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The Decades Long Mental Health Crisis in America

Our health affects one another.  Whether it is because you can carry a disease or illness that can transfer to another person or vice versa in every day circumstances, or whether you work in a field where your health might affect the health and well being of others (e.i. food service), or whether you are in a field where being physically unwell might cause you to increase the risk to others’ lives such as being an airline pilot or truck driver.

Add to this the myriad ways that our health affects our lives and the lives of those around us… and then multiply that by adding our mental health. [Read more]

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Avoiding A Classified Briefing On Benghazi To Avoid The Facts?

While much of the media is focused on the fact that John McCain missed a classified briefing on Benghazi while making raucous comments accusing Ambassador Rice of being incompetent and insisting she is unqualified to be Secretary of State due to her statements in the media on Benghazi...

I caught this portion of the article on TPM

"most Republican members of the Senate committee in charge of investigating the attacks were absent from the classified briefing"

Adding to this McCain's call for a watergate style investigation of the Benghazi matter has me wondering:

Who were these senators that did not attend? [Read more]

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Stephen Colbert Has The Nation's Back

I just have to promote Stephen Colbert as a national hero for the excellent job he did in responding to Donald Trump's extortion attempt and several other issues that needed to be addressed. Colbert has class:)

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Republicans Are Stealing The Election!

Many people feel encouraged by Governor Romney's pick of Paul Ryan.  Some say this pick hand's the election to the president.  There are reasons to feel this way but I really want to understand something.

Across the country there have been registration laws passed, voter ID laws passed, purges taking place (most recently a secret purge was discovered to have taken place in Iowa), dirty tricks (in Ohio, democracy on the county election boards led to the democrats allowing early voting on weekends and evenings in counties that heavily vote republican but the republicans not allowing early voting on weekends or evening hours for those counties that vote heavily democratic). [Read more]

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First I laughed, Then I cried: Mitt Romney Cries For Mercy

I saw the headlines:

Covert Mitt:  Don't Attack My Business Background

Romney to Obama:  Truce?

And I could not stop laughing.  I laughed so hard at the absolute insanity of Romney suggesting that anyone needed to layoff his business record, the one that 'qualifies him to be president'.  What?  [Read more]

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A couple of years ago a wonderful woman that had been part of a spiritual community that I was a part of for many years was diagnosed with cancer and died.  Her son who had also been part of that community grew up around it along with my daughter from the time she was eleven.  [Read more]

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I Left Occupy Boulder & The Rest

After the person from Denver came up to Boulder and pitched his tent in front of our Courthouse determined to get someone else to take over when he went back to Denver the next day ... some of Occupy Boulder were thrilled and said, "We are not occupying bring your tents," and others of us were angry and communicated that the group had reached consensus during the previous week to wait until spring for a wide variety of reasons - including planning, growing our numbers, working with the city & county and working to win public support.  

In the end the campers did just what they did in Denver ... they said like it or not we don't have to agree with the rest of you ... only the campers really matter here and we are not leaving.  [Read more]

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NOT SO FAST: Boulder County Officials Recognize? Tents As Speech


This morning our 24/7 rogue occupiers were ticketed for 'camping'.  I am told these tickets are not going to amount to anything because there is video from yesterday of the policeman telling the people that the county commissioner and Sheriff recognize their tent as a sign of protest and they should just stay on the grass and keep the area clean.  Apparently the DA would have to prove that they did not have permission and that's just not possible.

However now there is an article in the paper quoting a county commissioner stating that camping has always been illegal in front of the court house and they would be discussing the issue.  [Read more]

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One Person Decides And Then Wants Us To Go Anonymous

Tonight I am contemplating the reality that we have someone occupying in a tent in Boulder and I am not supportive or happy about it.  It may seem strange but day in and day out for weeks now I have been going to meetings, participating in all kinds of discussions and decisions and working to build the infrastructure for Occupy Boulder to grow and thrive. 

Our direct action WG recently proposed that we wait until March to begin a 24/7 occupation.  I was rather indifferent as I know that I do not have the composure to handle being out 24/7 in the winter.  I am always chilled as it is in the winter(though my aunt did just buy me some battery powered socks and gloves:).  [Read more]

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