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Bernie Sanders Is Sending A Wake Up Call With A Record Breaking Crowd

Tonight in Madison, Wisconsin, 10,000 to 13,000 people turned out to hear Bernie Sanders give his stump speech. So far this is the largest crowd that has turned out for any current presidential candidate. He has been packing them in and his campaign people have been changing venues to largest ones that is available on scheduled stops. They had to broadcast his speech outside of the building to the crowd out side that could not get in. 

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More Orchids In Bloom




This little beauty is a Digbyana Orchid.  This one dates back the the 17th century and originally came from Central America. It's name is Brassavoa nodosa Lady of the Night after a Italian Doctor, Antonio Musa Brassavoa. This is an original species but there are hybridized variations now.  This one is one of the easiest orchids to grow. At night it has a lovely citrus smell almost like lime.  That is why it's nick name is Lady of the Night.  This plant is around 15 years old. 

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Hillary Clinton Call Out The GOP By Name For Voter Suppression

In her acceptance speech for the Barbara Jordan Gold Medallion For Leadership, given to her at Texas Southern University in Houston, Hillary Clinton doesn't mince words about the systematic suppression of voter rights in this country.  She points out in detail the abuses in North Carolina, Texas, Wisconsin and Florida. But she doesn't stop there, she calls out GOP candidates by name that as governors signed laws that made voting more difficult for citizens. As she names them, she makes it know just what they did sign into law that will hurt voters. 

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Peach Pie Recipe From Canned Peaches

Romona and I had a discussion about old cookbooks on face book recently.  This recipe was adapted from the cookbook that we were fondly remembering.  I still have my worn out copy and one day my kids will get to throw it away. It the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.  This edition was first published in 1953 until the late 1950's. I was a very popular cookbooks because it was full of step by step pictures on how to cook. I have owned other copies of this cookbook over the years but gave one each to my 2 oldest grandkids. I have a current copy but still love the one from the 1950's.

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I have had this recipe since high school and it came from McCall’s magazine.  For a long time I used the clipping from the magazine until I started transferring my recipes to 4″ x 6″ cards and I added that it came from McCall’s.  The magazine has been out of publication now for over a decade.  But in its hay day it offered great recipes that anyone could make.

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Finance and Society-New Economic Thinking

The Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET) held a conference in Washington D.C. May 5, 2015 that lasted 2 days.  INET is a nonprofit think tank that was started with a 50 million dollar funding from it's founder, George Soros, in October 2009.  The organization is located in New York City. Robert Johnson is the current President of the organization.  It took 2 years to put this conference together and featured women speakers, though it was not about women in finance but about Finance and Society. Normally a conference on finance like this is dominated by men.

For years media has covered and interviewed many from think tanks that are supported by right leaning political activist. Little attention has been given to progressive groups so I was not aware this group, There was a need for new economic thinking after the 2008 financial crisis. Soros got together with others that was willing to support a institution dedicated to new ideas in economics and to nurture young people in the field of economics.  The unique thing about this group is it in not about political spin and ideology but a serious look at what is needed to make our economy work for everyone. It also focus on the international economy also because when our banks was in crises, it spread to other countries.

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Sen. Warren Receives a Standing Ovation at California's 2015 Democratic Convention

Saturday at the 2015 California Democratic Convention held in Anaheim, Sen. Elizabeth Warren was one of the speakers. She deliver a fiery speech "America is ready to stand with us" that brought down the house.  

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New Bills in Congress to Curb Food Born Antibiotic Resistant Salmonella

Both the Senate and House today introduced bills after Frontline on PBS aired a documentary,The Trouble With Chicken, on deadly salmonella outbreaks caused by eating infected chicken.  If you have not seen it, you need to watch it because we all eat food. You can see it here.

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Homemade Dishwasher Soap - Inexpensive, Good for the Environment and Sparkling Clean Dishes

I make my own dish washer detergent for pennies compared to the products that are offered for sale. It is an easy recipe and the ingredients are at your local store.  I make it once or twice a month so I have the recipe taped on the storage container.  In this case a recycled trail mix container.

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Republicans Split Over Medicaid Expansion in Florida

The debate over whether to continue the refusal to expand Medicaid or go to Washington with a program proposal has caused a split in the Republicans in Tallahassee.  They are now facing a budgetary crises because LIP (Low Income Pool) a grant to help cover the cost of healthcare for the uninsured will expire June 30. The State of Florida was told a year ago by the CMS that this funding would expire but Rick Scott included it in the budget for this year.  


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