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    Nina Turner Has Joined The Sanders' Campaign

    A few years ago Ohio State Senator Nina Turner burst on to the National Stage with her criticism of voter suppression in Ohio.  She has a unique style of getting her point across when she speaks.  The day she stood in front of MSNBC camera with a tee shirt that told the GOP to stay out of her panties, was the day I became of fan of hers.  Sometimes a women has to do what a women got to do to draw attention to a wrong, that includes being bombastic.  

    Last week she announced that she was taking a leave of absence from the Ohio Democratic Party that she has been working for since she lost her bid for Ohio's SOS to volunteer her help for Sander's campaign. She did work on "The Get Ready For Hillary" campaign.  Only to later discovered that she "felt the bern."   She is only getting her expenses paid as she works on voter reach.  

    She worked the spin room for Sanders after the debate last Saturday and introduced him to Cleveland last night at a rally that 6,000 turned out for. She is going to Iowa next.  I am not surprised that Ms. Turner has joined his campaign because she doesn't gravitate to the established way of doing things.  She will be a real asset to the campaign. 

    I just love to hear her speak, so here is last night's introductory speech at Cleveland U. 



    You go girl!!!


    What a Power House! Love Her! Cornell West stood in for Bernie in IA on Sunday too! 

    I am very excited about how well things are going! 

    'Cornel West tears into hypocritical “sister Clinton” while filling in for Bernie Sanders at an Iowa BBQ'

    She's a strong Democratic voice, to be sure. But what, besides being Sanders supporters, does she have in common with West? Bernie has many ... oh, I get it.

    This is what Charley Pierce had to say about West's speech last Sunday at Ames, Iowa. He pointed out that was the best speech of the event.  HRC and O'Malley both attended and gave speeches. West followed both of them. 

    If they weren't ready for Cornel West, they damn sure weren't ready for Jane Austen. Gobs throughout the hall were smacked. West rolled on for another 10 minutes and, by the end, there was something quite remarkable about watching him address this audience in this place. You don't often get moments like that in a political campaign, not anymore, anyway. Every moment is strategized to within an inch of its life, and the candidates are fashioned to within an inch of their Ids. Whatever you may think of Cornel West, or of the candidate he had come to Ames to support, this was a slice of genuine surprise, and genuine creative spontaneity, an indication that beneath the surface ice of political calculation there remains a roiling, powerful river. There was a strange kind of optimism in the air when West was done. You can hear it in full at the end of this post, in which we've embedded his entire address, typography being unable to do justice to the riff-heavy rhetoric that West brought into the livestock arena, amid the haybales and the cornstalks, a place where it shouldn't have belonged, but damned well did. 

    Nina Turner also rocked the DNC Women's Leadership  Conference a couple of weeks ago. For those that attended she surprised the everyone with her speech. Even Nancy Pelosi made a positive comment about it in her closing statement at the conference.  



    What I take away from Sync's comment that they have in common is they surprise the audience with the way they speak and shake things up. They get people to sit up and listen. I read many comments that said she was their favorite speech as the conference. 

    As soon as I figure out a way to post her speech from C-span and clip it, I will add it to the thread. 

    Hmmm, that's Cornel "tearing into" someone? that's about the softest criticism he's ever uttered. Nice to hear him calling out the stalwarts of American socialism, from when "compassion" wasn't just a cynical tongue-in-cheek GOP marketing term. 

    Nina Turner has always been a strong voice for women, especially women in poverty. When she speaks, I hear the voice of all the women who live around me.  She uses their words, optimism, strength and energy. It is the everyday voices I hear daily from women who walks the same mile I do in the poor shoes tattered by life. 

    I for one am glad that she is lending her voice and support to Bernie Sander's campaign.  She is a natural fit to his message. 

    Here is her full speech at the conference. 

    Ignoring anything they said, I wonder where's the hope in this?

    Turner was appointed to the state legislature to fill a vacant seat, ran unopposed next election, and when she did run for SoS, was trounced 60-35%.

    I tend to like Cornell West's speeches, but I think he's still greatly on the outs with the black community over comments about Obama.

    So these folks bring no coattails. Hillary has 180+ endorsements from current 252 Democratic US congressfolks & senators + state governors, 20 in the last 2 weeks, and within a month should be #3 on the all-time endorsement list behind only Dole & W Bush. Sanders still has only 2 endorsements.

    While I understand people think of this as "establishment" vs. street popularity, real people voted for these existing politicians, and it's hard to see where their preference will deviate that much from their constituents.

    It is always worth a try.  Besides I don't think the endorsements mean that much because they are not binding. My Democratic Senator Bill Nelson supports the TPP. Do I care if he endorses Clinton? I am more impressed with the 800,000 people that is donating to his campaign on a regular basis then all the congress critters that have endorsed Clinton. 

    Who said anything about coat tails?  I have been to several campaign rallies locally over the last 15 years where Big Dog was campaigning for a local Democrat.  Guess what...not one of them won.  She will be working on voter out reach and organizing. It is all about ground game and turning out the base. 

    I know Turner's history, my family still lives in Ohio. I even know the area she grew up in. So it is easy for me to relate to her and also Sanders because he sounds like a truck driver from Brooklyn. I am tired of corporations picking who I should vote for and buying their way into office.

    I am sharing what I see as positive in this primary.  Sanders' campaign has been good for this country because we are talking about things that we have neglected too long and are paying a high price for.

    I better put this in here for Richard.





    538 has endorsements pretty well correlated with primaries success (3-4 core indicators) Coattails means you help them do better than they would have, not that they necessarily win. My comments related to their value in the Campaign, not specifically whether what they said was valid or engaging.




    Are you starting to feel the Bern just a little?

    Burn.  We got fire and we are going to let it bern!!

    Momoe, for heaven's sake I love Bernie any day of the week! Ha

    I know you do but you got to get your Bern on every once in a while. The Bern makes you feel good inside. 

    Good music always makes the world seem better. The news has been awful the last few days I thought I would brighten things up around here. It did make you smile.  

    See Momoe; You are my soulmate.






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