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The Amish Las Vegas and Quilting

I like to treat myself a short 15 min. ride to Alma Sue's Quilt shop from my house a couple of times a year.  It is a joy to walk into her new shop and watch the Amish and Menonnites quilt.  They quilt from frames hung from the ceiling and speak a form a German that is known a Pa.

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Long Evening with GOTV Florida

I finished up by 9 PM and was happy to get home and tired.  There was only a few precincts that had lines here when the polls closed in my county and they moved along so we were able to get everyone picked up by 8 PM to go home.  We kept hearing stories come out of Miami/Dade area with many hours wait.  I was so thrilled that the President said "we are going to fix that."  It is time for congress to add a law against making people stand in line for hours to vote to the Voters Rights Act.  Enough is enough.  We have to start holding officials accountable for targeting urban areas and just plain incompetency. I hope he follows through.

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Sloppy Joe's (Original Recipe)


I have a neighbor who is on disability, actually I have lots of neighbors on assistance, came dragging a large box of bread and sandwich rolls over to my trailer. I am in the habit of taking leftovers to neighbors that I think will eat them instead of seeing the leftovers languish in my refrigerator to be tossed out. This neighbor is on a gluten free diet and last month our local grocery decided to get rid of gluten free baking mixes. The markdown was extremely low. Baking mixes for gluten free breads and cakes are very expensive. I did a quick inventory in my mind as to what I had at home in the freezer so I could figure out how much of the bargains I could get for her.

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Banana Oatmeal Coffee Cake


Talk about a surprisingly good coffee cake, this is it. When I first read this recipe, it didn’t grab me as all that good. I had been given some ripe bananas to use up and I wanted to bake something really different with them to feature here on line. After looking through most of my cook books I came back to this recipe. What is really unique about this single layer coffee cake is it has oatmeal added to the batter. The oatmeal with the bananas give the cake a wonderful moist texture to it. The crumb top adds a crunch to it that make this a special treat that will have family and friends asking for more.

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Potato Pizza

“Whoo…Whoo,,,ooo. Little pumpkins sitting on a fence.” When my daughter was young she would quote a Halloween poem that she learned in school. Only she would forget most of it so she would just make it up while she played. We would hear her singing it to herself after we put her to bed at night during the month of October in anticipation of Trick or Treat.



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