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    Oh those fickled Wall Street investors

    Bwahahahaha... cheeky

    Natasha Bertrand‏ @NatashaBertrand 13 h

    this is the most remarkable spin I've ever seen

    Laura Ingraham @IngrahamAngle

    If Trump has no impact on the economy, then why did news about Michael Flynn cause markets to fall? That would seem to indicate that investors have faith in POTUS, and want him to stay in charge.





    Ingraham, as opposed to Coulter, once had a bit of conservative policy integrity.  That tweet shows how much she's twisted herself into idiotic contradictory knots to support Trump. Clearly, stock market day-trading types were worried about the tax bill uber alles, as to what's in it, what's not (interesting just read here how Goldman types like Cohen and Mnuchin representing Trumponomics were none too welcome selling the tax bill by the Congressional GOP, so there's that, too). And then the Flynn bombshell comes, threatening them getting a quick answer on the tax bill, but all was back to normal by close according to Reuters Remains to be seen whether they like the Senate tax bill or not, it's a mess, might not be easy to discern in a weekend how to "vote". And it's not finished, going to reconciliation...

    PLUS I figure that like with everything else that has happened since inauguration, it's a safe bet that Trump gloating about the bill now and "good job, GOP" will change to "not my fault" and "stupid GOP" once it there is better knowledge about what it does. But never too much worry, because whatever it does, Trumpco's accountants will figure out how to get around it!

    Do you think Flynn hurt or helped? Instead of focusing on the tax bill, didn't we spend the day mistly musing on impeachment? We like to think it made outrage easier, passing a conman's tax bill, but a huge cgunk still doesn't even see Flynn as special.

    Help or hurt what? What is the goal you are thinking about?

    Flynn was an important development in the case but timing was Mueller's. So it wasn't a purposeful troll-in-chief distraction.

    People shouldn't expect that much change if he's in trouble. As: conservative GOP are still in charge.

    I've long been of the opinion that whoever replaces him if resigning or impeached isn't going to change things much in the government. We don't even know if it will lessen the anger of the 2/3 of the country as we can't imagine how it will go. So it  If resigning or removed from office, he'd still be a prominent troll. Yes, someone more rational would be in charge which would basically mean someone more effective on GOP policy getting enacted! His gang can't shoot straight, he'll be replaced by some who can. They could be more effective in getting terrible stuff done than he would (and I think Schumer and Pelosi know this.)

    It will lessen problems with foreign policy, is all. Other countries will know where we stand, not under a lunatic's direction. But more liberal people won't like what they get with that in replacement, either.

    I don't think anyone should spend a lot of time musing on impeachment. I think it's like some in the blogosphere have the idea that things will get better if they have a "gotcha". But I don't think America at large sees it that way precisely because they are not obsessed with this particular mystery story, they are embarrassed and irritated by their president, but they see bigger picture.I just saw in Gallup Daily Tracking that his approval numbers just went down again, to 32%, that's always been the number for crazy hardcore conservatives, too. But the economy's more than okay.

    I think 2018 elections are far more important! Having the same Congress will be the real horror.

    P.S. Revenge for Hillary being cheated gets you: nowhere. Imagine if she had won the electoral, it would have been almost nearly as bad a time as we are having now if she had won the Electoral but with the same Congress and Trump out there tweeting to his fans. She'd basically be powerless with constant attacks from the right and extreme obstruction from Congress.

    He's not going away even if impeached. And if he had never been inaugurated she couldn't have done much of what she promised, spending her time on trying to get a different Congress with rhetorical counter attacks. The discord and distress could actually have been worse than it is now. Maybe more help from governors and the few moderate Republicans in tamping down shit like screwing up Obamacare via a tax bill. Maybe more help from the Goldman Sachs wing. But nothing like what she was hoping to do.

    Getting the Russia trolls out of the news business worldwide, now that's something she might have been able to do in the meantime.

    Wow, set you off...

    I'm just looking at disinfo and distraction. No, I don't think Mueller timed this for anything political. But I'm curious how the cover of bug headline events (this, PR hurricane, etc) are used by the GOP as cover for nastier business than usual. (Thieves here use storms as a good time to break otherwise reasonably safe car windiws unnoticed, as I found out personally).

    And I'm interested in a bigg enough takedown that includes Trump, Pence, inch'allah Ryan, and as many of these cynical "destroy government" types as possible - not for Hollary's ake, thank you, but the Republic's. Not for revenge, but because we saw how quick they bounced back from their 2008 disaster - need more to keep them down for at least a generation.

    Now that this includes Russians, it's 3x as dangerous, and the scandal fallout somehow doesn't seem to equal the direness of it all. Will that change? Or will we always have been allied as West Russia?

    The Democrats' hope seems to be shaming the Eepublicans, but that seems near impossible for the shameless and their Overton supporters. What tack might work?

