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Judge Hanen Has Issued an Injunction Against Obama's Immigration Action

US Federal Judge Andrew Hanen is of the US District Court in Brownsville, Texas and was appointed by George W. Bush, has issued an injunction against the President until the case has made it's way through court.  Twenty-six states have filed this case stating that the President have over stepped his authority on immigration action.  These are Republican held states. The injunction was just filed yesterday.

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President Obama Made an Awesome BuzzFeed Video

He is really a cool President. He made a BuzzFeed video that came out yesterday.  He has done more to reach out to us on the Internet and pave the way for future Presidents to connect with the people.  Last month he did you tube interview with young you tube stars.  He really looks like he was enjoying himself.  Ha also look like he was having fun last month too.

The video was about everything everyone does but don't talk about. It is to promote the dead line coming up for signing up for ACA.  Thanks Obama for the ACA.  

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I'll Tell You A Story

This is a beautiful time laps of the eruption of Bardarbunga in Iceland from Jan. 31 to Feb. 2.  The poem was written and read by Leslie Robson Gumpf.  Enjoy the beautiful natural art.


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One in Five Children Are on Food Stamps

Yesterday the US Census Bureau released a press report on the amount of children receiving food stamps. This is on their annual Families and Living Arrangements  report. The press release is titled "One in Five Children Receive Food Stamps, Census Bureau Reports."

That is 16 million kids who's families rely on food stamps.  This report came out on the heels of a report by the Southern Education Foundations, which reported that 51% of children in school is living in poverty. These numbers are sobering. What this is telling us that even though wealth has increased since the great recession that a large part of out society has not recovered.  We have more families now in this group then we had in 2007.  

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President Obama Made History With You Tube Interview

Last Thursday, January 22, 2015, President Obama was interviewed by three popular you tube personalities at the Whitehouse.  The three vloggers that had the honor were Hank Green, GloZell Green and Bethany Mota with a combined audience of about 15 million viewers. What is historic is that this is a first for a President to recognize the value of the internet social media to reach out to a younger population.

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Dynamic Scoring! (Rag Time)

I ran across this today. I picked the few that I thought was really great. 



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51% of Children in School Live in Poverty-Shame on USA

The majority of students in K thru 12 are now living in low income according to a new report from the Southern Education Foundation. The data was collected by the NCES (National Center of Education Statistics.) 

 This has been building up for years. In 1989, it was less then 32%. Then in 2000, it reached 38%. Now, 51% of children are at a disadvantage. We can no longer ignore the reality of this for the future of our economy and society as a whole. Evie Blade a staff writer for Education Weekly in her article "New Milestone: Majority of Public School Students Now Considered Low Income" writes:

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Simple Little Cookie Stamp and Peanut Butter Cookies

I was wandering through Walmart the other day waiting for my grand daughter get her hair cut. So I took a look in the cake decorating isle and found this little cookie stamp by Nordic Ware.  I try to buy something every year from Nordic Ware because all their products are American made.  Only now after 20 + years of doing this I have quite a collection of bake ware and have run out of space to store it.


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