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Community Supported Agriculture Geraldson Farm Bradenton Florida

Geraldson Farm is my local CSA farm. The community supported organic farm was started in 2007 when the Geraldson family sold the land to the county for this use.  The Geraldson family wanted this land to be used only in agriculture.


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Adventures in Urban Gardening

Last winter I planted my first urban garden.  I did what you call square foot gardening which you plant very compact in a small space.



From left to right. California wonders green peppers. okra, and Kentucky wonder pole beens. 

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AFSCME Union is really making fun of the Republicans

This struck me really funny.  I am still laughing.  Some one had a good time putting up this site.  Enjoy and laugh a little at the republicans.  Anyone want to predict what the out come will be with this shut down?  I am at a loss at their glee in screwing many fellow Americans.

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St. Petersburg Florida Mayor's race looks good for Democrats

The first round of non partisan voting took place on Tuesday for the primary race for Mayor of St.

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Michele Bachmann Announced Just Now That She Will Not Run For Another Term

This was just posted on her site an hour ago.  I am speechless.  Michele my Bell is hanging up her gloves.  This was released on her site and placed on you tube.  The comments on you tube was shut down right away.  

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Climate Change and Weather Pattern Changes

I ran across this lecture by Jennifer Francis at the Climate Change Summit from last fall.  She is a professor at Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences Rutgers University.  She presents a very easy to understand talk and well worth the 40 minutes it takes to watch.  I am posting this because of the current extreme weather we are seeing in the Midwest.  The media is going to bring up climate change and the politicains are going to cling to their misinformation that it is not caused by humans.  Prof.

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The Amish Las Vegas: "Breaking Amish" Comes to Pinecraft

"Breaking Amish" TLC hit series from last fall season on Sunday night has started shooting the second season at Pinecraft, a community in Sarasota, Florida.  I haven't seen the series because I don't have cable but according to Wikipedia it is about five young adults trying out a new life, to see if they want to remain in their upbringing.  Because the series had high ratings and good revie

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Introduces Her First Stand Alone Bill - Bank on Students Loan Fairness Act

Yesterday, May 8, 2013, Sen. Warren-D introduced her first bill in the Senate for students loans at the same rate at the Fed Window that banks get. 0.75%.   I will let her explain the bill in her own words. 


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Hamilton Project White Paper: Should the United States Have 2.2 Million More Jobs?

Last Friday the Hamilton Project at the Brookings Institute published their final working paper by Micheal Greenstone and Adam Looney.  The research shows through charts and grafts, that we would have 2.2 more million jobs in the economy if we followed the same policies that we had during the last 5 recessions.  The authors compare this recovery rate to past down turns and recoveries.  They place the blame squarely on the reduction of public employees in order to reduce debt. Also the authors point out that we fall short of 10 million jobs right now in this economy.

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Gwen Graham-D Will Run Against Steve Sutherland-R in Florida House District 2

Gwen Graham, the daughter of former Florida Senator(18 years) and Governor(8 years) Bob Graham, announced last month she will run for Congress in FL House District 2 against incumbent Steve Southerland-R(Panama City.)  She graduated from Leon High School while living with her father in the Governor's mansion in 1980.  She attended University of North Carolina and got her law degree from American University.  Returned to Tallahassee to raise 3 children


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