 Medical Marijauna

This November the voters in Florida will be voting on Amendment to legalize medical marijuana. In order for it to pass 60% of the voters have to vote yes on it. This will amend the state constitution to allow it's use.  A group called United for Care was the force behind getting bill on the ballot. Florida will be the first state in the deep South to legalize medical marijuana if it passes.  

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Ed Shultz Interviews Annette Taddeo Chair of Miami Florida Democratic Party On Raw Story

On Tuesday Ed Shultz interviewed Annette Taddeo Chair of Miami Florida Democrats and also a member of the DNC Executive Committee.  


Taddeo at LS lobby


Annette Taddeo

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Down load Free Cook Book-Recipes for eating on $4 a day.

Leanne Brown has authored a free e-book cook book for people who are living on food stamps.  The book is titled Eat Well on $4 a Day, Good and Cheap.


She is a food scholar that is doing this to give to the community.  The cook book started as a project in college.  She lives in New York City so the recipes have lots of ethnic flair to them. It is a small cook book.   


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