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    Launch of Atlas V Rocket From Cape Canaveral


    This morning at 6:28 AM the United Launch Alliance  shot off a Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral. It was carrying a Mexican communication satellite.

    I got to see the whole thing from my house.  No one knew that it was going off. I happen to be on the front porch with my son waiting for his ride to work.  So I scrambled in to the house for my camera and got some pictures of the vapor plume. I had to google to find out what was going on. Normally they don't have that kind of plume unless they fail in launch but this one was just fine and made an awesome trail.  This was the first Atlas V launch that I have seen.  The weather was perfect for it. 

    Here is the link to the video of the launch from the USA Today Florida.

    Here is my pictures




    This was the first shot down the street.  I am on the west coast of Florida so I am pointing east. 




    I zoomed in on the plume.  I only have a point and shot Nikon.

    Here is some more pictures of the vapor trail.  These were taken at the launch.

    I checked you tube for video and they have been launching these rockets before.  They launched one last month. This is video is from the company that launches them. 



    This video was from last month and it shows what we saw from a distance but I was not that quick with the camera. 


    This is the local coverage and more beautiful pictures.

    I hope you enjoy the videos and my pictures. 


    I'm in touch w a lot of Ex-nasa guys who'd be interested in more of this - pls drop me an email on my Gmail decader - not sure how well you get launches in general from West fla or if you're getting on-site launched here and there

    I am 4 hours away from Cape Canaveral on the other side of the state. I haven't been over there in 10 years.  If the weather is good and we know there is going to be a launch we can sometimes see the vapor trail.  It also depends on what time of the day to, in order to see the vapor trail.  The sun needs to be at an angle.  They have been shooting them off on sunrise the last few months.  This is the first time we saw this type of rocket.  From what I saw on You Tube the Atlas V puts on quite a show with its vapor trail. I think there is another one to go off on Thursday but I am not sure about the schedule. I really don't follow NASA that close. I have been googling to find their schedule but must be looking under the wrong rock. 

    The weather geeks at Ruskin NOAA Doppler Radar posted some good pictures they took as it went up on Face book. I had to go in and find my camera.  National Weather Service Tampa Florida is their Face book page. I am 25 miles south west of them. They are my go to for weather. 


    Another rocket launch tonight.  NASA is shooting this one off from Wallops Island, Va. between 7 and 9 pm.

    You will be able to see in the Mid Atlantic States.  This one will also have a vapor trail and put on a show.  We are used to seeing them here in Florida but it could be tin foil hat time over the Mid Atlantic region.

    If you live in the region keep an eye in the sky this evening and enjoy the show.  

    This is a small rocket called a sounding rocket.  You can watch it go off on line. It was to go off last night but they moved it back one day.

    Awesome - thanks, momoe!

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