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    Only By Uniting Together & Working/Fighting For Democracy, Will The People End Rule By Corporations & Billionaires

    Our Democracy has been transformed into some form of Oligarchy. Corporations & Billionaires are ruling OUR Country.  And if you look around it is very easy to determine that THEY SUCK AT IT!



    Americans have been trusting and idealistic to our own detriment, as the corporations & billionaires along with the establishment politicians have been working together to create the America we have today.  We have allowed ourselves to me managed through propaganda via CORPORATE OWNED Media and Messaging To Support Our Politicians In Destroying Democracy and Our Country.



    The Democratic Party Is Part Of This Corruption. In fact you have a much better chance of becoming rich in America if you are willing to play the corrupt 'big money' game in America.  

    This year it is quite clear that the Establishment Democrats CHOSE the nominee THEY expect US to 'elect' (Hilary Clinton)and are clearly willing to act without integrity in order to sell the nomination to 'their' chosen candidate or her backers.

    The rate of financial return for Corporations & Billionaires & Establishment Politicians is SO HIGH that OF COURSE, they will try to keep this unsustainable, destructive money game going.  




    Bernie Sanders could have 'sold out' to Big Money like Most Politicians DO, yet HE CHOSE NOT TO! 

    He has been fighting against the corrupt system most of his life and WE are now in enough pain to start listening to him.  We  may not get another chance like this, to fight for Democracy.   WE cannot treat this election like any other and pretend it is Bernie Sander's job to get himself elected.  We ALL need to volunteer, get involved, and help US Win!.  As Bernie says Not Me, US!  Getting him elected will be a small step in the right direction in our fight for democracy.

    If you want to know the truth about what is going on in America, FOLLOW THE MONEY!!

    The ONLY Power WE Have To Stop The DESTRUCTIVE Unsustainable Course OUR Country is ON is UNITED/TOGETHER! Our Collective Voice Is The ONLY Way To Save Our Country & Perhaps Our Planet!



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    Nice blast, synch. Any interest in talking to us?

    Hi barefooted,  what would you like to talk about?  I am very actively volunteering for the Bernie Sanders campaign locally and I am also very active on social media.  I get that I am a bit of drive by blogger right now but hoped it would help for me to drive more traffic here.  It's not that I don't want to engage at all but I have limited time to engage.  I wanted to put together this message and share it around social media.  

    I will try to make more effort to engage here.  Managing my time is a challenge for me right now.

    Suggest respectfully you focus on the campaign - the next 3 weeks are hell.

    Another problem hadn't thought of: - spring break.

    That's okay, synk. Engage as you see fit.

    Can we unite together if we're not Bernie supporters?  Doesn't look like it.

    Point taken. All I can say is that in my view Hilary is part of the problem, not the solution.   A large portion of the country is focused on Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump because they are not the 'status' quo'.  Hilary in my view is deeply enmeshed in 'the problem'.  We can disagree about that. I can tell you that there are people supporting Bernie that have Donald Trump as their second choice and vice versa(not me personally).  The somewhat intuitive knowing that what we have is not working and that we need serious change is in there somewhere.  As the political parties have become more and more corrupt American voters identify themselves less and less with them whether D or R.

    In this primary the DNC has acted so corruptly and the establishment has been so intense in support of Hilary, it has cost her support she might have otherwise had.  And the more dirty politics Hilary engages the more I see Bernie voters that would have supported her in a general shift to 'will not vote for her under any circumstances'.  Many wrote these kind of posts after the last town hall for example.  Attacking Bernie as 'not a democrat' was really stupid when a majority of voters are not happy with either party.  It is amazing to me that the Democratic Party has rejected the growth that could have happened by welcoming Bernie Sanders and treating him fairly during this primary.  They apparently have no interest in growing their party and are more interested in forcing us to accept Hilary as the chosen candidate..Yes we are a 'very' divided party right now so it doesn't seem as possible to be more united with Hilary voters.  

    When I talk about uniting in this post... I am mainly talking about The People Vs RULE By Corporations & Billioniares and I am mainly thinking of ethnicity, religion, etc. ways that we are typically divided up and managed by hating and fearing each other.  I frankly have had much more success talking to Trump voters ang getting them to support Bernie than talking to Hilary supporters.  There seems to be more common ground in the notion of 'things MUST change'.  Many are supporting Trump because he is an R and he is not status quo.  Those are the Republican voters that seem willing to consider Bernie. That is just my direct experience. 