    More what I'm referring to is what Palmer notes re: SNL:

     Trump who knows the end is near thanks to Michael Flynn, and it was hilarious. But what struck me most about this particular episode of SNL was one moment during Weekend Update in which Michael Che said what we’re all now thinking about Trump.

    The short of it is that after Flynn cut a deal to sell out Donald Trump in the Russia scandal, the Republican Senate frantically passed a half finished and absurdly sloppy tax scam bill for the wealthy. It didn’t want to wait one more day to regroup and try to pass this thing with more coherency. Why? Because, in the words of Che, “they know.”

    Based on publicly available evidence, we already know that Flynn has enough dirt to take Trump and his cohorts down. But the Republicans in the Senate know more. Some of them sit on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Some of them have seen high level classified evidence about the Trump-Russia scandal. They know what Trump did. They know who can rat him out in ways that will destroy him. And now that Flynn has decided to indeed rat him out, they’re trying to finish the job on behalf of their wealthy donors as quickly as they possibly can.

    The Republicans in Congress know that Donald Trump is a goner. They know it more thoroughly, and more convincingly, than we do. They know that Michael Flynn was the linchpin all along. Once their tax scam is fully in the bag, they’ll no longer have any motivation to try to keep propping up his dying presidency. In fact they’ll have motivation to try to move on without him, because they know he’s toast anyway.

    To keep the clock ticking, Mueller met with McGahn on Thursday. That's another vat of background skinny to behold. Plus tied to the "stopped watch might be interesting once or twice a day, Louise Mensch reminds that Nunes was on Trump's transition team.  Why so interesting? Because once it was scandalous that that team was "inadvertantly" surveilled. With Manafort and Flynn both in the "guilty" realm, it's now a question of "what else was picked up in these taps?" And Nunes leads into the heart of Congress. No wonder they're spinning their awful legislation as quick as they can.

    Tip: investors bet on profit. Not on long-term viability. On revenue opportunity. Not on health of the economy, seldom even the mid-term strength of the company itself (if their investment involves a firm at all rather than commodities and currency say). Just like the proverbial used car salesman is not calculating the value of your value and long-term use of the lemon he's selling you - he's concerned with his short-term profit, discounted by the chance he'll go to jail or have to give you a refund. Except the used car salesman is usually working for someone, so he only cares about his commission and reaching his quota. The owner usually only cares about profit, unless forced to think of the consumer. Congress only thinks about its *consciously paying customers*, not the rest of the suckers. Those that pay get serviced in this whorehouse. The rest just get abstractly screwed, unless they rezone or protest the whorehouse out of business, which at the moment seems unlikely.

    Rhett Butler famously was written to say there's more money to be made in the distruction of a civilization than the creation of one. What he meant was per investor capita, not per capita as a whole. There will be more money lost than gained in this new tax plan - laws of physics re: conservation of energy and dissipating energy of conservatives are not rescinded, even as many other human-made laws are broken.

    Peracles... tip...

    The original post was to exhibit the mindless bootlicking swill that the twit Ingraham spouts.

    But thanks for the rundown on investors mentality.

    And I do mean that.


    'Twas to highlight *why* what she spouts is swill. And all those other tea-reading stock exchange morality plays, as it is Xmas time. It's kinda like they read hurricanes - when they fall their way, it's a sign of American greatness and God's will. Otherwise it's the flaws of the welfare states and lack of pick-yourself-up-by-own-bootstrapedness.

    Ducky I wondered aboutt that.

    Except the pricks passed (in quotes) the pig capitalist tax 'reform'.

    And now, the repubs will collude in two houses to screw the American Public and....

    Actually, they aren't fickle about everything, they just don't care a whit about political spin:

    Stock market volatility is back — and tech stocks are taking a beating

    Business Insider-6 hours ago
    The GOP tax bill has injected volatility into a stock market that had been seeing some of its most muted price swings on record. Tech stocks have been on the wrong side of these price swings as investors have rotated out of them and into industries that have lagged in 2017. Despite the rotation, the increase ...

    What Happened in the Stock Market Today

    Yahoo Finance-1 hour ago
    Stocks began the day in positive territory thanks to optimism over the Senate's passage of a tax bill, but declined over the length of the session, ultimately ending with mixed results. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJINDICES: ^DJI) closed at a record high, but the S&P 500 (SNPINDEX: ^GSPC) lost ...
    That was after this

    “Fake News” is usually deployed by White House to characterize true stories they don’t like https://t.co/UPq1kLv7bn

    — Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) December 4, 2017

    .@POTUS began his remarks by forecasting a strong day for the stock market based on the tax vote & added that one of the bad things for stocks is "fake news." https://t.co/GaLHolgx3Y

    — margaret brennan (@margbrennan) December 4, 2017
    When what they really care about is stuff like this:

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