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President Obama Made History With You Tube Interview

Last Thursday, January 22, 2015, President Obama was interviewed by three popular you tube personalities at the Whitehouse.  The three vloggers that had the honor were Hank Green, GloZell Green and Bethany Mota with a combined audience of about 15 million viewers. What is historic is that this is a first for a President to recognize the value of the internet social media to reach out to a younger population.

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Dynamic Scoring! (Rag Time)

I ran across this today. I picked the few that I thought was really great. 



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51% of Children in School Live in Poverty-Shame on USA

The majority of students in K thru 12 are now living in low income according to a new report from the Southern Education Foundation. The data was collected by the NCES (National Center of Education Statistics.) 

 This has been building up for years. In 1989, it was less then 32%. Then in 2000, it reached 38%. Now, 51% of children are at a disadvantage. We can no longer ignore the reality of this for the future of our economy and society as a whole. Evie Blade a staff writer for Education Weekly in her article "New Milestone: Majority of Public School Students Now Considered Low Income" writes:

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Simple Little Cookie Stamp and Peanut Butter Cookies

I was wandering through Walmart the other day waiting for my grand daughter get her hair cut. So I took a look in the cake decorating isle and found this little cookie stamp by Nordic Ware.  I try to buy something every year from Nordic Ware because all their products are American made.  Only now after 20 + years of doing this I have quite a collection of bake ware and have run out of space to store it.

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President Obama Has Come Out Supporting Net Neutrality.

I received this in my email from the Whitehouse today.  Why couldn't he have done this before the election?

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Squash Custard Pie

This is a little different from the traditional Pumpkin Pie but it does have good flavor.  Butternut squash does make a better pie but I was surprised how good the acorn squash turned out.  I had 2 halves left over from a meal that no one wanted.  I had baked more then one squash.  I add a maple sausage patty to each piece when baking and that makes the acorn squash a main dish.  I didn't want to waste the pudding squash so I chose to make it into a custard pie. 

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All Saint's Day Brunch Apple Fritters

Apple fritters




Vegetable oil, for deep-frying

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Guy Cecil, Chairmen of The DSCC Explain's Ground Game, The Path to Keeping The Senate

There has been so much spin about how the Democrats will lose the Senate this year by beltway pundits that most will be surprised at how well the Democrats will do in the end.  This election the Democratic Party has funded by the tune of $66 million dollars GOTV effort called The Bannock Street Project.  This effort is in all the states with competitive Senate seats. They started out by registering voters in low turn out parts of the states that are the natural base to the party.  These are voters that are normally not polled in the final weeks before election because of LV models.  Most are voters that have never voted before.  The get out to vote offices follow through with further contacts to make sure they do vote.  It is a system that helps the voter get what is needed to register and transportation also if needed to vote. What it comes down to is who gets their supporters to the polls.


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