    I wish there was some way I could feel 'any' trust of Hilary, but I don't. Zero Trust for Hilary and she has earned my mistrust.  So while I would love to feel more united with Hilary voters and I wish I could feel like she was an acceptable alternative to Bernie if it came to that, I don't.  Unfortunately my post is more about rallying The People Vs Oligarchy and when I follow the money with Hilary, I just don't see how we can unite.

    I was simply appreciating your effort for him, and figure it's more useful and productive than trying to convince the likes of me.

    Btw, it's Hillary. 2 l's. Good luck.

    Nice to see we've finally found some common ground. We both think the other candidate is part of the problem, not the solution. That is the only unity we'll find until one of the candidates wins.

    I guess I understand what you're saying, Synch, but it's not comforting to know that some people would rather vote for Donald Trump than Hillary Clinton if Bernie doesn't win the primaries.  That, to me, shows a complete lack of understanding of what's at stake.

    You might feel a little trust of Hillary if you took the time to read what others have to say who have worked with her and know what she has done with them and for them.  The caricature of her as a wicked, war-mongering Wall Street darling who lies every chance she gets and doesn't give a shit about the little people leaves out the parts about the good she has done over her 30-year career. That's not fair and balanced.

    To say the divisions are all the fault of the Democratic party and of Hillary in particular ignores the attacks from the Sanders supporters who, as you say yourself, are so unhappy many of them are willing to punish the Democrats by undermining the entire election.  I don't know how that helps anyone.

    Bullshit simplicity as I re-read this. It's easier to wage war against another Democrat than a grassroots movement against Republican conservatives nationally. Especially the hated Hilderbeast. I recall the same honorable "clean" campaign with Bradley and Obama - except that surrogates didn't have any such qualms, and of course the 2 candidates who came to the table prepared were roundly beaten by the media for being too wonkish and uninspiring and insincere and corrupt/going to jail, and this continued with the supporters. It's amazing how much traction the Buddhist Temple and invented the Internet "Scandals" got while Bush made up a fictitious tax plan to gut the budget and prepare for neocon Anschluss in the Mideast.

    "There seems to be more common ground in the notion of 'things MUST change'." - yeah, I'd love that - so how about the fringe realize we live in a conservative country that requires a lot of compromise, and that calling the leading Dem candidate a bloodthirsty murderer who's going to jail doesn't help. Nor does misrepresenting her liberal career.

    If Bernie has a real economic plan, have him push it in detail, rather than some bullshit economist wetdream that we can just pump out money and devalue it and raise taxes and because we're sovereign it all works out. First, that didn't help Jimmy Carter as us oldsters remember. Second, we can't just give the finger to Saudis and Japanese and Brits and Canucks and Chinese and French who own a lot of our debt without pissing them off and these days taking their money elsewhere - Asian investment is a lot more attractive and profitable than it was when these rules of thumb were devised in the 70s and 90s - we're no longer the only game in town.

    It's funny that Trump can say"build a wall" and everyone laughs, but "progressives" can say "build an economic wall" and we think it's cool? It's great that we're giving software jobs to Indians and manufacturing jobs to Chinese and even a few It jobs are hitting Nairobi. But "progressives" want Bruce Springsteen/Deer Hunter days back. Sorry, we don't need tube Tvs anymore, but the good news is US automation and It and factory productivity up so we're increasing manufacturing jobs again even as people complain. The costs of dealing with the Chinese, bad communication and transportation have caught up and we're turning the corner - hooray anyone?

    I don't buy the youth vote bullshit either. There was more crooked money in politics in the Mayor Daley and Jack Abramoff days, discounting the actual 2008-9 bailout. What we have is the usual every-4-year get out the vote civics class excitement combined with a bullshit social media echo chamber that makes meme harder to debunk in the information age. Oh, and people who don't understand processes. Of course I'm full of optimism that our levels of efficiency are improving - energy grid, getting oil, hopefully finally getting digitized medical records after 25 years, etc... But a lot of these efficiencies are outside gov where horse trading goes on. There was a large US mapping-the-genome project, 10 years, and some private firm came along and kicked their ass in 1 or 2. Elon Musk isn't doing the same thing as NASA or GM but he's leapfrogged a lot of their mistakes and old ways in a disruptive new way. But it's a mistake to think all problems can be innovated away in 1 year. It's taken solar 40 years to start being useful and practical. Some investments are dead end. And the reason the US S flexible and innovative is less about smart engineers and more about greedy venture capitalists and investment funds willing to take on higher risk looking for unicorns. Yeah, that includes those bastards Goldman Sachs - they may be lepers, but you want them on your side. Or else you end up like Europe, either a stodgy Germany or a disastrous Greek zone, even though European education is probably more advanced than ours. Smart people without capital are short-order cooks. But Bernie wants to tax these guys until they move their money overseas? The age of our Unicorns as already showing faultlines - the next president will have to deal withlack of profits that will again have a bad effect on wage inequality - I hope we have someone who understands this shit. We can squeeze the financial sector, but there are limits. It's not a wishlist personal piggy bank.

