The Bishop and the Butterfly: Murder, Politics, and the End of the Jazz Age

    [Trump/GOP/Supremes] hard right goes harder

    Preparing to purge government of "enemies", Trump pushes his authoritarian message, GOP promises support...

    Meanwhile Supreme Court gets to review 14th Amendment disqualification efforts and a host of Trump immunity & delay forever efforts.

    And Jack Smith pleads for Trump irrelevancies to be kept out of court, even as he asks for expedited rulings that directly affect prosecutability of his cases, as well as delays that push further into campaign season and possible Trump self-pardons before trial.


    States' "right" stopping doctors from focusing on women's health in the name of keeping up religious intrusion, making dictors' common sense decisions in emergencies fraught with legal peril.

    Will the Supremes support this inhumane direction? Is this what Harlan Crow and Leonard Leo bought?

    GOP FEC signals no enforcement. Again 

    Trump serial sexual assault

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