    And there, a whole long comment without insulting Bernie's goals or ambitions, only questioning his financial advisors.

    170 of the nation’s top economists have released a letter endorsing Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders’s plan to reform Wall Street.

    A letter signed by 170 economists including former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, University of Texas Professor James K. Galbraith, Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research in Washington, DC., Brad Miller, former U.S. Congressman from North Carolina, and William K. Black, University of Missouri-Kansas City endorsed the Sanders plan to reform Wall Street....

    Japanese whispers. A list that includes grad student, a former congressman, someone in social research, etc morphs into "170 top economists". The only names of note are Baker, Reich and Galbraith, ie the usual suspects, and the message is political: banks must he broken up, thus this is our candidate, rather than an evaluation of the total economic package. Considering they want to bring down the biggest and baddest on Wall Street while Bernie wants to greatly use their assets to pay for his social programs, what happens in 8 years when they're too tiny so can fail and can't pay anymore? Oops, killed the goose laying the golden egg. And of course wall street's not going to sit still for the castration, and Occupy Wall Street already showed the public's not enough in arms the way a group of activists are over the then 4-year-old problems, now 7. Dead in the water. And the letter treats Wall Street and banks as monolithic, rather than look at where the Dodd legislation was effective and where it needs to be bolstered. Instead it's a panacea Glass-Steagall Bill-Clinton-wronged-us--and-we-want-it-right statement. More propaganda - we didn't buy it last time so Re-package and sell it to us in a different wrapper. #fail.

    Well I guess the progressive purists shouldn't have labeled Al Gore as the same as George W Bush, since Clinton/Gore raised taxes in the early 90's, added S-CHIP health care and tried to do universal health care, while balancing the budget to make room for more progressive projects (plus Al Gore proposed more international policing and agreements as our real answer to terror), while George W Bush slashed government spending, gave unaffordable tax breaks to the rich, got us into an unneeded unilateral multi-trillion war and stopped enforcing financial laws that led to the 2008 meltdown. (Clinton's team also tried to warn Bush about Al Qaeda and the housing bubble - roundly rebuffed on both counts)

    Progressive purists then told me that Hillary was the same as Obama, but Hillary was too divisive. Instead I see Obama now trial ballooning a "centrist" Republican (something in the Unicorn/tooth fairy variety) for the empty supreme court seat, reminding me how much compromise he's done in 8 years. I'd prefer divisive.

    So, you've been badly wrong twice, and now I'm supposed to climb on board train #3 because things have gotten horribly worse (as predicted*), and this time Bernie is going to set it right? When do purists apologize? oh, 15 minutes after never.

    And yeah, I know it's hypocritical of Hillary to hug onto Obama, because the purists gave her no other way to go - she had to be a team player or go into terminal decline/retain the undeserved traitor and racist labels. Remember how unacceptable and overreaching it was that she might ask for VP slot after equalling Obama in the popular vote through the primaries? So now Bernie's won exactly 1 primary, and his followers are starting to expect he should be offered the VP slot if/when he loses. Hillary was pilloried for the PUMAs who never gained any traction since she shut them down and shut them up, but PUMA has become the explicit stance of many Bernie followers who can never "hold their nose" to vote for Hillary. 

    Hillary also recognizes the crisis in lack of wage growth and wage disparity and low job growth, and slams ridiculous pay for CEOs while others go without, and recognizes the need to improve health services for the poor, for women, etc. - as she's been doing for decades. I suspect it's time for you and other purists to get off your high horse and start recognizing that we're only discussing the degree and approach to tackling current problems with the existing Republican control of legislatures and governorships and Congress, and stop framing it as Hillary neocon vs. Bernie progressive savior. You're only making yourselves look petulant and inflexible and unrealistic, especially with the electorate not turning your way.

    *note that "horribly worse" refers to during the 2008 campaign season. The situation's certainly improved over the disaster inherited January 2009, but there's certainly been no kumbaya as some expected in those again idealistic pre-tea party days.

    Americans have been trusting and idealistic to our own detriment

    "Feel the Bern"

    Hi Sync, how you doin?

    Hi Dd,  I am pretty busy working to get Bernie Sanders elected. Our caucus is next Tuesday here in Colorado.

    The weather has been really nice which is great:)  How are things with you? 

    Hey, keep on keepin on.

    You make me feel like a beautiful day! hahahahahah

    Bernie is a goooooooooood man!

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